Dr Malik: Lie! Another study looked at vitamin D status and its relation to dietary and lifestyle factors in 3,450 young adults, intake of instant noodles was also associated with decreased levels of vitamin D. It was also associated with obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. Gone are the days instant noodles were seen to be inexpensive, with the current economic situation in Nigeria, I think it’s safe to say that the price of instant noodles have surprisingly doubled in the last two years.

Please, health issues are too delicate for anybody not trained and licensed to start writing and broadcasting unconfirmed health articles. You can unsubscribe at any time. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog! Dont miss out guys visit now. Lie #10: Metabolism: Regular consumption of instant noodles affect the body’s metabolism, because of the chemical substances like additives, coloring and preservatives inside the noodles. I have learnt something about noodles today. Protein (vegetable) That is the unspoken question is the heart of several bachelors, students, and mothers who depend on the cheap, easy-to-prepare, and delicious meal alternative that indomie instant noodles offer. Cancer : The ingredient in the instant noodles called “Styrofoam’, is a cancer causing agent. There are no harmful additives or preservatives. If anything, it is less dangerous because most people end up preparing it like regular home foods. Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally Without Medications: 16 Simple Tips. COCA COLA: DOES DRINKING COKE EVERYDAY HAVE HEALTH DANGERS? ABOUT US PRODUCTS RECIPES EVENTS … Is eating indomie healthy? a. Cellulose fibers How come its only here in Naija that such was composed? Indomie noodles is pretty much rich in carbohydrates which can either be bad or good depending on how you consume it. But there is controversy over whether or not they have adverse health effects on you the consumer. 2. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as personalized medical advice. Ehn…how many?!

Is eating a lot of Indomie bad for me? ), I would say, “let’s attempt to balance the indomie meal“.

Blacks, over 40 years old or have a family history of high blood pressure are the most likely to be affected. On the other hand, how can ANYBODY possibly make food with candle wax, no matter how light? One of the unhealthy indomie noodles side effect. It is not true! Not really! People with hypertension should know that this meal might be contributing to poor blood pressure control. Please, don’t add palm oil to your indomie. I saved the best for last, most instant noodles contain an ingredient known as monosodium glutamate (MSG), a common food additive used to enhance flavor in processed foods. We publish free daily articles on various categories like business, agriculture, health, career tips and more. All these have strong genetic basis and collective lifestyle factors as risk factors.

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