It would be interesting to see how the newer MadCatz & Hori sticks compare…, Oh - and you spelt ‘Cthulhu’ wrong in your PS3 table above.

This PCB is considerably slower than the Cthulhu, as shown by Toodles tests in the above link, as well as in my testing results. If I could make any suggestion... Sega needs to embrace the FGC with their Sega Saturn D-Pad. I wasn't able to order the FC4 (I live in China) so I ordered this one, which I assumed was an older version FC. My only wish was that the grips extended just a little longer. The movement isn’t as bad as the plastic top sheet on the Mad Catz TE2 could be, but it will annoy some players — and frankly makes the Fighting Edge feel a bit lower-quality than it is. Are you referring to this article? This pad reviewed here is the best fighting game controller I have ever used. Are you suggesting that having both PCBs wired together will skew the results towards one PCB over the other, in meaningful amounts (+1 ms) on a consistent basis over 1,000 trials? Shoryuken – 12 Dec 11 I bought it because I felt the Hori's FC4's dpad was beginning to get unreliable after wear and tear from extended use. I even tested it by throwing about 50 fireballs in a row, zero problems. Absolutely perfect. A friend actually just got a new Paewang installed, so I may test that to see if it performs the same as the model in his Omni. Im really liking it so far and I think i'll keep it. HORI unleashes an updated version of their new Noir fightstick design. So I don’t see an issue with the way I have done things, unless you have something else I should consider. My diagonals come out perfectly now. I believe they're Import-only, yes. However, I noticed some weird behavior with it after extended use -- my diagonal directions were being dropped intermittedly, and eventually the rotating d-pad would come loose and rotate during play, causing missed inputs. It feels like Hori had this in mind, since they put the buttons closer together.

Arcade stick input lag testing & results thread,,,, Godlike Controls Responds To Cthulhu Lag Issues Vs. Eightarc Fusion, SRKLabs In-Depth Review: EightArc Fusion PS3/PC/Xbox360 Joystick, Toodles did a similar test but used a signal separator,, Overall, I think this new FC0 will be my main pad for SFV (and any other fighting game).

While I thought the FC4 dpad was quite good, I believe this one is even better. I've heard the FC4 has wear and tear problems where inputs stop working entirely after regular use.

Triggers: So my main gripe with this controller is that the L1/R1 buttons are SUPER small.

What made me get rid of the DS3 was that I got so tired in my thumbs to have to use it only for all the moves.

Don't think they are officially sold outside of Japan yet. I wish I knew!

I hope you won’t accuse me of picking nits in a thread about millisecond differences in head-to-head controller input results. Dolopeko's review mirrors my feelings on it. System requirement windows 10/8/8.1/7, USB port. I imported mine, ordered it from HORI's proprietary HAYABUSA stick lever has been engineered to reduce input … It's impossible to accidentally hit the L1/R1 buttons now. The black plastic frames shining brushed aluminum and chromed edges — combined with the etched logos, it is a very, very pretty fightstick. This version of the Fighting Edge also includes a headset jack, like other recent HORI models. Still: this is an unfortunate flaw in an otherwise gorgeous fightstick. For instance the original TE Fightsticks had three different motherboard revisions for the PS3 version, and at least two for the 360. DIY solutions include adding washers to the bolts to fill the extra space, or using double-sided tape between the top plate and the plastic case.

It still feels comfortable.

A new addition (for HORI) is the tournament mode switch, which cuts inputs from the PS button, and the OPTIONS and SHARE buttons.

But my hunch is that since all of their other sticks are using the laggy PCB, the newly produced Q4RAF Blacks would use the same one. The cheap stick I used to recommend is the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 3 but they're hard to find now - the one showing up on Amazon is $80 but I bought mine for half that when they were launched. Either way, the sticks tested are based on what I’ve got available. Thank goodness! When I started using it I thought, wow, the FC4 must be really amazing if this is the old version., The results can be found here: It will fit in Splitframe’s carrier bags, and the Qanba Aegis too, if you’ve got one of these on hand. I’ve covered these components multiple times before in prior reviews of other HORI sticks, and my opinion remains the same: I find the Hayabusa lever workable but a little loose for my taste, while I really like the short travel and matte surfacing on the Hayabusa buttons. This rule includes posts solely related to hardware. I am VERY pleased to say that the d-pad input issues have gone away with the new pad. The effect of additional variance, the existence of which I’m seriously questioning at this point, would be closer to 0.01 ms than it would be to 1 ms. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, UD-CPS2: Fully Consolized Capcom Play System 2, How much does your arcade stick lag? Finally, I don’t mind you nitpicking about milliseconds but I do have an issue with you nitpicking about fractions of milliseconds. I did see some on Amazon that looked like they would deliver in 2 days, but they were a bit more expensive. Here are some quick results charts I made up for quick reference:,, Once I realized this was actually a new Japanese version it made sense. Why, Hori? This stick has abandoned the turbo function — expendable for our genre, generally.

