Maybe, I could go downstairs, and have a little look at it. I LOVED chocolate cake.

And it’s all gonna go in there, belly-belly-belly..*unnecessary eating/slurping noises* *tongue click* Mmmmm!! that's the only thing I hate. 'That's the last time I give you any cake to taketo school.Now go.

So I used to go to school with a piece of chocolate cake in my little box, and I'd be walking to school; "YEAH, It's IN THERE, IN THERE!! There it is!!" All the books featured on this website can be purchased in the usual way: as well as being available on the high street and online, you can find lots of brilliant offers via school-specific suppliers and wholesale retailers. is often used in YTPMV's. William Bendix Death, Phileas Fogg's Valet, *lots of unnecessary noises* and then I notice some little crumbs on the plate. I loved my Mum's chocolate cake. Throughout the video Michael also squeals loudly, makes absurd faces, and acts all around odd, which YTPers exploit to the fullest potential. It’s all gone! And then, in the middle of the night, I woke up and I thought: *snaps fingers* chocolate cake! Then he ends up trying to sneakily get little bits of it and ends up eating the whole cake and gets in trouble next morning with his mum. 'What's that?' We publish a diverse and wide range of fiction, non-fiction, picture books and children’s classics. Bmw Convertible 2019 Price, The books on this website will range from those for EYFS through to primary and up to lower secondary school. When To Say Good Day In Email, *imitates floorboard creaking* Are they still asleep? 'It was the first thing1 thought of.I could almost see itso I thought,what if I go downstairsand have a little nibble, yeah?It was all darkeveryone was in bedso it must have been really latebut I got out of bed,crept out of the doorthere's always a creaky floorboard, isn't there?Past Mum and Dad's room,careful not to tread on bits of broken toysor bits of Legoyou know what it's like treading on Legowith your bare feet,yowwwwshhhhhhhdownstairs into the kitchenopen the cupboardand there it isall shining.So I take it out of the cupboardput it on the tableand I see thatthere's a few crumbs lying about on the plate,so I lick my finger and run my finger all over the crumbsscooping them upand put them into my mouth.oooooooommmmmmmmmnice.< br>ThenI look againand on one side where it's been cut,it's all crumbly.So I take a knifeI think I'll just tidy that up a bit,cut off the crumbly bitsscoop them all upand into the mouthoooooommm mmmmnice.Look at the cake again.That looks a bit funny now,one side doesn't match the otherI'll just even it up a bit, eh?Take the knifeand slice.This time the knife makes a little cracky noiseas it goes through that hard icing on top.A whole slice this time,into the mouth.Oh the icing on topand the icing in the middleohhhhhh oooo mmmmmm.But nowI can't stop myselfKnife -1 just take any old slice at itand I've got this great big chunkand I'm cramming it inwhat a greedy pigbut it's so nice,and there's anotherand another and I'm squealing and I'm smacking my lipsand I'm stuffing myself with itandbefore I knowI've eaten the lot.The whole lot.I look at the plate.It's all gone.Oh nothey're bound to notice, aren't they,a whole chocolate cake doesn't just disappeardoes it?What shall 1 do?I know.

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