(Details of which are contained in the University Paternity Policy) 2. For further details see the policy on parental leave. Queries regarding the application of this policy should be directed to the relevant HR Adviser. are expected to return to the same job they did prior to adoption leave, but if that is not possible, a similar job on terms and conditions of employment which are no less favourable, have protection against detriment, disadvantage, unfair treatment or dismissal arising from the adoption or adoption leave, may be offered up to ten 'Keeping In Touch' (KIT) days during adoption leave without losing entitlement to adoption pay. The University recognises that parents appreciate flexibility in how they provide care for their children and makes provision to support this. (i) Single adopters are entitled to paid time off to attend up to five adoption appointments, (ii) In the case of joint adoptions (ie a couple who have been jointly matched to adopt the child) one of the adopters will be entitled to paid time off to attend up to five adoption appointments. You can also take advantage of this to keep your employees more informed on the intricacies of your leave policy. endobj

The adoption leave period may begin from the date of the child's placement for adoption (whether this is earlier or later than expected) or from a predetermined date which can be up to 14 days before the expected date of placement. Paid Adoption/Surrogacy Process Leave Policy . 1.

Provisions laid down by the Statutory Adoption Pay regulations implemented under the Employment Act 2002 and the Work and Families Act 2006 state that employees eligible to take Statutory Adoption Pay are those who are newly matched with a child for adoption by an approved adoption agency.

If Payroll has not already been informed of leave arrangements via the AL2 (Adoption return to work), then the manager must do so in writing. An employee will continue to accrue annual leave during their adoption leave. x��W]o�0}G�?��d���HU% Further information about pension arrangements while on adoption leave is available from the Pensions Team.

Annual leave policy template - free Microsoft Word document for download BP understands that the birth or adoption of a child is an important time in an employee’s life. Adoption leave and pay; Adverse weather and travel disruption; Anti-harassment and bullying; Compassionate leave; Data protection; Disciplinary procedure; Emergency/Dependants leave; Equal opportunities; Expenses; Flexible working; Grievance procedure ; Health and safety policy and risk assessment; Information technology; Maternity leave and pay; Paternity leave and pay; Pay; … If an employee is a member of the USS or University of York Pension scheme, the University will continue to make its usual contribution for the whole of the time they are receiving Occupational or Statutory Adoption Pay.

Policy statement. *� ���p��-|�–zaK����\�`2�v7{4�DkU�W����q��Jc)�I��Į����/,(1,�n��2�3�c��Ю��R㤧���‹��L�1�z�"�uS����R���Nː�K�O�JG*A Recognizingthere are different pathways to parenthood BP has implemented this paid leave policy to provide employees flexibility , and time off to manage the processes associated with adopting a child or having a child via gestational …

The right to adoption leave is available to one member only of a couple who have had a child placed with them for adoption.

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