If you’re already heading out to Ikea to buy your Kallax, you can checkout their Ikea textiles section. Perfect storage solution for child's room, entertainment center, or home office.

Ideally you should varnish once complete to add another layer of protection. For my graphic design work I sit ALL day and it's been taking it's toll on my back...so, I decided (day before yesterday) that for the sake ... IKEA Hack with built-in Billy bookcases – how we got an expensive built-in library home office look on a budget. There you go! Once you have the folds ready you can start stapling.

), For the corners, I recommend watching the first 30 seconds of. For the seating top part of your bench, you will need to make a cushion. Everyone loves a good IKEA hack and this one is truly amazing. When I looked up the rocky bluffs color swatch it looks sooo much more gray than this color?? I really enjoyed this Ikea hack and you are adorable!!

I finally made the bench this weekend. Thanks, Annmarie! Placing your Kallax unit on some caster wheels is the best way (and the quickest!)

4. Thank you so much for sharing. I love your blog you have some great ideas and I love that it is understood of how to do it I have been enjoying it very much ! It means that you could change the layout of the room very easily to keep your mind on it’s toes. Hi Anne, yes we did staple the fabric first followed by the vinyl – just to make sure everything was smooth and taught. A genius way to really liven up the look of the Kallax unit.

IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. Disclosure : Some items in this post were gifted to me by Next Home as part of an ongoing collaboration. With the castors on the bottom, this Ikea Kallax hack could be useful in a bedroom, on a set, in a shop and it wouldn’t look out of place in any of those scenarios. But would like a bit more detail on how thick should the piece be. BUT if you don’t have an Ikea close by OR the time to get to one, there’s another option. A great use of the Kallax is as a room divider and this hacker has used two Kallax units and some framing to go right to the ceiling with their room divider. to quickly create some mobile storage!

Once you’re home, cut your MDF board to size.

Oh yes, there are some available on Etsy…..and most of them cost anywhere between $150 to $200. I love this project, I have it in process. In this post I’m sharing both a written and video account of how I converted three of the KALLAX  shelving units  (and a headboard made for a bed) into a dining bench for my breakfast/dining nook. From easy DIYs for the home to painting tutorials, there's plenty of creativity to practice around here!

Dimensioned to fit KALLAX shelf unit. It’s called the Better Homes and Garden bookcase, and because its on amazon you get the luxury of home delivery!

Cheap & easy ikea hacks, diy home decor, diy room decor, living room ideas, bedroom ideas, kitchen ideas.

The unit provides loads of storage and a handy extra work surface (even if it is just for the chef’s glass of wine!). As you can see it doesn’t have to look perfect.

You can find many more Ikea hack ideas and inspiration on our Ikea Hacks Categories page. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i want to make it for my dining table.

You can find them at your local outdoor store, Walmart or even on the web. If you don’t want to spend your entire day checking Kijiji or FB, you can set up some saved searches for your shelf. Let me know if there is! There are so many ways you could go about this too. The Ikea Kallax and Ikea Expedit (especially) tend to go really fast on Kijiji, so setting up a saved search will really help you score one in the least possible time. These legs can be made using 2″x2″ timber which makes this a really cheap hack that creates a stunning mid-century style piece of furniture. There were lots of holes and areas where the laminate veneer had pulled off. It wouldn’t be sat on for long periods of time.

The addition of some brass knobs and great styling with accessories complete the look perfectly!

The best part is you’ll be super proud that you put it together – YOURSELF! If you want to have one of these functional storage benches in your space, but don’t want to spend a lot, then this project is for you! I also applied wood filler to the gaps where each KALLAX unit connected  because I wanted the bench to look like once continuous piece of furniture. I’m really starting to like the idea of filming DIYs and talking you through the process. Hopefully there will be at least something that will inspire you to have a go at your own Kallax project. We bring together the best Ikea Hacks on the internet so that you can find the perfect Ikea Hack to fit your needs (or just enjoy browsing!). A lot of these Ikea Kallax hacks raise the unit off the ground in a variety of ways to give it a completely different look. Inside: how to transform a standard closet into beautiful built in cabinets with this IKEA hack!

Whatever your furniture needs, the Kallax can provide an excellent way of achieving them at low cost and with a bit of fun along the way.

How many yards of vinyl did you need for the cushion? The labelled cubby drawers are a really original, stylish way to store things and there are so many options out there for Kallax inserts that you can find something perfect for your preferred style.

Basically the higher the thickness the more expensive it will be.

Ikea no longer sells the Expedit, but the Kallax is the exact same except its shorter. You could use wood flooring, wood effect laminated chipboard panels, reclaimed scaffold boards. This is a really effective way to create an open wardrobe with plenty of storage.

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