I have been offered a contract from Stock Food, but was troubled not to have seen them listed here. I didn’t see a category for food photography, which is my area of expertise. I was surprised that Lonely Planet hadn’t popped up on your list. Trunk Images

when i first read this list, i thought the comment section would be going crazy. http://www.constructionphotography.com. So you are certainly allowed to use them in newspapers, magazines (print or digital), blogs, books, ebooks and more. Exclusive by Getty Images Biased as it could be as I work for them: GraziaNeri Agency (www.grazianeri.com). Yes, you can. well print work involves making of flyers,company cards even tshirts and many more ! Demotix is for independent photojournalists around the world and often publishes things that are missed/blocked by mainstream media sources. Hi there, With over 100 contributing professional photographers, many living in Latin America and the Caribbean, and large collections of images from 12 Latin American stock photo agencies, the files are remain current and the images are excellent.

http://www.BigShotStock.com Art Museum Image Consortium I’m curious – now that the PhotoShelter Collection no longer exists, doesn’t its group of “Personal Archives” deserve a listing under “Photographers Groups”? I thought I knew most, but I was way off. AP Images is the world's largest collection of historical and contemporary photos. Need a better planning tool for your organization? Probably the best nature photography group out there. Photoshelter will never be like Getty – period. I have a burning question I can’t seem to find the answer to, if anyone can help I’d be much appreciative.

Brilliant! Index Stock Usa I get most of my images for website design form these site…. My crap list is full. Our celebrity stock photo agency has over 600,000 images and we shoot multiple events every night. http://www.ClipartOf.com ~ Discover the world of clipart. LightStalkers you make 50 cents or dollr for foto of pupular celbrity, also find http://www.onimage.co.uk/do/onimage/. @V, These are general terms, each microstock agency have their own particular rules regarding releases and suitability of commercial-use label. stockphoto.com If it is posible, I’d to appear in your web in the “Movie Archive” categorie with this link: If you want, I can add your link in my website too. http://www.akg-images.co.uk Blendimages.com has the best ethnically diverse lifestyle content out there…period. Gotta love that. Choose from thousands of images of cityscapes, landscapes, coastlines, historical sites, parks, lifestyle, people, travel, food, drink, sports and more. jump is cool website for Helth, wellnesss, beauty and people. contactpressimages.com #60 – Because Getty got to where it is – in part – by outstanding marketing and distribution, so Photoshelter hiring some of those people is the best thing it can do. This is a great list you’ve provided thanks for this. Very nice list…. Agence VU Yankee Image

For photos to be used commercially, the author of the image has to provide legal documents that secure that no conflicts will arise if said image is used for commercial or for-profit manners. You cannot use Editorial photos in templates nor as part of the graphic design of the publication, nor in the cover. Assigment photographer for those of you who are looking to create original images at times when stock is just not right. Hi! The Bridgeman Art Library http://www.bridgemanart.com/ Tidal Stock

Any help would be greatly appreciated because they don’t seem to want to deal with a small company like mine. Yes, I am biased, but we have some good stuff at AtlasPressphoto.com. I would like to thank the person who put this page together. There’s good, soon to be excellent coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean from space along with a large selection of historic maps and historic depictions of Cortez conquest of the Aztez empire, the liberation of South America from Spain by Simon Bolivar, detailed coverage of the US-Mexico war of 1846-1848, and detailed coverage of various wars of independence and civil wars from the Mexican revolution to the Sandinista conquest of Nicaragua and Sub-Comandante Marcos recent armed uprising in southern Chiapas. Yes but you miss the point. Here is another one for your list under botique agencies- Erickson Productions From features on the lesser attended games in places like Wales, Japan etc, AMA also heavily cover UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup games. Everett Collection, Inc. Photos Grannis, Satellite/Aerial You listed Contact Press Images as Contact Press, just FYI we go by Contact or Contact Press Images… not Contact Press. Library of Congress Prints an excellent source of photographs from the past are available at the website of American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. Media Bakery is a great Stock photography website. Do you have any idea what a good photographer earns on that site? Royal Geographical Society

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