They infect grubs 48 hours after application and will kill them 2 weeks after infecting them. Nematodes are microscopic round worms, a naturally occurring organism. This means non-irrigated turf as in home and While the numbers are still very low in most locations, it appears to be fairly widely spread throughout southern New England.

European Chafer Beetle is a coppery tan coloured little beetle just a little over 1 cm long. This lively beetle (Amphimallon majalis) has an annual life cycle that is worth understanding in an attempt to control it. European chafer is most damaging when it first becomes established in an area.

0000021390 00000 n The asiatic garden beetle has a branched anal slit and has a very distinctive semicircle of spines just in front of the slit. It is difficult to establish a set number of grubs per square foot that can be used to determine whether a curative control measure is needed. The female beetles prefer shorter, dryer lawns to lay their eggs in. 0000007251 00000 n Northern masked chafer is native to the United States. 0000023356 00000 n 3). The European chafer looks like a small June beetle (all light brown). 0000004519 00000 n Identification and life cycle. Optimum timing can vary by several weeks but is dependent on grub species and weather conditions/soil temperatures in a given year. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The grubs feed in fall and spring. After this period, the immune system of the larvae is strong enough to repel any action taken against them. European Chafer Beetle is a coppery tan coloured little beetle just a little over 1 cm long. Research results with insect parasitic nematodes to curatively suppress white grubs have not been consistent. The combination of the shape of the slit and the pattern of spines is different for each species.

Tenlined June Beetle On Leaf Of Potato. ����uH���s�;���v!�t�{�5�X$������4w` `����� �"O(f`fb�d0���3� ��X�0�c�>���)�a"C�c�9L{�P~�����0�A%�����Xo0LaPm,�z�hˠv���&�.�FK�� b� The European Chafer Beetle is an introduced species that wreaks havoc on lawns. 0000023236 00000 n 86 0 obj <>stream Resources from UMass Extension and the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment: Grubs are dirty white, soft bodied, and robust with a brown head and six well-developed legs, with exception of green June beetle grubs, which do not have well-developed legs. 0000003342 00000 n Heavy white grub infestations can destroy grass roots, causing the affected area to become spongy, which allows the sod to be rolled back like a piece of carpet. The oriental beetle (Exomala orientalis) is primarily a problem in coastal regions, including much of Connecticut and Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts (especially Cape Cod), and the North Shore of Massachusetts. Most homeowner insecticide formulations for preventive grub control state that the product should be applied before grubs hatch or prior to egg hatch. Prior to purchasing a product be sure to read the label regarding optimum time to treat for grubs. 0000022079 00000 n Entering your postal code will help us provide news or event updates for your area. Adult beetles differ considerably in color markings, shape, and size. Description. The grub has a Y-shaped anal slit and two rows of spines, running almost parallel to each other and pointing toward the front of the grub.

You may need to obtain a watering permit from your municipality. European Chafer:The European chafer adult is a small golden tan to light brown beetle, oval in shape, about 1/2" long. Irrigate deeply 2 to 3 times a week. ��1ߠ0y� The adults come out of the ground in late spring and mate in large swarms, usually on low trees and shrubs. When the turf is lifted to expose the grubs, they usually will be lying on their sides in a C-shaped position (Fig. 0000013688 00000 n Thus, you should not apply an insecticide treatment before or after applying milky disease. When warm weather arrives in the spring, the grubs move up from the lower soil regions and resume feeding near the surface until they become mature and pupate (Fig. When the examination is complete, lay the sod back in place and pack it in firmly.

That said, the problems caused in lawns are most commonly caused by the Garden Chafer and the Welsh Chafer. Survey and map the area in question to be sure an infestation is present. They are a tan brown color and can mostly be found in turf and lawns. Evidence of grub damage, including patches of dead or dying turf, are visible during spring (April and May) and late summer and fall (September and October) A good indication of a grub infestation is the presence of skunks, crows, or moles feeding on turf. If crows, raccoons and skunks have begun to rip apart your lawn, let them finish feeding before you begin alternative methods of control. European chafer grubs are slightly larger than Japanese beetle grubs. The use of a black light trap can greatly assist in determining the optimum time to apply a preventive control measure.

0000011137 00000 n June beetle grubs are whitish with brown heads and range from 1/2 to 1 inch in length.

BG�zpP=�W(��0(��B(5ؚ0F�&c�Aa�0�&c�Aa�0�&K&�à0y����0(L��Aa�0 Therefore, it is very important to know how to identify each species in order to effectively select and time control measures.


Photo by MSU Entomology. They are curved into a “C” shape. Using a garden spade, remove one square foot of turf and soil (two to four inches deep) at several locations. 0000023533 00000 n 0000020332 00000 n 0000012339 00000 n ©2020 University of Massachusetts Amherst • Site Policies, Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

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