The custom of afternoon tea in England was first started by Portugal’s Cetherine of Braganza who came to England in 1662. (vi) To increase Government tax through the payments of Direct and

At present, the statistics shows that smallholdings sector covers 80 per cent of the total tea lands while contributing about 65 per cent of total production. (viii) Develop a strong branding campaign to build awareness, Healthcare landscapes are dramatically changing today, along with

Still following the traditional setup large tea estates mainly exists in High and Mid elevation areas while more than 80 per cent of tea smallholdings are confined to the Low country. Sri Lanka’s tea industry represent 1.2 per cent of the GDP and employs approximately one million people, of whom about 600,000 are directly employed. RICE. In addition to the importance of tea as an ideal drink for the modern day calorie conscious consumers, it becomes an ideal beverage for hypertensive individuals because tea is rich in potassium and low in sodium. BUSINESS ADDRESS AND LOCATION Evergreen Group of Companies. To satisfy each consumer’s needs by providing high quality of • Patent protection to defend our Tea is the third largest agricultural industry in Sri Lanka and most importantly the major foreign exchange earning agricultural product.

Evergreen achieved all time record prizes for FF Ex.sp, BOP, FF special and went on to win awards in the Specialty Tea Competitions. Evergreen Articles; Evergreen Events; Evergreen Foundation In Sri Lanka, The first batch of tea seeds was planted at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya in December 1839, five years after tea introduced in India. Because the smallholdings sector was wide spread parallel to the VP tea introduction, most of the tea smallholdings are planted almost entirely with high yielding VP cultivars. EVERGREEN (Z) LIMITED; EVERGREEN (Z) TRADERS; EVERGREEN REAL ESTATE LTD; Brands; News & Events; Contact Us; EVERGREEN (Z) LIMITED. A Home for your Business Owners and founders of leading business services companies have trusted Evergreen to help them achieve their transaction goals and be a steward of their legacy.

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It is believed that the tea was originated in China as its earliest mention is in a Chinese dictionary of 350 BC. Visit the Pandanus Beach Resort & Spa for wonderful service, amazing food and a holistic tropical experience – a getaway like no other, Hover and Click Trigger for Circular Elements with jQuery, Number Of Suppliers - Hundreds of families living in the vicinity of the plantation. Global as wells as Sri Lankan tea industry had undergone major changes during last few decades due to various factors. From sun drenched golden beaches, clear blue seas, amazing archeological sites, exlusive underwater enchantments, spectacular wildlife, fragrant spice plantations to verdant tea estates that produce the finest spice grown pure Ceylon teas; the Deep South has something special for everyone.. Fringed by the Indian Ocean on one side and the last viable tropical Rain Forest in the country, the Evergreen Sinharaja Rain Forest on the other; the Southern region of the country is situated at an elevation between sea level and 600m.

In 1958, a tea replanting subsidy scheme was initiated to promote the planting of vegetatively propagated tea cultivars and as a result, it is estimated that more than 50 per cent of the area under tea is now planted with VP tea cultivars. smart something we have been doing consistently since 1995. Building, © 2020 Evergreen Assets Management. Evergreen Plantations was founded by Mr Aruna De Silva in 1985, a determined youth who ventured into the inspiring business of “Tea Growing and Manufacturing”. that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. and an increase in national harmful products. (i) To carry on all any of the business of production. Sri Lanka.

These teas manufactured under the strict hygienic conditions in a fully computerized environment conforms to international statndards, ranking it as a top quality tea manufactured in the south of Sri Lanka. It is obvious that such degenerative diseases are mainly caused due to the stress made by modern day imbalanced life styles. Increasing the market share by finding more customers to buy our The first commercial tea planting in Sri Lanka was undertaken by James Taylor in 1867, in Loolecondera Estate, Hewaheta, Kandy in order to test tea as an alternative crop for coffee which was showing a declining trend. Evergreen Plantations bordered by the scenic Gin Ganga (River), the Evergreen Sinharaja Rainforest and the Indian Ocean is situated in a naturally conspicuous setting. Tea contains a very high amount of polyphenols (up to 40% of solids in the tea brew) which contributes to the decreasing the risk of many diseases. issues such as an aging society, expanding lifestyle related disease Through its offered products we are striving to support a healthy These zones are further divided into agro-ecological regions which are demarcated on the basis of few factors such as elevation, rainfall expectancy and distribution, soil conditions, terrain and land use pattern etc. VISION As the consumer safety and worker welfare become big demands all around the world, concepts such as Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), Japanese 5-S, ISO 9001, HACCP certifications are also successfully implemented in Sri Lankan tea industry while securing the use of best traditional practices of tea cultivation and manufacturing. This is embodied in every aspect of the plantation; from the tea process, its people and the environment, where smiling faces, colorful … Evergreen teas further enhanced by the distinctive Rain Forest conditions packed with streams, springs, rivers, waterfalls and the saline breeze that blow from the ocean, is proud to present a good leafy black tea that’s strong, vibrant and deep in color that promises a distinctive taste and aroma. It is mentioned that, during 1680s, tea was very popular in England and was drunk only by the very rich as tea was heavily taxed.

essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people Evergreen Group is in the key business of Timber Processing and Trading, which ahs a long standing track record of nearly 3 decades. Healthcare landscapes are dramatically changing today, along with It is a historically and culturally rich region having been one of the three kningdoms of Sri Lanka, some centuries ago. illnesses through the use of our products. issues such as an aging society, expanding lifestyle related disease While there is a reducing trend in demand for tea due to the spreading of instant beverages globally, Sri Lanka faces its own challenges such as high cost of production, low productivity, competition of newly emerging producer countries, concerns over the use of pesticides and pesticide residues of tea, worker shortages etc. (v) To increase peoples standard of living by providing employment Experiencing hot dry weather characterized by bright sunshine and seasonal monsoon rains it provides the ideal condition for producing a high quality low grown tea. Recent research had shown that tea is not only a safe beverage for regular consumption but also helps to improve health and reduce the risk of some diseases.

KEYS TO SUCCESS In 1834 tea returned back to Asia, as British started cultivating tea in their Asian colonies.

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