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There was a lot of brow-furrowing, and staring out the window with a puzzled expression, and desperately reading back through my pages of plot notes.And then there was, like, a rollercoaster of super anxious anxiety and THEN I figured out there were a few elements missing from the beginning that need some tweaking so I can move past this 65k mark. I'll be hosting in the fall in Kathryn Nolan's Hippie Chicks ❤WOC in Romance: WOCInRomance is a place to promote Women of Color in romance fiction. See Kathryn's age, contact number, house address, email address, public records & run a background check. Juno Rushdan is a brand new author to me and I'm so glad we're going to talk about this book in October! Major heart-feels.

Luna Da Rosa is the CEO of a billion-dollar makeup empire, she’s also a flower crown wearing vegan Instagram princess. I had heard nothing but amazing things about her other books, and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! ("What does 'Max, sneakers, how does that affect mom relationship' mean anyway???

As text that celebrates and centers marginalized voices, many romance books are individually complex, intersectional works of art.Black Romance Podcast: This brand new podcast features weekly conversations with Black writers, editors and scholars of historical and contemporary popular romance fiction.An awesome nonprofit to support: We Need Diverse Books: This nonprofit is doing amazing things in the world of publishing. Right now they're just screaming LET US KISS ALREADY.I surely will not.

Requested URL: www.beenverified.com/people/kathryn-nolan/, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko. You made Emily, Cameron, Luna and Daisy so proud last week! I'm reading it right now and its the perfect escapism. Looking into my community, focusing on my neighbors and the women and children we were serving, helped stabilize my focus. And already trying to figure out where we can (safely) travel and hike back here in Philly.

The weeds are just as important as the garden - both shape the process. This picture (and caption) on Instagram encapsulates my feelings. I have another dog called Maisie as well and they are a big part of my life and my family. Click that button if you need to laugh a little this Friday!

My word count goals this week have averaged around 3,500 - 4,000 words a day, which usually takes me four to five hours. So I was distracted by our contractor today who, right before writing this, told me that the hole in our basement I've always been worried about is "big enough for a possum to fit through" (CITY LIVING GUYS). Former #vanlifer.Happy hiker. There was a problem loading your book clubs. I'm back in the land of cheesesteaks and liberty bells! Still not letting them kiss though. Fast-paced thriller plus romantic suspense plus hot chemistry = everything!If you loved UNDER THE ROSE, then think Freya and Sam but with much higher stakes and a lot more angry angst. (I haven’t gotten along with any of the vegans or hippies I know in real life, and I don’t want to read books with heroines I don’t like.) View fullsize . Motorcycle sex.

Romance authors: if you want to host your own #BrownNippleChallenge click this link here. Although my current issue is that I can't stop Fiona and Max from flirting with each other all damn day long. If you've ever considered going to Vermont, but haven't been yet, consider this my enthusiastic recommendation!Thanks for following along on our travel journey with us! "So here are some of the amazing spaces in our community offering a celebration of Black joy and love:Join the #BrownNippleChallenge: Amazing romance author Nana Malone is hosting the #BrownNippleChallenge and it is an awesome way to stay involved. My blankets were cozy, the fire was warm, the books were incredible and I felt rested for the first time in awhile. Kathryn P.S. ... You can follow them on Instagram here: @midnight_apothecary . I wasn't sure what I'd think of this one from the blurb but i loved it! The entire Codex series is coming to audio! )I can't entirely remember how I discovered them, but I'm guessing I must have been googling trendy, unique bars in London. Additional troubleshooting information here.

But my coffee consumption is on high-alert levels and my desk is covered with a lot of post-it notes that have story ideas scribbled on them in a strange short-hand I usually can't remember an hour later. <----- I made myself sweat while reading it. It was, hands down, one of the most beautiful places we have traveled to.

Please try again.

If the first draft is you, the writer, telling yourself the story, then the second draft is where you hack away all those messy weeds to find the garden underneath.

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