Foreword: It’s about 15k words in length so it’s fairly wordy but I believe does a decent job of explaining some of the gear progression mechanics and game knowledge to newer and older players. good post ! MapleStory Assassins Guide by coolguy77. A sa new or returning player, it can be difficult to navigate the maple world and find monsters suitable for training at your current level. Claw Booster: 20/20 (MAX) Haste: 20/20 (MAX) Claw Mastery: 20/20 (MAX) Endure: 3/20 Drain: 18/30 Nimble Body: +10 for 20/20 OR 28/30 Drain and leave Nimble Body at 10/20. * xChrome takes credit for authoring and ownership of this guide. I hope this is helpful to some of you. Oh man it's gonna be hard to fit all those skills and lapenshard hotkeys on my controller x_x. ED: Basically I want to try to reduce manual control to a minimum.

If you have mediocre DEX-less gear, you should start adding DEX at level 80-100 to wear a Craven/Sleeve soon enough. I don't believe that if you do good, good things will happen. Maplestory Reboot Guide Created by 4phantom1 / updated by pocket. Unlike other skills, Triple Throw has its own damage formula, which neglects secondary stats- without it, Triple Throw would be incredibly weak. Talk about Guide of the Year!

I will provide the estimate total INT required and it is up to you to divide this between your base INT and equipment. 19 ... MapleStory Thief Guide. Welcome to MapleStory's Master Thief Phantom Guide! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I actually logged back in to answer your question xD. It's something else. Night Lords don’t require much effort or concentration to play (you just spam and buff), whereas Corsairs need concentration and effort to minimise Battleship’s downtime. Maplestory Reboot Guide 2020. I made an assassin guide after seeing many Maplers who have been asking Nexon to buff Assassin as well as being requested to make one.

Shadower. That being said, I still enjoy the class a lot, so I took some time to compile everything I know into one document. But at least if you try to do good things, then you're spending your time doing something worthwhile.

If you are a lover of this classic MMORPG, and you are looking for a Maplestory Reboot Leveling guide or training guide, then you have come to the right place. For most classes, maxing Mastery first or second is a must. Do you think converting that macro to just a " lucky stars awakening chaser" macro foe using when need to recover sp will be good? Comment. ), Night Lords are considered one of the strongest single-target DPS class in the game, Highly wanted in bossing parties for their damage output, Early bossing and close to no potion usage, Attack potions last 50% longer with Alchemist, Heavily relies on their party members for buffs like, Expensive to fund properly and play (Expensive equipment and attack potions), One of the few classes to need HP washing to boss early enough (so even more expensive), Slow grinders early-game until they can boss properly, Not the best at grinding even at late levels, so very reliant on bossing for best EXP. MapleStory Assassin/Hermit Guide for all By, SinMastah/Tubby353 Table of Contents 1.1 Introduction 2.1 Legal Info 3.1 Starting Off 4.1 Rogue Skills 4.2 Assassin Skills 4.3 Hermit Skills 5.1 Regular Stat Build 5.2 Low DEX Stat Build 6.1 Rogue Skill Build 6.2 Assassin Skill Build 6.3 Hermit Skill Build 7.1 Funded vs. May 5, 2020 at 6:54 am . You'll always continue to use laps for DPS. TT10 comes from Zakum, there’s no quest involved. I have put together this well structured Maplestory Reboot leveling guide which if you follow, you should easily level up … In this training guide, we cover the best training spots at all levels from 1-275. Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

I personally don't think assassin needs to be buffed! Everything is completely accidental and random. We support KMS2, CMS2 and GMS2 (RIP). Since you said it's better this time to save cd skills for fatal I wont be pressing macro 3 until the cd skills are ready for the burst. I'm not the best assassin on the GMS server, but I think I've played it long enough on the KR server to be a creditable source of information. in this guide i’ll be bringing you the top 10 tips for getting back into Maplestory in 2020 . A general guide for what maps I used during my grind as a Dual Blade to 250, and what skill rotations I used for each of the maps. Sometimes bad things happen to very good people and sometimes good things happen to bad people.

In regards to having a separate lucky star macro. . A Thief with base 4 INT and no INT equips will still have a little excess MP to wash: approximately 40 washes, so 480 excess MP. With macro 1 is the usual spam , macro 2 for regenning sp inbetween cd skills like you said , Macro 3 and quickly tapping all in one 3 times then go back to macro 3 + 1 , using all in one and binding again before FS is off. Maplestory Reboot Guide 2020.

Robin king. I personally only use them if I feel that my party is unable to clear / DPS race / Fast Clears / First Clears.

