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These historical connections with languages like Latin, German, makes it easy to understand other languages too. Everyone praises a rising sun.

But one must not forget that if the teacher does not speak, students will not get to learn. A week of practice will make one easily acquainted with some portion of the lingua franca. b. This could not have been possible if they were written in the native language and sold those books in the native country alone. The entire business domain depends on this language.

Reading as a language skill is highly important but it is also highly neglected. This is what the importance of the English language in our life is. The job interviews for the international level require you to be perfect and fluent in English. It is an official language in over 67 countries and has more than 35 dialects. For girls as well as boys many updated fashion tips are given on the internet. It has gained the status of an international language. Similarly, the importance of the English language in life can be understood. If your English is good you can read international books also and it will increase your knowledge. Our language lab provides ample opportunities to the students to hone their language skills. It is a language that is dynamic and is continuously evolving. Learning, for me, is an opportunity to use what I’ve learned, and, to broaden my horizons and to improve the best version of myself. Similarly, the importance of the English language in life can be understood.

Which countries have a majority of English speakers?

As Indians educated in “English Medium Schools”, all of us have definitely heard this warning uttered by our teachers. Our language lab provides ample opportunities to the students to hone their language skills.

It is spoken in almost 105 countries throughout the globe. Many youngsters want to learn some professional things like music, dance, playing guitar, etc. Due to your poor communication skills, you are neglected by friends. 2.

Although our mother tongue is dear to us, it is important to learn English language. Disable the Adblock extension in order to visit the site.

Every one person out of five can speak and understand English. It is the universal language for any form of print media, be it newspapers or journals.

Since the medium of instruction is English there, the spread of information was easier. So you can find many US and UK related universities in top ranks in education. Many important international examinations like GRE, TOEFL takes place to test the examinee’s English abilities only.

English is that language. For instance, in sectors like healthcare, stock markets, advertisements, software, banking, petroleum products, biotechnology, etc., the use of the English language is quite common. So, students belong to non-native English language countries learn the English language as a second language. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 53 countries and spoken by around 400 million people across the globe.

The English language cannot be easily denied or ignored as it is being spoken by half of the population of the world at present.

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