You said it's Japan only. Probably the best pad I've ever used. While I loved the RAP.N’s start button cover, this is a much more practical option — if a bit less fun. I would guess they have the same internals so it's probably the same as FC4. The last available versions for the prior console generation still fetch a high price through third-party sellers. 1 year ago. Input is delayed by one side (the same side) consistently. This PCB was redesigned and is considerably slower than the Cthulhu, as shown by Toodles tests in the above link, as well as in my testing results. Bolts holding down metal top panel don’t hold it flush, allowing it to shift position and rattle. While I loved the RAP.N’s start button cover, this is a much more practical option — if a bit less fun. To access all of the top panel bolts, you need to also remove additional side panels. I have been using the Dualshock 3 and got tired of it so I just purchased my first stick, the Madcatz alpha. How does one purchase that? Wish I had this thing when I was playing SF4! I bought mine on play-asia, looks like it's sold out though. Anyone have this pad and any additional opinions? The new PCB, which is a single wider board, and is used on all of the new Q4RAF coloured models and also in the Q2 Pro line. Hey, I’m a bit confused about some of your results. This is different than the FC4 dpad, which had a smooth surface. The sub's mission is to build the fighting game community, harbor a healthy competitive nature, and be welcoming to players and fans alike. Whether or not my results are accurate to within +/- 0.2 ms or +/- 0.5 ms is not my main concern - as long as the results are reasonably consistent and comparable, my goal has been met.

I don’t mean to downplay the amount of time you have put in. An industry-first brushed aluminum top panel provides durability and refined style found nowhere else. For those in the market for a sleek, stylish, and comfortable arcade stick, you won’t go wrong with HORI’s new Fighting Edge — as long as that you don’t mind that slight looseness of the top panel, or are willing to make the mods to address it. Great review. This version of the Fighting Edge also includes a headset jack, like other recent HORI models.

I know this can sometimes be a trivial difference, but we are trying to stick to the spirit of Street Fighter on the subreddit. The Hori FC is made of the same black matte plastic as the FC4. One warning about ordering from play asia., make sure to get the express shipping. No idea if that’ll end up being the case though. The Eightarc Fusion, or at the very least the early models of it, also used this same PCB. Import only indefinitely? Son of a gun, my FC4 literally came in the mail this morning. You can see where I am going with this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Rule 1: Not related to Street Fighter games - Hardware, PS4 Newbie Fight Club Mod | CFN: Dolopeko, FightCade: XXXCheckmate | Steam: Check | PSN: FGC_Checkmate. I believe the Etokki Omni uses the ‘paewang’ pcb which is the same used in the Datel ArcadePro and a few other sticks. Additionally, if one side imposed lag on the other, then lag would be understated for the laggier stick, which doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m now working on testing PS4 sticks. SRKLabs In-Depth Review: EightArc Fusion PS3/PC/Xbox360 Joystick

I have been loving it so far, my only gripe is that it feels "slightly" small in my hands. Also to note, this thing was plug and play with SFV, didn't need to do any tweaking or remapping. One issue I have this data is contrary to Toodles test data he did a while back with the same methodology. This protects the case from overzealous modders, but prevents the bolts from holding the top panel completely flush to the base, allowing it to slide around nearly 1 mm in all directions; this might not sound like much — until you really get into the game and notice the metal plate and bolts rattling around from the force of your inputs. Are you referring to this article?

To get in, you need to remove the bottom panel(s).

Also I think that the Joytron Exchanger might use the same pcb as the Q4RAF. The d-pad and face buttons are exactly the same size as the Hori FC4, which makes the transition really easy. Can you clarify this please. So, I decided to try the newer, cheaper Hori Fight Commander (I'm going to call it Hori FC0) pad, to see if the non-rotating d-pad was more reliable. Game : STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION (JPN Ver.03.003 for PlayStation 4 ) 1P(left) : HORI FIGHTING EDGE for PS4(v1.16) 2P(right) : Razer Panthera(v1.01.00) As a … Components: like HORI’s other recent offerings, this stick packs in the Hayabusa lever and low-profile short-throw Hayabusa pushbuttons.

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