Keep the color selection simple and depending on water color, choose a green pumpkin variation or black/blue. My favorite time of year has finally arrived and the bass have not disappointed! Recognizing what bass looking like on your side imaging unit is the most important part of ledge fishing and we have helped hundreds of anglers improve their summer fishing by taking our ledge fishing trips! Fish have finally moved out to the deeper water and have taken up residency on the river and creek ledges. If you are struggling with your electronics we can help.

2019 Fishing Journals. We offer 4, 6 an 8 hr electronics trips where we show you how to find fish offshore and what they look like on your graph. Over the weekend the water rose quite a bit and I think some fish pushed back up shallow hurting the bite for a few days but should quickly return to the deep more comfortable water. It has seemed to matter what baits you throw, as the fish aren’t very picky right now.

Strike King Shadalicious swimbaits , football head jigs, shakey heads, 10in worms and c-rigged creature baits have also been very good. Not to mention the trips I ran on the other days where we have averaged 25-35 fish per trip depending on the length of trip. Without the current as much this week we have had to slow down and pick apart areas a bit more methodically as the fish didn’t bite a crankbait as well without the current. Give me a call and lets setup an electronics trip today and keep catching fish! I personally cannot remember the water warming as quick as it has this year with over a 10 degree warm up in a week. A long as the water level doesn’t drop and the majority of the grass stalk is in the water, the fish will be there until the sun gets up.

Call today and lets go fishing!

Encourage your friends and let’s help the local fishermen. Learning electronics can be a very painful and frustrating experience if you don’t have someone to guide you along.

Here we are going to start a local angler fishing report for Old Hickory Lake. So the next time you are in the market for an A Rig do yourself a favor give these guys a shout.

The bread and butter and by far the most important part of any A Rig is the componentry. What you did today may not catch them tomorrow and being versatile and open minded yields results. There is a lot to finding fish offshore but we can cut your learning time greatly. This year more then any other I can remember the first hour has been critical when looking for a grass bite. Your typical ledge baits are productive as well including football head jigs, c-rigged creature baits, shakey heads and 10 in worms.

Whether you’re fly fishing, baitcasting or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good. This is my favorite time of year to fish and I believe this year the ledge bite is going to be awesome!

We have many satisfied customers that have learned to use their electronics and it has changed the way they fish. We have been spending 90% of our time off shore ledge fishing with the first hour of the morning being the only exception.

Frogs, jigs and flipping baits have been catching fish out of the grass and if the waters at normal pool the grass is the place to be early. We have been catching good quality early out of the grass throwing frogs, spinner baits and swim jigs. Over the last several weeks we have had some awesome days with great numbers and quality to boot. If you fish the Old Hickory, send us an email at

If you are having trouble finding fish this summer, book a trip with us and allow OHGS to show you how to break down ledge fishing, setup/fish ledges and go over productive baits. We have the experience and knowledge to teach you how to find offshore fish and are able to give you the confidence to do it yourself. The fish move offshore in search of cooler more oxygenated water and without current the water warms and holds less oxygen therefor often the fish will push back off the ledges and get in surprisingly high numbers. The wind has been a huge key to ignite that shallow bite and without it can make for a bit of a grind and game plan change. Minnows and 1/16oz jigs have ben the best producers for us in a range from 5 fow- 20fow being the best.

We are still catching good numbers of fish on 6xds in shad colors, big worms in green pumpkin, football jigs in green pumpkin and c-rigged creature baits in green pumpkin.

Swim jigs, frogs and buzzbaits have been the best.

Old Hickory Lake Guide Service Fishing Report- 06/10/2019 Posted by ian on June 10, 2019 My favorite time of year has finally arrived and the bass have not disappointed! As the water temps hit the 50s the crappie will begin heading toward their spawning areas and finding good groups can be challenging. When the water is up in the grass the bite has been awesome! Knowing how to setup and read you electronics are absolutely key to productive summer time fishing.

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