Variables can have ChildVariables. If you’ve found a mod you like on a website, you will have to follow these steps to get it ready for activation in Euro Truck Simulator 2: Once your mods are installed, either via subscribing in the Steam Workshop, or by placing the .SCS file into the mod folder, you must now tell Euro Truck Simulator 2 to activate those mods, thus making the new content available in your game. However, in my experience, stick with the .scs as surprisingly few people know/ believe you can use a .zip in your mod folder! Multiple paths are supported. Enjoy! As you can see, we replaced all important data with variables. You can export to either an .scs file or .zip.

Privacy Policy. How to make mods from Zmodeler 2 to Euro Truck Simulator 2? Rename the file to "SimpleEngine.sii". Now, copy the example d16g750.sii file into our SimpleEngine folder".

Also, I must point out that there will be no updates for our older apps, and that there is no more support available for them. For example, what truck dealers sell the new truck, Any other instructions not covered by this guide. In that way we could "force" our users to create a mod that is completely in-line with SCS Software engine standards.

That's going to be a new challenge for us - figuring out the new system and finding a way to reproduce the trailers.

If you are the author of an ETS2 mod, you can send to us. Mods are written by community members and will have varying degrees of quality. texture : "{{InternalName}}.tobj" All of the UI was done in Windows Forms, and as the title says - it was Windows only. Some mods may break things in your existing profile, so be sure to create a copy of your profile folder, which can be found in your Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles folder. Use the same text editor as you did earlier.

Mods Studio public beta is available to registered users of our forums! It is also possible that the mod is not compatible with your version of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Extract the mod file. Path to this overlay is stored in the dot-delimited notation of parent/child variable, in this case {{EngineIcon.OverlaySource}}.

To edit the *.sii file, you can use any text editor.

Typically, mods are in an archive file format, such as .ZIP or .RAR. texture_name : "texture"

This is now how your new mod template folder should look: We want to be able to change all the relevant values in our engine definition file using Mods Studio 2. OutputFormat - Format: Dds In each round will give away one Steam DLC or game.

Modding pages and documentation were moved to a dedicated modding wiki accessible through We used some external libraries to convert PNG to DDS, zip/unzip files and such. I've been getting a lot of questions lately about Mods Studio 2, what is it, and how it's related to ETS2 and ATS Studio. Content is the path that is stored inside of the TOBJ file and it should point to the DDS image file of the icon that we created in the previous action. To create a basic engine mod, you'll first need to create an engine definition file. The question here is, is the time and effort justifiable, since only 3% of players don't use Windows. We'll deal with that in the next step. }. Every mod template needs this file, as MS2 gets all of the information about the mod template from it.

In 2013 we released ETS2 Studio.

If you click this template, it will get added to the project, but selecting it in the template list won't open a variable edit window.

PUBG Corporation reveals PUBG Mobile India launch plans, Xbox Series X had the “largest” launch in Xbox history, but won’t share figures even if it beats PS5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla doubled Odyssey players on launch day, Europa Helm quest in Destiny 2 – Stasis Chest locations in Nexus and Well of Infinitude. Usually this option is not necessary. Select 'export mod' further up, not forgetting to lock the mod file if you plan on distributing it and don't want it tampered with. Hence info[] is now moved below no_adblue_power_limit. In this case, we defined the output format to be a DDS file with a specific preset (ScsIconImage).

Filename defines where the file name of the newly created tobj file in the mod structure. Hopefully. That's simply because we haven't defined any variables in the template. We also define a preset for the TOBJ file to be UIIcon.

That's because MS2 has a built-in variable type to handle them, as we don't know how many lines of data we need to have them hard-coded in the template. Once you’re satisfied with the list of active mods, click the Confirm Changes button and continue loading your game. © 2013 - 2020 Roadside Studio You can also skip a round and save your ticket for upcoming rounds. As with variables, MS2 has many predefined actions that we can use to make a mod. I will show you two proven methods for finding good, reliable mods: the Steam Workshop, and a website specializing in collecting mods, Inside of this folder, create an empty file called "template.xml".

When you want MS2 to replace some text in a file, file path or anywhere else in a mod, you replace that text with a variable that is noted as {{VariableName}}. Here's a list of actions we need to make a working engine mod: \def\vehicle\truck\{{Truck}}\engine We'll start by adding basic mod template data: By doing this, the mod template should already show up in MS2. Let's add all this now into Mods Studio 2. At that point, we came up with a name "Mods Studio" which was used to reference both ETS2 and ATS studio at the same time, although at that time, they were two separate apps. This action will generate the required TOBJ file for our workshop icon. Mods Studio 2 supports different variable types that represent different types of data and give the user different ways to enter this data. Every couple of days, I get comments that, This Saturday (14th December 2019) I'll do a. I did... how else would I get people to watch it? As you can see, we completely replaced them, not just the part where they hold data. After we write all of this in a proper XML format, our mod template xml file will look like this: And that's it! Top. TextLines:

If you’re using mods from the Steam Workshop, you don’t need to do anything special here. \material\ui\accessory\, Destination: \material\ui\accessory\{{InternalName}}.dds Watch MS2 development live stream on Twitch, Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road to the Black Sea, Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Pink Ribbon Charity Pack, American Truck Simulator - Pink Ribbon Charity Pack, grab the newest Mods Studio 2 from the official website, Blast from the past: First ETS2 Studio Versions, SCS Software's own extractor command line tool, Development of new Mods Studio starts in August. OverlayTransparency: 0.4 Mods that you’re subscribed to will automatically appear in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and are available to be activated.

Also, we used SCS Software's own tools (extractor), and some base files for the trailers. Can I make mods from Blender, Maya, 3DSMax? (Eg: Notepad, Notepad++, SublimeText, VS Code... anything really.)

For help about the game, you can ask in our forum or comments below any mod.

Here's an overview of variables that we have used in our *.sii definition file; Note that we added an engine icon variable that will allow our users to pick a workshop/garage UI icon for their mod. And, how our Torque in the right side says "A lot of fun"? You can get additional tickets by watching the stream, being active in chat, following the channel or by donating live on stream. To do this, open the Mod Manager on the Profile screen. We can take a look back to our SimpleEngine.sii file to see what variables we need to define. If you’re at all familiar with how mods from the Steam Workshop work with other games, the concept is the same for Euro Truck Simulator 2. _PMA Posts: 111 Joined: 08 Feb 2013 10:55 Location: Warsaw, Poland. Our documentation will soon be expanded with details about these specifics. Child variable placeholder looks like this: {{EngineIcon.OverlaySource}} It's a dot delimited parent/child variable names.

You can participate in the round(s) by using your raffle tickets. MS2 than creates all these folders in the mod structure. Consult specific variable type docs to see common use cases for child variables. We'll define one CopyPair (a set of From/To paths) of paths to copy. In Short - Mods Studio 2 is the successor of ETS2 and ATS Studio.

Truck skins (advanced type for Scania NextGen and MAN E6), Owned trailer skins (ETS2 only at the moment). The selection is nearly endless, and while I will be sharing some of my favorite mods with you soon, this article aims to teach you how to install any mod in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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