Want more Rolling Stone? Disco music never liked to consider what happens when the music stops, but Ware allows a little of her signature psychodrama to creep into the nocturnal escapades she describes, and the flecks of ennui make the highs even higher. Album Rating: 4.0Not really feeling the first 4 tracks, but then after that it suddenly becomes amazing. crackles with joy, is electrified by rediscovery. Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Announcement, Explained, Songs like dreamy opener “Spotlight,” hypnotic “Adore You” and final slow jam “Remember Where You Are” have a romantic finality to them, like that last chance kiss at 3:45 a.m. amongst a waning mass of bodies. Jessie Ware: What's Your Pleasure? It’s a little reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica, a 2020 album so clearly meant to be played very loud in the sort of communal spaces we still won’t be filling for quite a while. It’s no wonder Ware cited Fern Kinney’s “Love Me Tonight” as a major influence on her record in an interview with Gay Times. Comparing them may be boring but denying the plethora of similarities entirely is just vexing rofl. To put it shortly, Ware gave us a record of what we need right now: One for us to have some fun. Tracks 5-8 on this thing are entrancingly catchy, Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off ooh la la and dua's break my heart have like the exact same instrumentals I originally wanted to write this within a week after its release, but my schedule and writer's block hindered me to complete it.

There’s a certain quality to Ware’s voice, a wistfulness even when she herself is happier. But comparing one album to another like that is a boring discussion anyway You have entered an incorrect email address! Even when the album seems to calm down — like in the airy “In Your Eyes,” or “Step Into My Life” before it bursts into well-deployed horn and string accents — it never really slows. What's Your Pleasure? radiates with the persistence of a sparkling disco ball in a foggy club. After all that, Ware teamed up with James Ford, who also produced 2014’s Tough Love, with a specific mission statement in mind. that, while less concrete, seem rooted in Ware’s contented family life. Personal Rating : 4.4/5 Recommended Tracks: Spotlight Save a Kiss

In a recent interview, Jessie Ware recounts being called up for jury service, and struggling to find a neat catch-all sentence to describe exactly what she does. We store cookies to collect data for certain third-party companies, including Google Analytics and AdSense.

What’s Your Pleasure?, then, is instead a return to some kind of idea of Jessie Ware, but a form she’s hadn’t quite assumed by herself yet. Ware herself is a magnetic presence, whooping atop sawtooth synth on ‘Soul Control’, and bringing a slow-burning smoulder to ‘Save A Kiss’. Ware imagined it as a dystopian scenario — the song was written around the time Boris Johnson retained power in the UK — and looked to the anchor of family as the world fell apart outside. Album Rating: 4.5"Actually I take that back I forgot about RTJ4 haha" Ware has always been one of those artists who feels somewhat timeless, equally in thrall of old-school tropes and songwriting as she is a part of her own era.

as an album, either. as a celebration of her flourishing confidence. Kylie Minogue – ‘DISCO’ review: shimmering, campy fun from a dancefloor pro, Tunng – ‘Dead Club’ review: a musical project about mortality that’s chirpier than it sounds. In embracing that timeless aspect of her personality, Ware came up with an album that sounds out of time, and somehow more like her than ever. https://beatsperminute.com/album-review-jessie-ware-whats-your-pleasure That attitude seems to have galvanized Ware, too, on an album where she sounds bolder, looser — and frankly, more fun — than she has in a near-decade. Most of that functions like Ware exploring a long-ago-established form and tradition, imagining losing herself alongside everyone else, and then, in a sense, finding herself all over again. Jessie asks what our pleasure in her title is… well Jessie, this new album is definitely a pleasure … British diva Jessie Ware cooks up a glittery collection of hedonistic disco tracks and delivers one of the year's best records with What's Your Pleasure.

The soft glamor of Jessie Ware ’s What’s Your Pleasure? Across the whole album, Ware’s voice fills each moment with incredibly lustful longing. Album Rating: 4.5@Romulus: Indeed you should give more spins. They have similar synths, percussive sounds, rhythmic elements, aesthetics etc etc. Across the board, What’s Your Pleasure? It’s a triumphant sun rising to greet a whole new era of disco, and what a pleasure it is to meet it. On her new album, Jessie Ware sounds like the host of the kind of party you heard about in ‘70s Manhattan—velvet banquettes and powdery surfaces, mink coats and cigarette holders, and club names that were enigmatic numbers, or—post-gay liberation and pre-AIDS—sincerely promised sanctuary, paradise. The whole thing conjures bodies in motion, roiling tensions and euphoric releases. She doesn’t exactly call back to the early days; instead a renewed dancefloor strut meets the most inventive production of her career. Heady and rooted in lustful disco, this album proves that the singer is a cornerstone of contemporary pop. “Last night we danced/And I thought you were saving my life,” she sings in “Mirage (Don’t Stop),” an evocation of communal movement as well as a mantra for the artistic rejuvenation that Ware finds in the groove. Click Accept to consent to the use of these cookies, or visit our Privacy page for further info.

“Would you follow me, with no guarantee?” she asks, before allowing herself a rare belting vocal. In recent interviews, the relationship between Glasshouse and What’s Your Pleasure? Jessie Ware was in need of a rebirth.

The singer-turned-foodie proves her dancing days aren't over on this; Jessie Ware's best record to date. In a recent interview, Ware described What’s Your Pleasure? And many of its songs do stand alone as bulletproof jams, but there’s also a cinematic scope to the whole experience. It’s not exactly retro, and it’s not exactly the sound of 2020; it’s not exactly the sound of Ware’s early days, and yet it’s somehow the sound we always imagined her adopting as her own. Like each time a narrator catches the eyes of someone new in one song or another on What’s Your Pleasure?, there is a feeling on the album of everything leading up to this point, everything falling into place. In a similar vein to the music of both Róisín Murphy and Robyn (particularly the latter artist’s latest album ‘Honey’) Ware uses these soft-edged juggernauts to plumb new depths.

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