ISO Test Standards.

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Part 2: Tests. Let’s take a look at the industries that turn to these testing methods most frequently. Test XA and guidance: Immersion in cleaning solvents, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. Pre-HALT Planning 2.

For an expert analysis that will set you apart in your industry, Quality Testing Services can help. Part 2: Tests. Test N: Change of temperature, Basic environmental testing procedures – Part 2: Tests – Test Q: Sealing, Environmental testing – Part 2-18: Tests – Test R and guidance: Water, Environmental testing.

ALT testing may not wear the “highly accelerated” label, but that doesn’t mean the process doesn’t have notable advantages relating to testing speed.

Part 2: Tests. These products, for which failure must be prevented at all costs, need to undergo extensive, reliable testing to be safe for users and on par with industry regulations.

Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests.

Part 2: Tests.

Test Z/BM: Combined dry heat/low air pressure tests, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – Guidance on test T: Soldering, Environmental testing. Part 1: General and guidance, Environmental testing – Part 2-1: Tests – Test A: Cold, Environmental testing – Part 2-2: Tests – Test B: Dry heat, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests.

As a quantitative test, it seeks to predict how much time a product can last before failing the first time, and then measures the time between subsequent failures.

Highly-Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test (HAST). What Are the Benefits of the HALT Testing Technique?

ALT can be effective on its own or in tandem with HALT testing methods for a more substantial overview. For example, some product standards such as IEC 61215 have HALT testing requirements for a specific product. Contact us today to hear more about our HALT and ALT services based in Southern California, or to request a quote. Test Ee and guidance: Bounce, Environmental testing – Part 2-57: Tests – Test Ff: Vibration – Time-history method, Environmental testing – Part 2-58: Tests – Test Td: Test methods for solderability, resistance to dissolution of metallization and to soldering heat of surface mounting devices (SMD), Environmental testing. Tests Z/BFc: Combined dry heat/vibration (sinusoidal) tests for both heat-dissipating and non-heat-dissipating specimens, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – Test Kb: Salt mist, cyclic (sodium, chloride solution), Environmental testing. In 2018, MET joined the Eurofins Scientific network and has become a key component in Eurofins’ product testing portfolio. Part 2: Tests. Test Z/AD: Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. After determining weak points in product design through efficient HALT methods, engineers can turn to additional testing strategies to figure out the extent of these components’ overall durability. Accelerated life testing is a form of lifecycle test that involves speeding up the aging process of a product to measure its effectiveness and functionality over time. We know how important it is to not only identify potential failures, but also to establish plans for corrective actions relating to the lifecycle of your product. You will want to find a tester that is experienced, customer-focused, flexible and willing to work with your specific testing needs. While HALT is a much quicker process than ALT, lifecycle testing can help provide longevity insights in addition to the understanding of product weaknesses.

Our attentive technicians will work with you to engineer the right solution to meet your HALT and ALT needs.

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