As for containers, mason jars are a great option because they are glass and keep a good airtight seal.

I made lemon extract in december, and just opened it up, it still tastes/smells like vodka. Peel thin strips of zest from ½ of your orange. It’s just great!!! I was just thinking today that I wanted to try making fruit extract…. Avery Removable Multi-Use Labels, Kraft Brown, 1.125 x 2.25 Inches, Pack of 24 (40151), Sunday Brunch: Popovers & Blackberry Butter. These are, I think, the perfect DIY holiday gift – adorable, useful, and cost-effective for everyone! Baker's® Imitation Vanilla Flavor.

– though I might not soak the fruits as long. Am from tamilnadu, india. The little mini wine bottles they sell in packs of 4 are PERFECT for extracts! Do you think I can make cotton candy as well with these exstract for e liquid rather use glicerine than vodca… Will it work I want to make my own flavor, Try vanilla and raspberry that is what Starbucks uses to make the cotton candy frap. After 5-6 weeks, you have extract! Just wash the fruit really well before you use the peelings … I would like to try LIME flavoring … for the vanilla flavoring I have used bottles that have the stoppers (old fashioned beer tops) I make my vanilla and can pour it into another bottle so that I can keep a fresh batch of vanilla at all times. So glad you liked it! I hate buying bottles just for bottles- but in this case I get a good glass of wine, boil off the label, and then I have a perfect bottle that I can wrap with a cute label and gift! I think in general flavored extracts are made with vodka, bourbon or some other kind of alcohol, but a quick search online shows that it is possible to substitute the alcohol for something called “food-grade vegetable glycerin.” I’m not sure what that is but you can apparently order it from Amazon. McCormick® Butter Extract With Other Natural Flavors. I hope you enjoy the extracts .

Thanks for reading Just Putzing Around the Kitchen! Are y’all as excited about DIY foodie holiday gifts as I am? I know this is an old post, but I have the perfect sized bottles! Isn’t it just like flavoured alcohol?! Hey there! Keep repeating until the flavor has reached your desired taste. These homemade extracts come together in minutes, and once complete, they’ll keep for months. Every couple of days, give them a gentle shake or turn. I will have to try some now with your recipes. There are a few good reasons for making your own extracts. I did’t even know store bought extracts were made with alcohol. So can u pls tell me what to use instead of vodka. The only difference is the proportions. I had some residue in mine after I shaked it. I bet hot sauce bottles would work too . You know, if you can’t find anyone else… , You have just inspired me to make my own vanilla extract! This allows you to create extracts that are suited to your palate and baking needs.

You can keep the vanilla beans in the bottle pretty much forever, and then just keep adding vodka as your supply of extract gets low. This means that I will earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

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