To calculate your age graded percent (often abbreviated AGP or AG%), we take your time and divide it by the world record time at that distance. You can use this age-grading calculator to figure out your age-graded race time to get a comparison of how your finishing time compares with others. Learn About the Road, Trail and Sunset Ragnar Relays. Mental tricks may also be useful to help push through the discomfort that comes with racing hard. Just enter a few details about your race below and we’ll do the rest. These individuals can complete one mile in 6:48 and come in the top 1% of their age group. The Army recruits people for passing the graduate program for basic training by using a 3-event test, evaluating the physical performance by an endurance assessment. Keep in mind that everyone's abilities vary, so don't get too caught up in comparing your mile time to other runners'. Sign up and become a better runner today! The tables use factors to adjust your time to a comparable performance by a 30-year old (open class) runner. You need to keep the age, gender, and distance in the same numerical while entering 100 within the percentage box. For all races 10,000 meters and shorter, we list track records. 3 Best Recipes on Cooking Delicious Ground Turkey →. This has proved more reliable than using the 2006 age-grading factors found on Howard Grubb’s website as we used to do. Start increasing it gradually. If you're hoping to improve your mile time, there are plenty of ways to get faster. What's a Good Finishing Time for Running a Marathon? To see a complete list, visit our world records page. Learn Your Pace With Our Running Pace Calculator, Competitive High School Male: Under 4:00 minutes, Competitive High School Female: Under 5:00. Try lighter shoes to increase your energy and start running faster. These factors include the following: Gender is an important factor that affects your running speed. Keep your upper body in a relaxed and tall posture - Strike the ground with a mid-foot landing! To promote healthy and fair competition among individuals, it's usually preferred to separate the race categories by gender and age. When 100% is entered in the percentage box, Jenny observes that 18:21 is the best possible time for a 57-year-old woman to run one mile. Keep track of your time or distance for each mile you run. Running age is a method of comparison between the race time and the world record time for competitors of older and younger runners of the same gender and opposite gender. Then, we take that AG% and use it to calculate what an equivalent performance** would be at each of our standard race distances, and return them to you in a table. Many runners want to know what's considered a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it’s tough to answer that question because it’s extremely subjective. Guinness World Records. But you can still generate a prediction for those distances (or any other distance from 100 meters to 100 miles) using our race time predictor. my home page Fastest run one mile (male). However, runners who finish it in 9:45 are included in 50% batch of their age group. 2020. Read our, Verywell Fit uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Runner, How Runners Can Determine Their 10K Finish Time, The Best Way to Prepare for and Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test, 4 Weeks of Training Can Have You Running 2 Miles, Top Tips for Training for a 3000-Meter Race. For a full list of the factors used, see our age-graded factors page. Once you find your body up to the mark, confusion may arise whether you need to increase your distance or speed. And the few standard ad units we do place help us keep the lights on here at Run Hive. Verywell Fit uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Slow and steady wins the race. We list the official IAAF world records wherever possible and filled in from other sources in the distances that the IAAF doesn’t maintain records for. Your approach may also differ if you're a beginner or an experienced runner. Alternate between sprints and jogs to speed up gradually and increase your endurance. It is all relative. A great thing about racing a specific distance is that you can compete against yourself, rather than others. There are calculators available on the USATF website which can be used to evaluate the equivalent times by simply manipulating the given variables. This online Running age calculator finds the achievement percentage of athlete based on their age and gender. Factor: Age-graded result: ... how it works Age grading uses tables of "age factors" and "age standards" to put all runners, regardless of age and sex on a level playing field. Our world records come from a few different sources. John Honerkamp is an RRCA and USATF certified running coach, celebrity marathon pacer, and recognized leader in the New York City running community. Try to keep your arms hard in a backward direction to give you a strong swing and boost up your speed. Christine Many Luff is a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and Road Runners Club of America Certified Coach. So, you can compete against yourself and measure your own progress rather than worry about other people's mile times. The most elite runners usually slow down as they age. Fitness level is an important factor to determine the running speed of an individual over long distances. However, people who tend to keep themselves healthier and fitter by performing exercises daily can run faster and cover the distance in a short time. You may choose to focus on your mile time one season and then a longer race the next season. Many runners want to know what's considered a good time for running a mile (or kilometer), but it’s tough to answer that question because it’s extremely subjective. In 2020, the Army's Basic Training Physical Fitness Test (PFT) was replaced by the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). Please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist Time/distance/height: 3. They tend to be completely fit and healthy. Provided that fitness levels are equal, women usually have a longer average time running one mile. To report a bug or suggest an improvement, click here. You will be amazed to see how all of your times will improve. Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. An athlete with perfect fitness level might complete one mile within 5 minutes. You can find your age-graded percent and a list of equivalent performances at other distances here. A runner who is aged 17-21 with good health can run one mile within 6:39 if he is ranked among the top 1% of his age group. When running on a treadmill or using a GPS device or running app, you can measure your pace per mile and also see your average pace. You can also work on improving your pace per mile when you're doing runs longer than a mile. Plan on adding workouts related to jump rope in order to speed up your feet. With the right training, you will. And, even so, your body might be better suited to run either short races or long ones so you might not be able to get to the same AG% for all distances. For women aged 17-21 should complete a run of 2 miles in 18:54, and those aged 22-26 should finish it at 19:36. The Average Running speed is 9 minutes 48 seconds per mile.Broken down the average running speed for men is 9:15 and 10:40 for women. The two-mile run requirement is used as part of an overall fitness score that is used to calculate recruits' eligibility to graduate from Basic Training. ACFT scoring chart - ACFT standards. (For example, we list the road 20K record, not the 20,000 meter track record.) Click 'Age-grade' to calculate age-grading. In most parts of the States, high school boys who can run a sub-5:00 miles can be very competitive on high school track and cross country teams. The age grade for Jenny comes around 73-84 percent. You can also improve your mile time by running longer distances as part of your running routine. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. Some runners consider a sub-6:00 mile as a big achievement, while others might be thrilled to run a mile under 10:00. You can test yourself by running a mile and then repeat the test after several weeks to see if you've improved. All distances 15 kilometers and longer are road times, not track times. The current world records for the outdoor mile are 3:43.13 for men and 4:12.56 for women. Of course, most runners will never come anywhere close to those times, but they can still work on improving their own personal record for the mile distance. It is all relative. What Affects Time for Running a Half-Marathon? Make sure to exercise on the treadmill as it allows you to set your pace along with the leg turnover. These individuals still aim to keep themselves healthy and want to take part in sports activities. But first, you must put your body in a trial run test to see if it's prone to injuries. High school track and cross country runners are often curious about how their mile time would compare to their fellow high school athletes. According to this, 24:51 was the best possible time for her age group. This improves your stride. Note: Several of the “softer” records — 2 mile, 10 mile, 25K, 30K, and 50 mile — have been removed from this tool’s calculations because they were skewing the results. Fastest run one mile (female). Please update your browser’s settings and then reload the page. Various strategies can help a person improve their time. Swing your arms forward and in a backward direction at lower than 90 degrees. So, for example, you can plug in your most recent 10K time and get an estimate of how fast you should be able to finish a half marathon. However, a two-mile time of 18 minutes still qualifies soldiers for a heavy physical demand unit. How Does Your 5K Race Time Compare to Other People's Average? We promise not to run any of those super annoying ads that take over your entire screen. The tables presented here "age-adjust" running times for runners in the 31-70 year old age groups, both male and female. Most runners reach their fastest speed between the ages of 18 and 30.

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