Stromme 1973 Whole blood, serum and erythrocyte magnesium concentrations after repeated heavy exercise of long duration. Gutteridge, J.M.C., D.A. 1989 Some trace elements related to physical activity: Zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, and iodine.

Brune, M., B. Magnusson, H. Petsson, and L. Hallberg 1986 Iron losses in sweat. However, it seems prudent, given the above findings, to monitor chromium status of individuals engaged in strenuous activity for prolonged periods of time, particularly if the activity is performed in a hot. Sci. This increased copper out-. Young, and D.B. Physician Sports Med. Biophys. Physician Sports Med.

Deuster, P.A., S.B. Hetland, O., E.A. Edelson, and G. Weissmann 1979 Ceruloplasmin. !22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222�� ` �� Presumably, increases in plasma copper occur primarily when there is tissue damage that triggers an acute-phase response. 1984 Changes in plasma zinc content after exercise in men fed a low-zinc diet. Am. Med.

Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: Nutr. J. Clin. Biol.

45:972. 2:135–138. Haralambie, G. 1975 Changes in electrolytes and trace elements during long-lasting exercise.

The concept is based on two basic perceptions: (a) that individuals engaged in strenuous exercise have a higher requirement for some minerals compared to sedentary individuals due to increased rates of urinary and sweat losses of select minerals and (b) that the perceived inadequate intake of some minerals results in a lowering of endurance capacity and ultimately may lead to the development of some disease states. Stendig-Lindberg et al.

Consolazio, C.F. Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website. Endocrinological Responses to Dietary Salt Restriction During Heat Acclimation, 15. 21:7–10. J.

For example, Costill et al. However, due to analytical difficulties in measuring this element, accurate data on sweat-associated losses of chromium are not currently available.

Med. Pories 1986 Changes in zinc metabolism following exercise in human subjects.

Keen 1987 Hypertension-induced alterations in copper and zinc metabolism in Dahl rats. This finding shows that there are short-term effects of exercise on zinc metabolism; however, the immediate physiological consequences of these effects are not known.

(1983) reported that plasma copper concentrations decreased in male and female subjects following exposure to hot temperatures in a sauna bath. Given these concentrations, sweat can be an appreciable route of iron loss particularly when sweat rates exceed 5 liters per day. Hartley, D.E. 43:438–443.

?���3�_��8�a#�e}S������\O�. environment where chromium losses in sweat would be predicted to be high. Aruoma, O.I., T. Reilly, D. MacLaren, and B. Halliwell 1988 Iron, copper and zinc concentrations in human sweat and plasma; the effect of exercise. Shoomaker, and P. Rabbani 1978 Hypocupremia induced by zinc therapy in adults. a� ���#�C�q� ާ��)��$#o�Sz�=>QK� �>����x�~�'�.H�� �gS��6�� �?�Y���_��'�. Missouri Med.

Consistent with the latter idea, Vallerand et al.

As with iodine, there is limited literature on the influence of exercise and heat on selenium metabolism, although it has been suggested that athletes may benefit from selenium supplements due to its role in glutathione peroxidase synthesis. The observed lowering of plasma magnesium with intense exercise has since been verified by numerous investigators (Beller et al., 1975; Deuster et al., 1987; Franz et al., 1985; Haralambie et al., 1981; Laires et al., 1988; Lijnen et al., 1988; Refsum et al., 1973; Stendig-Lindberg et al., 1987, 1989). Baynes, T.H. 281–296 in Zinc in Human Biology, C.F. 4:9–18. 52:813–819. Sports Exerc. 48:30–37. 41:1177–1183. King, J.C., and J.R. Turnlund 1989 Human zinc requirements. Schoomaker 1987 Magnesium homeostasis during high-intensity anaerobic exercise in men. 0 Clin. Sports Exerc. Researchers generally agree that prolonged exercise can result in lower than normal plasma magnesium concentrations; however, they have not agreed on the functional consequences of this reduction. Given the recognition that marginal magnesium deficiency can present a significant health risk to an individual, studies are needed that define the functional consequences of exercise-and heat-induced reductions in plasma magnesium concentrations. Wolfswinkel, J.J. Schoeman, and N.B. Timmis 1991 Development of runners' anemia during a 20-day road race: Effect of iron supplements. J. Physiol. 25(suppl. 84:771–780. 7. J. Appl. Thus a strong synergistic effect of prolonged exposure to exercise and heat would be predicted. Int.

Lamanca, J.J., E.M. Haymes, J.A. Todd, T.A. Harris 1991 Regulation of Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase with copper. 63:2532–2535. (Typical magnesium losses via sweat are on the order of 3 to 4 mg per liter [Beller et al., 1975; Consolazio et al., 1963].) Not a MyNAP member yet? Jenkins, R.R.

Am. Sports Med. If food is overcooked,then it loses all its nutrients,vitamins&minerals. Am. Dvorak, and J.B. Roepke 1989 Influence of dietary iron source on measures of iron status among female runners. 6:35–40. 45:954–962. Marginal magnesium status has also been implicated in a number of human psychiatric disturbances and in chronic fatigue syndrome (Cox et al., 1991). Cutler 1988 MDA content increases in fast and slow twitch skeletal muscle with intensity of exercise in a rat. startxref <<1F2965E06A2DA6479567BD93FEC7A99D>]>> Note that an intermediate value for zinc absorption was used for these calculations. The dietary intake of chromium has been reported to be suboptimal for the general population based on dietary survey studies (Anderson and Kozlovsky, 1985). Gershwin 1990 Zinc deficiency and immune function. J. Clin. Salt balance and rennet clotting properties of cow's, ewe's, and goat's milks preserved with carbon dioxide. Anderson, R.A., N.A. Altura, B.M., and B.T. Ready to take your reading offline?

Fischer, P.W.F., A. Giroux, and M.R. Am. Recent research has indicated that chromium requirements may be influenced by strenuous exercise. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? 49:1295–1301.

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