One of the common misconnections in the Espresso vs. Drip Coffee argument is the caffeine content per serving. Drinking espresso is a fascinating way to experience the full range of a coffee’s flavors in a few breathtaking sips. Espresso is a concentrated, thick coffee with a layer of dense foam created by forcing hot water through tightly packed, finely-ground coffee very quickly at very high pressure. This is because of how it is prepared and brewed.

The end result of drip coffee is very similar if not identical to other coffee brewing methods like French Press, instant coffee machines, and instant coffee powder. The grind may be anywhere on the scale of ultra-fine to very coarse. In addition, the amount of time used in a drip brewing system depends on the machine, but it always much longer than the time required to pull a shot of espresso. “To espresso or to latte, that is the question…whether ’tis tastier on the palate to choose white mocha over plain…or to take a cup to go. Drip coffee saturates and drips through the grinds, while an espresso is pressured with steam. Gamble Bay Coffee participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and/or Drip coffee, for the most part, is just a simple mug of coffee. This comparison examines the differences in brewing method, flavor, caffeine content, acidity and health effects of espresso and drip coffee. Many regular coffee lovers enjoy a rich and balanced espresso from time to time. The darker you roast, the less acidic the brew in both flavor and pH level. It takes much less time to go grab a cup of espresso from your local barista than it does to wait for a drip coffee machine to brew; however, some drip machines can offset this in certain ways. First and foremost, espresso is a brewing process. You must be very precise with how much coffee and water you use. A 2-ounce serving is aptly called a “double shot”. An espresso machine forces very hot water through tightly compact ground coffee. Espresso machines are specially designed to force water through the very finely ground coffee very quickly.

That said, not everyone may live close enough to a cafe or have the funds to spend on an espresso machine.

Espresso is, very simply, a stronger version of drip coffee. It’s what most of us tend to drink in our day-to-day lives, but have you ever wondered how it’s different from other coffee, like espresso?

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