As the name implies, natural gas is a naturally occurring fuel source and also a byproduct of petroleum extraction. Therefore, continued economic and process analysis of existing and potential natural gas conversion technologies is a necessary and integral part of the gas to liquids program. The company uses a Type 4 tank, the most advanced kind. Enjoy the LNG revolution through Galileo’s superior and proven technology. �a���I�QIcp'�M~�y�Gl���pg��fНU�6��J#�I8�������En��]rN�Ϧ�k�b[U�l��m4Q�c����l�x0VƮH�3>Eߝ�U g�^EN���*-����9�H�Ωƻ�����,T���3Lzr��N�rs��1����9;Ȭ��p�]���*��0�9[g#�t�u���E�"�:�=�m�}�l�x�}�[?9��U��T3��Q�n-�dh��K@�b�e���dj��{C[�჊ ����W����q���ȥ1��M��y((�}�P�̇Ax�T2��F���uk���}�JE΂�;L4��U�&,5u��6���;CW ��8��Zq7��%�;"��΢����p���D�O����T25���8��{|K-�R�{-]A^�wߋ� T]M��Ͽ�.��! FETC’s gas to liquids research program provides a unique opportunity for industrial partnerships and rapid technology transfer in an effort to achieve this goal. Three potential routes for the conversion of natural gas have emerged: direct, indirect and physical conversion. To get the skinny on aftermarket CNG systems, I visited NatGasCar in Cleveland. This conversion calculator enables you to quickly and easily convert various alternative fuels into their gasoline gallon equivalents, or GGEs.

LNG is now a viable low-cost and low-CO₂ substitute for diesel and fuel oil. �7(8�����o��|�D5�ɧ�+�`�� �l��/X�>�����Z��0�:$� �Ih� Recent studies include: 1) the potential and economics for offshore gas to liquids conversion. LNG is Liquefied Natural gas and CNG is Compressed Natural Gas. As an example, the hydrogen transport membrane approach is presented in more detail. So is it worth it? One technology which shows considerable promise is the use of ceramic membranes for oxygen production.

Comment Liquefaction and transport require require special treatments and are highly capital intensive.

Qatar, Indonesia, and Malaysia are the leading exporters of LNG. As a result, it's also clean burning, with combustion resulting in one carbon-dioxide molecule and four water molecules, lower greenhouse emissions than any other fuel except hydrogen.

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Natural gas, which is comprised primarily of methane, is one of our most abundant natural resources, both domestic and abroad.

If you want a home fueling compressor, tack on another $3500 minimum. Unfortunately, employing conventional catalytic systems, yields have remained low. The kit consists of components that store and deliver natural gas to the engine.

Biomethane Solutions In fact, converting existing vehicles to burn natural gas isn't particularly challenging. A very high level of investment is required to set up an LNG plant.

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