Did you girls know how to knit already? We hope you will come back and visit us often because we sure have lots to share! It’s brilliant. I am in love with this blanket. Could you please email.

This time we are using real Merino wool. Janine speaks so highly of you! It’s so refreshing in this blog-dense world! In friendship, Julie & Jodie. You now have one stitch left on your arm. Not related to the arm knitting, but I love that navy & white (maybe black & white?) Thanks ladies March Madness. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye! Take the yarn attached to your ball of wool and take it behind your left hand (thumb facing towards you), around your hand and between your index finger and thumb. 2 years ago

This is our arm knitting tutorial video. Loving my merino wool arm knitted blanket that you inspired me to do.

It seemed as though the videos over-simplified the method. Really? We also have a coupon code you may have noticed (TWINS10) which will give you 10% off. Hurray!!!

We plan to continue long into the future as we really enjoy what we are doing. ???????? How heavy in pounds does a blanket weigh? Continue with the row until your have just one stitch left on your arm. You may want to choose a smaller project. And now here is the step by step tutorial on how to make an arm knit blanket. If the cost is stopping you, why not start off small?

Thanks so much for your comments. It means so much to us both.

This blanket looks fun. We were on the hunt for improved information to help our friends, followers and ourselves. Thanks again and wish you all the best !! These are such beautiful blankets~~ Love your blogs. With 7 feet of yarn, I was only able to make about 8 stitches. We love seeing new creations You can join here if you’re interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1736125929940161, Your email address will not be published.

Thank you for including the video link. You are probably using very thick yarn. You can do this! Seasalt - a Cornish fashion company. Slip the first stitch off your arm onto the other arm, then knit all but the last stitch. How do I pause when doing an arm knitting project? I’ve only ever attempted arm knitting a scarf and I can’t say it turned out as beautiful as your throw!

wikiHow's. My material cost me about $110 plus $20 shipping and maybe 40 minutes to make the blanket… What stores sell good arm-knitting yarn online, and do they deliver? Knit one more stitch, then drop the back loop over the front and drop it off. Make a slip knot and place over your right wrist. Women’s clothing, footwear and accessories inspired by the creative and maritime heritage of Cornwall. For example, start by knitting the first two loops in your row.

Don’t get distracted and knit to the very end. Good luck if you decide to try this fun project!

I still want to make one of these even though it will be spring soon. <3 I also LOOOOOOVE those patterned pillows on the bed with your gorgeous throw! Then, pull out 5 feet of yarn from the skein and loop some of the yarn into a slipknot on your right arm. Arm knitting has been done in all corners of the globe and little businesses, craft channels and pinterest boards have sprouted up left right and centre with the growing speed of the trend. I arm knitted a scarf last month, so I am ready to try this! Armed with only my old digital camera (which thankfully did record video) I shot clips of the process and patched them together on youtubes editor. And take advantage of our coupon code from BeCozi, TWINS10. Hope that helps. Loi Thai, You are so kind! My main point here is that it is much easier to make a perfect, uniform and professional looking blanket (even your first time) using Merino wool than with the synthetic wool. To arm knit a blanket, make sure to choose a bulky yarn that’s meant for arm knitting. First of all, while Janine and I really liked the way our first arm knitted blanket turned out, we still saw a huge difference between the synthetic wool and the blankets made out of real wool. All Rights Reserved. Knit all rows until you have enough yarn left for one last row (the cast of row). and equipped to make your own arm knit blanket or throw. We are so excited that you found this blog post helpful and inspiring. Suzanne, We are so touched by your letter!

That being said we are grateful to you for your kind friendship and support. The Loop method is the more simplified version and the one I prefer.

We are excited you’re going to go for it.

It makes this whole journey worthwhile. Last Updated: June 4, 2020

Share it with us! You can safely take a break during your project. Let’s keep inspiring each other! They underestimated the real amount of time the project would take. How beautiful that turned out! They provide all the information you might need to decide how much wool you will need for the size of your project and how much it will cost. The synthetic wool can be hand washed while the Merino wool should only be spot treated or dry cleaned.

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