However, the trade off is, you will want to tear your hair out to mob with this class.Dual Blade is very, very, CD Reliant, to mob anywhere close to decently. …

Ive done tests where my dps was 64mil / min during good times, yet 59 mil/min at the worst. I made an assassin guide after seeing many Maplers who have been asking Nexon to buff Assassin as well as being requested to make one. Posted December 15, 2019 September 5, 2019 alext96. Skill Point distribution of 1st - 4th Job,, [GUIDE] 30k HP/MP Wash Guide for Thieves/Archers |, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Only thing I dont know is if spamming awakening chaser alongside lucky stars is the same , less or more dps. I don't use reddit often, so I most likely won't be replying to any comments if any.

Guide Version.

At the end of the day, if macros work for you then I think it's completely fine. I think this can easily work. M3: Lucky Stars + Redoubled + Binding + Fatal + Sentence + Mirror. Shadow Stars is immediately available upon advancing to 4th job. For a general training guide for lvls 1 - 200 I highly recommend Whiyu's video on the topic, that goes very in depth on training as well as alternatives to just grinding : made by Hyperanium!

From here on out, it is necessary for you to add base INT to achieve your HP goal. Maplestory is a vast world with unique monsters around every corner and many lands and dimensions to explore. I'm not the best assassin on the GMS server, but I think I've played it long enough on the KR server to be a creditable source of information. Mastery Book 30: Oblivion Trainee Monk and Papulatus. March 8, 2020 at 8:34 am . From here on out, you are better of using a different route of Wash, one known as MP Wash. PS: took me 7 times to get TT10 as well. Oct 30, 2020. . But it shouldnt be THAT bad , no ? I was searching for this actually. Hello ~ I'm Haku from NAEI've been playing on the Korea Server (Haku on KR) along side the NAE server for quite some time. Night Lords benefit more from Weapon ATT due to the high attack multiplier on Claws. Could use this for my poorly funded NL. Timing shouldnt be bad because awakening skills have 10s cd. Reply. Please discord message me or ask when I'm live on twitch ~, Thanks for this had no idea what I was going to do until I read this yesterday thanks :), Only woke people will notice the ice damage section on this guide . Then after FS is off just use all in one and macro 3 as needed.

Name Email Website. Assassin would be a really broken class if we were to regenerate SP similarly to other classes. Persona.

MapleStory Page and White Knight Guide. Learn from my suffering.Talk about a hot and cold. July 20, 2020 at 10:27 am . I see it but is it an inside joke or something? A good Corsair will not have to deal with this much, but this really depends on the Corsair and the boss in question: At major bosses that attack a bit (but not too much) like. Is veracent questline worth doing?

MapleStory Progression of Equipments Guide. Maple Warrior 20 is only available from Horntail. Guide 10 Tips for Maplestory New and returning players. I hope you find this video helpful in someway. MapleStory Assassins Guide by coolguy77. When it’s down, their DPS drops by a lot. Im not planning on using full macro like assassin is right now but I dont think going full manual is the way for me. BTW , are shockwave laps still used for dps ? MapleStory 2 : The Assassin Skill Guide Aug 29, 2018 by admin in Gameplay In MapleStory2, the Assassin is a long-distance dartboarder, a killer hidden in the dark, with super high explosive power, gorgeous skills, strong sense of operation, but because of the need to release skills and position frequently, the operation is more difficult high. I personally hate our low SP regeneration as well. If you have good DEX-less gear, you should start adding DEX at level 120-130 to wear a better Craven/Sleeve, unless you have a very good Craven/Sleeve, too. This is a guide designed for GMS only. I’am going to be write a Assassin FAQ since I’ve been browsing round the thief board and I’ve found it to lack a decent guide, more hints and tips, so this is all work in progress, it might require some legal speil too, … A general guide for what maps I used during my grind as a Dual Blade to 250, and what skill rotations I used for each of the maps. Reply.

The animation is really long for me to personally want to macro it. I’am going to be write a Assassin FAQ since I’ve been browsing round the thief board and I’ve found it to lack a decent guide, more hints and tips, so this is all work in progress, it might require some legal speil too, and … Category. Corsairs are stronger in numbers, since they have to depend on their Battleship. 0. Spare yourself.I ragged on the class enough in the video, so I wont drag on here, but I will re-emphasize, how fun, this class is to play in bossing. An easy guide to leveling in the GMS reboot server for both funded and unfunded players alike. It something I would highly recommend everyone, try this class, at least bossing. 7 min read. 1.18. /***** * * GLOBAL MAPLESTORY (GMS): ASSASSIN GUIDE * * @AUTHOR: xChrome/ChaosXLegion * @TOPIC: Assassin line of Thief class, accurate to GMS ~2007 * * @DISCLAIMER: MapleStory and all therein belong Nexon. Night Lords are stronger since they have high avoidability and Shadow Shifter, so they get interrupted a lot less compared to Corsairs.

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