They can buy full requirements gas contracts with all of the delivery and compressor fuel charges added, or they can buy naked price contracts based on NYMEX quotes, and pay all of the other charges quoted separately. Real estate professionals like the information we provide on utility bills, cost history, on heating system conversion costs, and energy price forecasts to help their clients manage expenses and cost of living. The capacity of furnaces and air conditioners is given in BTUs per hour. The BTU requirement will be for the whole room, so you need to calculate the total amount of space the room covers. 1BTU/hour is equal to 0.293 watt. Compare rates, sign up on-line, or just learn at the home page.

Gm 3 NG million btu . Then use the obtained square footage to determine the BTU requirement by consulting a specialized chart on cooling energy. It's insurance against paying too much on current utility rates.

The HOEP is also referred to as the spot market for electricity, and the open market rate. provides unbiased natural gas price and electricity cost comparisons. Natural gas price and energy unit conversions are easy with our calculator. This is valuable information and education for home and commercial, house and business. This BTU calculator determines the necessary heating or cooling capacity calculated in BTUs/h so you can choose the right radiator or air conditioning unit. The methods differ and are described below. This will give you the final number of BTUs that you need to increase the temperature in your room by the desired number of degrees. This information on electricity suppliers and open market rates is valid for Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and BC (British Columbia). Links to the Hourly Ontario Energy Price HOEP are also available to guage the Ontario power industry.

We also provide educational information and links on such issues as Nox and Sox and CO2 reduction (Nitrous Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide).

Canadian natural gas prices are available for deregulated provinces.

The BTU calculator is a quick way to determine the heating or cooling requirement for a specific space and could be considered guidance in choosing the right equipment. As it already adjusts the basic BTU calculation depending on your answers regarding the factors influencing the efficiency of the system in question.

The Chart value is calculated for a space shared by two people. The first one is from Natural Gas Energy Equivalent.The second one is from British And American. Help yourself. Natural gas is measured in normal cubic meters (corresponding to 0°C at 101.325 kPa) or in standard cubic feet (corresponding to 60°F/16°C and 14.73 psi) million BTU to million of normal cubic meters …

Some US states are deregulated and several have quite active markets. We have historical data, supplier information, home heating calculations, natural gas price charts, maps to help you find your utility area, links to solar energy, green power and wind power sites. Read more on this subject below the form and even how to determine the amount of energy you need to heat or cool your house. Natural Gas Unit Conversion Calculator NATURAL GAS UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR . Headquarter 1230 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805 547 2050 We are working on links to the Alberta electricity power pool. Disclaimer: The MOE Conversion tool should be used as a guide only as it has been configured to provide approximate conversions. To Convert. Amount To. The BTU calculator is a quick way to determine the heating or cooling requirement for a specific space and could be considered guidance in choosing the right equipment. This price comparison search helps you find the cheapest electricity and cheapest natural gas among Canadian energy companies. To get a basic estimate of the heating requirement you then multiply the cubic feet by 3, 4 or 5 depending on the destination of the room starting with 3 for kitchens and common rooms, 4 for bedrooms and children rooms and 5 for dining and living rooms. It will help you estimate gas use switching potential.

Calculator User Guide To use the online converter tool below, first select the appropriate energy content per cubic feet of gas and per barrel of oil .

You need to establish the correct number of units for your house needed to either heat or cool it. Knowing the required units for cooling your space can help you choose the right air conditioning unit. If you do not know the exact factors to use, the factors 1 million Btu = 1000 cf and 1 barrel of oil equivalent = 5,800 cf is a common approximation. To do that you need to measure the length, width and height of the room so you can then calculate the cubic footage of each room by multiplying the length, width and height of the room.

Help yourself. Business customers have many more options for buying natural gas and electricity. This is the standard measurement of heat output needed to heat any structure, therefore can measure radiator power. First we need to understand what cooling capacity means. is an independent source of energy cost comparison.

It covers gas distributed by Enbridge, Union, Kitchener utilities, Kingston, ATCO, Direct Energy Regulated Services, Teresen, Epcor ENMAX and GazMet. We are a consumer report on the energy industry. While energy price information does not have the sex appeal of TV and electronics, it actually saves you much more money in your personal budget.

The amount of BTUs required depends on many variables including the dimensions of the room or space, the destination of that space, construction variables such as degree of insulation and even on climate factors. 1 MMBtu = 1055055852.62 J.

But how is the required amount of units to heat a room calculated if you want to increase the temperature in that room with a certain amount of degrees? 35687347.874265 MMBtu Conversion base : 1 Gm 3 NG = 35687347.874265 MMBtu.

You should also reduce the BTU cooling requirement by 10% if the space to be cooled is heavily shaded or add 10% to it if the place is very sunny.

From . Natural gas price and energy unit conversions are easy with our calculator. The cooling capacity of an air conditioning unit is measurable by BTU/h and represents the ability of that unit to remove heat from a certain space. The most active marketers in Georgia are MX Energy, Georgia Natural Gas, Coweta-Fayette EMC, Gas South, GasKey, Infinite Energy, SCANA, Vectren and Walton EMC. Poor home insulation, the existence of large windows, rooms with many exterior walls will determine a higher requirement so increase your calculation by 10%-20%. The result is “The BTU requirement for cooling a room with the details you entered is of 12,980 BTU/h, this is approximately 3.804 kW.”, Copyright 2014 - 2020 The Calculator .CO   |  All Rights Reserved  |  Terms and Conditions of Use.

A simple use of the above tool can help you know the energy necessary for heating or cooling your home. Electricity can be either a fixed price for every kWh used regardless of timing, or a business can buy a block of electricity to best match their time of use. Result is “The BTU requirement for heating a room with the details you entered is of 7,987 BTU/h, this is approximately 2.341 kW.”, -for a room with a length of 14ft, width of 13ft used as a kitchen by 5 persons plus it is placed in a sunny space. This page features online conversion from normal cubic meter of natural gas to million BTU.These units belong to different measurement systems.

Here is one below: Once you have the basic value for your space adjust this value according to the existence of a kitchen in the place (you need to add 4,000 BTU in this case). On the other hand, a new, well insulated house with double glazed windows, and south facing rooms will lower the BTU heating requirement so don't forget to lower your  calculation by 10%-20%. You can easily determine the requirement in this case by multiplying the cubic footage by 0.133 and by the desired temperature increase.

The first step to calculate the total units needed for home cooling is to measure the length and width of the space. Or, use our energy calculator.

Conversion base : 1 MMBtu = 2.8021135208008E-8 Gm 3 NG. In order to understand how the form really works we need to explain the definition of BTU and also how you could calculate it on your own, given the dimensions of the room you have. Calculating your house's heating requirements has never been easier. The difference between the highest and lowest price in Ontario is usually 5 cents, so signing with the lowest cost provider will save you $150 per year. If you need to convert normal cubic meter of natural gas to another compatible unit, please pick the one you need on the page below. Converter You are currently converting energy units from billion m 3 natural gas to million btu 1 Gm 3 NG = 35687347.874265 MMBtu.

A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the measure of energy required to heat 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit. Think about this when the door to door marketers and telemarketers talk to you.

A given scf (standard cubic foot) of soil of natural gas yields about 1,000 Btu, or 1 MBtu, of heat.

Unit Descriptions; 1 Cubic Foot of Natural Gas: 1000 BTU IT: 1 Million British Thermal Units: A million British thermal units calculated using the International Steam Table (IT) calorie, outside of the US this is perhaps the most widespread use of BTU.

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