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Collect the final piece of scrap on the ground to the east, then head north and look to the left just before you reach the stairs to find the last Scrotus Insignia. Several enemies will fight alongside the Top Dog, so focus on them first. We've split out collectibles and resources guide into regions, so skip to the area you want help with. The outer defenses of this camp consist solely of two Molotov Sling towers, one on the north side and one on the south side.

I know the Cleanup Crew scoops up the scrap from wreckages but didn't think this would be linked to the offline scrap collection.

then head through the doorway to the right to find more scrap just outside.

Break the insignia, then climb up the nearby ladder. Before you go down the ladder next to the zip line, or use the zip line itself, head up the stairs on the south side of the area and break through the door at the top. When you reach the top, move through the doorway and pick up the History Relic on the ground just outside.

Climb down the ladder and head east.

When driving next to such vehicle, Chumbucket will tell you about it).

Continue north just beyond the two cars and look in the tented area to the right to see a Scrotus Insignia on the southern wall. Head back down the stairs and proceed south until you reach another stairway. Continue down the path to the north and drop down into the lower area to the left. Turn the valve on the red oil tank to the west, collect the ammo on the ground to the north, then look inside the structure to the south to find a Scrotus Insignia on the wall and more ammo just outside, behind the insignia.

However you wish to proceed take down the enemies beyond the eastern gate, then climb the ladder on the northwest side of the gate to reach the top.

Go back down the stairs and use Thundersticks to destroy the two transfer tanks in the southeast corner and another transfer tank in the small area to the right of the other two tanks. Collect the loot, then head up the ladder to find the last Scrotus Insignia to the far right. The ladder to the left is an alternate entrance into the camp, but with the limited defenses it wasn't necessary.

Take down the Top Dog and his cohorts, then head into the small area to the south to find a valve that turns off the flame spout in the area, as well as the final Scrotus Insignia.

On the far side is another fuel can you can use to blow the pump and complete all of the objectives in the camp.

Collect the scrap and head into the rail car. Climb up the ladder and the stairs beyond, then move into the open area ahead. Blow the tank, then go back to the previous hallway and continue north. With the tanks destroyed, make your way down the path to the northeast and break open the door at the end. You can use it as a bomb to fight the enemies ahead if you'd like, but there are two fuel cans here (the second is just a bit to the south) so use them as you'd like.

Shot it down then use a fuel can, found on the west side of this small area, to blow up the transfer tank to the north. Pandora's Box - open 10 containers or doors with the Jimmy bar. Destroy it, then break into the door to the right of the insignia to find two pieces of scrap in the corner of the next room. Head right at the end of the next room and continue through the next doorway until you reach the door you can break down. This time there's also a War Crier in tow, but the Top Dog may not attack immediately. This fight is very similar to the other Top Dog fights, but there are multiple flame spouts and a few normal enemies attack during the battle as well. Collect the loot, then use the zip line to reach the area near the entrance. In the southwest corner is a small alcove with a piece of scrap on the ground. Break down the door and take out the enemies in the next room.

#3. This completes all of the objectives for the camp. Remember to drive the Scrapulance back to the closest stronghold before you leave this camp. If you have one enemy remaining to defeat, the shot from destroying the insignia will likely alert them to climb up the ladder and attack.

Happy hour - give water to one wanderer (you will meet them when traveling through the Wasteland, a group of wanderers is marked with a water icon floating above them). Throw the thunderstick to destroy the insignia.

Have you got all strongholds with "Scrap Crews" enabled?

Continue through the doorway to the south to find food in the first room, then go through the next doorway to the left of the entrance to find scrap on the ground in the adjacent room. Reward: Scavenging locations on map revealed, Part 1: SE of Jeets Stronghold at the end of the very thin road For now, go back to where you came in and climb up the first ladder. To the left are the last two pieces of scrap.

As you get close to the camp, several Thunderpoon launchers attack. Break the insignia then head down the next flight of stairs and across to the small open area ahead. Check out our review and find out, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the 12th instalment in the critically acclaimed Assassin’s Creed franchise from Ubisoft, brings the fight to England as the Norse, Danes, and Anglo-Saxons fight for…, Famous Dogg Studios sets out to prove that physics is fun with their new puzzle platformer Ball at Work.

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