is this mechanical defect? Hi Zualbawihi cheers. In my machine there is a screw in the back of that part which you should unscrew ( use the screw driver you got with the machine) – that part comes off and I clean it inside- this is what I do with my machine – yours might be different – but there is usually something to open it up, Brother sewing machine Check out the.

Usually, this happens because the threading is not done properly., i have a consew 206 RB-5 industrial walking foot and i sew leather exclusively.

I have no clue why. this also affects the pickup Thank you very much for adding to our knowledge. On most machines you should be able to see the teeth rise about 2mm above the needle plate on  forward movement. The feed teeth could be down, accidentally lowered ; Ensure that feed dog is in a raised position when sewing. If the thread tension is too tight the thread may break. Do this by hand

The presser foot holder keeps dropping off no matter how tight I turn the screw. Check the thread tension. Always run your machine with a good quality thread . Sometimes the problem is with the needle point, like switch between ballpoint or sharp needle and see if the problem persists, Pre-treat ( pre-wash) fabrics to remove excess sizing. What to do if the motor/light is working but the machine not sewing? I donot have an idea as to your machines specific settings. Hi Tshidi Pls my sewing machine refused to stop. Then some repairs should definitely be done only by the company – when you are under warranty. When you overlocker is not stitching right, it could be that the blades need changing.

I have a Brothers machine # LS2125. I have a juki DX5. You have sewing machine showrooms near you ? My handwheel is hard to turn, then clogs the thread up. Check out this post on correctly threading the machine. Hope you tried the solutions detailed in this post. If you have a gut feeling that your machine needs a trained professional looking over the problem it is having, you are probably right. If so, currently, pushing down on the pedal does not cause the shuttle hook to rotate. I bought a vintage zigzag sewing machine it is a model Dom-b was made in Japan. No straight stitch option or even shows a zigzag option, that’s just ALL it will do. If that is the case clean the shuttle.

Overlocker Not Stitching Properly Open your cuff so that it has the shape it will have on your wrist. You will have to search in your area. If it is too tight skipped stitches could occur. What do  I do? Frister rossmann panda 6. With thick material bobin is slipping.There is a girrr noise.It looks it is not taking the load. given above – other than those I can only think about checking if some thread/dust/lint is blocking your machine from working. or do I trash it?

Check out the post on the 3 steps to do sewing machine maintenance.

The slightest piece of thread in this area can cause a tight spot.

Ensure that you are not pulling on the fabric as you sew. Or post on this reddit board for vintage sewing Hi there – I’ve got a Janome J3-18 and have never had a problem with it – but today, trying to sew a face mask (!) What do  I do? Read the sewing machine manual and if it says so oil the machine with appropriate oil to lubricate the parts. Change back to the very short stitches to finish the seam. It is a best write up on troubleshootsewing machine problems. Why are thread loops / birds nests under the fabric as I sew? 10 things you need to learn before you start a {T-shirt business}, What is Tie and dye ? Is my bobbin too tight ? I bought a new sewing machine in which the bobbin thread not come out properly. The shuttle hook is the mechanism that holds the bobbin case, correct? I also took it out to ensure it wasn’t dirty and reassembled. The bobbin thread isn’t engaging. Ensure that you have drawn both the upper and lower thread to the back under presser foot. until the thread picks up correctly. Hi my machine is emel product the problem I have is that while working the machine will stop suddenly and it will not move to the front or to the back.hope their is any remedy to this,because that is what am facing right now. I’m am having this problem too. Examine the teeth when they are at their highest point and see if they are level, if not replace them. Try vertical instead of horizontal spool pin. Check out the post on the 3 steps, Sometimes problems arise due to the kind of fabric you are sewing and you mistake it for a sewing machine problem. You have started your new project with great anticipation. If you do not use the sewing machine for a long time, this could be the reason for the machine not working. Most modern machines need to be serviced by professionals after some use as you yourself should not put oil in them . Make sure that you have selected the correct size needle appropriate for the thickness of the material you are sewing. The thread continues to break. And how do I get the singer brand? Incorrect needle size/type for the project or if you have a blunt or bend or even a too sharp needle, the top thread can break. Check that appropriate needle is used for the thread. It should be 7000. Your sewing machine may have stopped itself to prevent overheating of the motor. If it is set too low the fabric will not feed. I have a Brother CS6000i and used it yesterday and it was perfectly fine but today however, When I sew the presser foot doesn’t move as it did when I first used it. If not, the top bar needs to come down minutely to adjust the timing. did you check if lint /thread is stuck there ?

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Did you change the needle and see. Lowering of the thread tension helps sometimes. Fix clothing to some thing new : 40 common {Clothing repairs} you may have to do once in a while. My singer is is 1116. Hi Johannes Upper thread man not be correct. Hi I am afraid I have no idea is it your motor – guessing because you said machine stops. Checkout that there are no loose screws in the machine; if yes and you know what you are doing (beware some screws are not meant to be tightened) tighten them. Sometimes, randomly, it will start working as normal again but I cannot rely on this. Thank you. yes, they are not. Overlock machine stitch problems and snaps thread - Read more . The Machine does not stop sewing when I take my foot off the foot pedal. The needle has just snapped. When upper thread keeps breaking it can get caught and cause the machine not to sew. Apply adequate pressure on the presser foot. take out your bobbin and any thread you may have on the machine before you oil.leave for a couple of hours for the oil to penetrate and put some old cloth around the base or sewing area to catch any suplus.

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