However, if you’d like to accentuate your most coveted body parts this article compiles 80 photos of under boob tattoos to help you conceptualize your next piece. This is a very beautiful style that anyone is sure to love. This is the perfect moth tattoo meaning to use when someone wants to experience everything that they can. Colorful Skull Moth Tattoo by Pure Vision.

This huge black and gray tattoo piece depicting the bull skull with horns stretching from one boob to the other is decorated with a plethora of different outline flowers. If you are looking for something a little more spiritual, then you are sure to love this style. This tattoo, running between the wearer’s breasts, depicts what looks like the side profile of three flowers connected by a vertical line to the five flowers below. It’s a little butterfly that you are sure to love this summer. This black and gray tattoo replicates a lace pattern underneath and between the wearer’s breasts.

Styles like these are very creative and you are sure to love it forever.

If you consider yourself as a creative and extraordinary person, this ornate tattoo design is for you. An amazing style that has a moth and a chandelier together. A great style that has some beautiful colors to it. There is another tattoo above the bikini line that matches the under the breast tattoo. The octopus is accented by lace-like designs and hanging strands of beads. Rabbits aren’t just adorable little fluffy creatures; they represent fertility thus create symbolic designs for women.

61. Use this idea and twist it the way you want it to look.

Jade Moth Tattoo Underbreast by Shannon Luna Parcell. Although they are different in looks, moths and butterflies share a very similar symbolism. Another gorgeous chandelier design. A design reminiscent of a stylized flower is accompanied two smaller versions of the design on either side. Besides if you want to flaunt your tattoo, you will look very sexy and seductive with this design. The design and colors are all very eye-catching. If you are lost in researches for the perfect design, the beautiful, timeless Linework rose ink is exactly what you need. The spiral, ... #53.

Moth tattoos are very popular choices for under the breast designs. Find the latest Vagina tattoos by 100's of Tattoo Artists, today on TattooCloud. A great style like this one is fun and creative.

This is a rather large tattoo and one that follows the curves of the body. When it comes to under the breast tattoos, chandelier designs are very popular and they come in many shapes and sizes.

This black and gray tattoo depicts a mandala pattern with an eye in the center surrounded by scrolled flourishes and strand of hanging beads. The lotus-mandala along with unalome symbol is quite a popular choice for a tattoo mostly if people are into Buddhism or Hinduism. Part of this tattoo doesn’t have an outline which gives it a soft look. This predominantly black design, uses overlapping details to create depth in the piece. Curving down the breasts these nice mandala ornaments are so much different from what we are used to seeing. These bold black circular and straight lines stand for wisdom and intelligence showing that the tattoo bearer is capable of using her knowledge in life. The semicolon is here to remind that all the beautiful things are about to come and it is not the time to end the sentence that is symbolic of life. The space from between and under the boobs reminds a triangle so pretty much any triangular design or the one resembling a triangle shape is going to fit this body spot. The darker the coloring, the more your tattoo will stand out. For better result let the tattoo follow the contours of your breasts the same way as the picture shows. Red and Black Nail Designs for Trendy Women, The Common Designs of Best Friend Tattoos. The bright colors really make the tattoo stand out. This tattoo doesn’t just sit under the breast, it goes the full length of the ribcage. Gorgeous flowers like these ones look amazing under the breast.

This is certainly an interesting tattoo style and it’s going to draw the eye. A style like this one has some elegant designs not only under the breast, but they are also connected to the one under her neck. Boldly outlined and depicted without famous bat wings this Chinese dragon tattoo design is intricate and simple at the same time. This Linework dagger through apple tattoo decorated with flowers has triangle-like form and sits flawlessly on this girl sternum. This conception is perfectly embodied in this awesome Dotwork moth sternum tattoo. This amazing lotus chandelier underboob tattoo is nothing else than the body decoration highlighting femininity of its owner.

This moth tattoo has some pretty deep colors involved and it makes for a striking tattoo. Tattoo Ideas March 4, 2014. Charming Moth Sternum Tattoo Idea. This looks like a stylized black amoeba to me.

Looking for Vagina tattoos? 80 Under Breast Tattoos that Will Emphasize Your Assets. The intense black and gray colors of this stunning realistic single rose tattoo make it quite distinctive on the background of pale skin color. When it comes to color palette, most women unexpectedly choose black and gray designs over colorful ones, though you can find some marvelous tattoos in color as well. A simple message like this one is all you need for a tattoo. The best thing about mandala patterns is that you can look at them for hours and find more and more details every single second.

A stylized lotus flower has accents on its petals in addition to a strand of beads hanging from the bottom of the piece. This black and gray piece creates complexity using strategically placed dots while an eye creates the centerpiece.

This detailed feather appears to be disintegrating. This nice unalome lotus chandelier tattoo elegantly sits between the breasts. Representing strength and courage the Protea underboob tattoo looks so alluring!


This black and gray tattoo depicts a flower with stem that weaves around itself.

If you simply look for body decoration without any hidden meanings, go for these interweaved patterns and you will not regret the decision. A great style like this is simple and cute. Pretty much any design that fits your body lines. A blue and green flower surrounds a star of David in the center of this tattoo. There tons of lotus tattoo designs which you can opt to. A great style like this has an octopus and a chandelier together. One of the advantages of the underboob tattoo is that you can control its visibility. If you are looking for a bigger tattoo design, then this is the one for you. This is a truly stunning design. Woman love jewelry so why not use them in tattoo art? A stunning tattoo like this one is sure to take your breath away. Just take a look how nice it is. The unopened rosebud symbolizes youth and beauty.

The tattoo is created using black and gray ink and is located under the wearer’s right breast. This colorful tattoo is all about giving you permanent body jewelry.

A quote, depicted in black script font, is inked underneath the wearer’s breasts with a gap in the middle. The bold blue color really makes the tattoo stand out.

This piece, created using bold lines and black ink, creates an image reminiscent of a lotus flower embellished with diamond shapes in the center of the wearer’s torso. This elaborate black and gray tattoo utilizes overlapping embellishments to create the image pictured in the middle of the wearer’s chest and extending halfway down her stomach. A dark moth sports a gold embellishment in the center of its back as well as teal and red accent on its wings.

The overlapping design sports a gemstone in the center as well as fleur-de-lis flourish at the top and is rendered between the wearer’s breasts and extending halfway down her stomach. You can have a very detailed design or one that is very simple. This is a stunning tattoo that is very dark which makes it even more mysterious. There are so many lotus flowers on the list because it’s a very popular style. Hot and sexy underboob tattoos also known as sternum tattoos have gone viral in the last few years. If you are looking for an awesome under the breast tattoo, then we have plenty of ideas for you to look through. These images are gorgeous and striking. Without doubts, symmetrical sternum tattoos with lace look much better than asymmetrical ones. Bet you are already thinking about booking your tattoo artist to get this beauty under your breasts. Perfect size, fine lines and soft shading – all of these components make this tattoo so elegant and classy.

Conversely, they might get the moth tattoo so they never forget that death is right around the corner so they have to make the most of every minute on earth.

Having received undeservedly ominous reputation, this harmless creature simply means searching for light in life. While I have absolutely no idea how these three images relate to one another, the tattoo itself is fairly well done with well distributed shading and definitive line-work. No wonder, just take a closer look at how these charming black ink flowers beautifully blend with woman’s body.

This refined voluminous Dotwork Lotus is accompanied by chandelier-like strings of beads and beauteous ornate lines that arching the breast. If you want to emphasize the natural beauty of your breasts, opt to mermaid tattoo and you won’t regret! Since underboob tattoos are gaining more and more popularity, the variety of possible designs is increasing. The piece is accented with clusters of black dots in lieu of shading and is located between the wearer’s breasts and extending down to the wearer’s navel. Depicted in a flight and decorated with different ornaments and chandelier inspired beaded strings, this owl underboob tattoo is so eye-catching! Besides, you don’t have to worry about future sagging since the design is placed in the center between the breasts. Cute, simple and meaningful. Simple in design yet rich in symbolism this tattoo of wisdom knot finds its place between the breasts. A style like this is truly dark and mysterious.

The result is worth going through all this pain. This black and gray sunflower sternum tattoo hypnotizes and inspires with its perfect Fibonacci sequence of seeds.

It’s a much smaller tattoo. For some this tattoo means an unhappy love story or betrayal, for other, it signifies the pain people have to go through in life. The piece is rendered in black and gray ink and while the imagery is clear and apparent the work is clearly amateur. A triangle style like this one is right in the middle of the breasts. Serving as a good luck talisman and symbolizing longevity, the dragon is the perfect option for underboob tattoo. It’s simple and won’t take long to create. A stunning tattoo of an angel that has jewels dripping from the wings of the angel. These are always heartwarming tattoo styles. Ain't this cool?, but you can opt-out if you wish. An elaborate design is accented by gleaming black and blue gemstones in this tattoo.

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