Do you have an argument for or against paternity leave?

I want to care and share the load of raising a child with my partner! Many moms are home alone within only a few days of giving birth.

There have been studies done to support the fact that men having longer paternity leave is good for the child. And most of the arguments I've seen to support mandatory paternity leave revolve around levelling the playing field for women, To eliminate hiring bias and equalize chances of promotion, Etc. A few progressive companies offer new dads paid time off ranging from a few days to a few weeks.

Would it make a dent in the money we spend on postpartum healthcare for mothers?

Not only are women dealing with the overwhelming events that come with new motherhood: sleep deprivation, round-the-clock feedings, and constant care giving – but many moms, like myself, end up going back to work before they are ready because they are out of work for so long without pay.

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I'm glad to see that the new generation is moving in the right direction and taking an initiative to change household perspectives. Paternity leave can strengthen the father/baby bond, even if leave is for a short time. Would it make a dent in the money we spend on postpartum healthcare for mothers? If men get paternity leave just to "bond" with the baby then women should get 2 maternity leaves one to recover from giving birth and pregnancy and the other maternity leave to "bond" with the baby.

Its not the burden of the business to fund both of them.

1 week with that attitude and you'll be begging for your husband to just change a few nappies and soothe the baby when he/she is crying just so you can actually get some rest.

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Welcome! The majority of women—73 percent—say they believe women and men should be given an equal amount of time for parental leave.

I'm just as close to my Father even if he wasn't home during the day. Additionally, the mother can nurse the baby and acquire the sleep that is needed to bounce back. ❤️ Patient & RN Advocate U stupid bitch men should be co-parents they deserve the bond and the co-parent experience just like mothersbhf vlcd kn;dcnck;akc d ckdk v f cdc s e ds d d d dad d qe d d wq d edw r de de dewfd ed deq wd qd we rdwe sfdx, We live in a world that says men, Should not get any legal, Or government mandated, Perks/benefits nor should men get any perks/benefits to men, That it does not give to women, As well, Nor should women be restricted, Or have their roles dictated to them in any legal, Way, Nor should any business, Or institution presume to do so.

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If YOU chose to have a child, why should your employer have to pay for it. Recent research interestingly suggests that unlike the commonly held perception that in early days men were the hunters and women, the gatherers, in many civilisations it was a far more equitable deal proving that gendered labour roles came into existence more recently. If women are demanding a more level playing field in the professional arena, isn’t it time men step up and accept the same within the domestic setting? Aside from this study, there are several other strong arguments for taking paternity leave. I think if you want kids that badly, and like I hear so many Mothers say how much they love their kids, then stay home full time with them. In addition, it even showed that by having dad at home for even a few days to a week after childbirth there were significant postpartum benefits for mothers. you have to relize yes the women did it all but relize your husbands gonna be home and doing everything cleaning cooking do it all while you relax sleep do what you need to do so idk why you are saying no if theres a positive side to you women and a good husband would help around the house while you rest. If a couple wanted some time off with their new child then they should have saved.

For employees: you have served your employer for a continuous period of at least 3 months before the birth of your child. Studies have shown that fathers who take at least two weeks of … But nonetheless, a sleep-deprived, worn-out zombie. Regardless of what you think about whether they should have it or not, It has positive impacts on the children and the parents.

That's ridiculous.

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After giving birth, The women is at it's weakest state, And without the support and help of the male, The women may be in great danger. Paternity leave is, however, a modern concept that is reflective of a progressive society that recognises both men and women as equal participants in rearing a child.

Hire a babysitter every day he's at work? Paternity leave can help mothers manage post natal depression and recovery from childbirth.

“I do not expect nor do I want any of you to miss or sacrifice important family obligations for work,” the note says. Alone most of the time, and unfortunately without any family around to help out.

But this recent push to IMPOSE it on them is ridiculous.

You are or had been lawfully married to the child’s mother between conception and birth. It's not about staying home and chilling. Is it possible to make that decision a little easier for dads to make without retribution from the workplace?

To anyone (specially the women who have added cons saying what did the father do for 9months) who think that having a father at home is not helpful, Why don't you try cooking, Doing laundry and cleaning while taking care of a newborn. So therefore, if men get paternity leave, women should get an extra maternity leave, regardless of having a child. Just to be civil, understanding, and just, both parents should be able take unpaid leave at their option for a reasonable amount of time (say 12 wks).

Mother Parental leave is what makes it possible to learn these skills firsthand — and research has shown that dads who take it are more likely to be involved in parenting for the long run and experience plenty of benefits, from a healthier heart to a longer life and better relationships with their partners. The world is GROSSLY over-populated! In all, 70 countries in the world — including Portugal, Finland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Croatia and Germany — offer paid leave for dads, either in the form of paternity leave (available to fathers only and usually taken after the birth of a child) or parental leave (a chunk of time intended to be split by mothers or fathers however they choose for the care of a newborn or young child). When I did go back to work I was a zombie.

As far as bonding with the child, a good father can bond even in less time, if he spends quality time, instead of quantity.

In many cases woman aren't in their newborn's lives for a variety of reasons.

Leave off from work should be dedicated only to the mother. This is not an equal rights time, it's a time of what is best for the child. When did we get so soft?

In August this year, UAE law decreed paternity leave for men employed in the private sector, showcasing the country’s keenness to establish gender balance within society. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. CurrentRequestUnmodified: /editorials-columns/time-to-celebrate As the manager of a new team of employees his presence in the office was important. Meaning while the girl is resting, regaining her stability, and caring for the child the man should be bringing home money for her and their child.

The good news is this trend has slowly been shifting: About 25% of eligible fathers take advantage of California’s paid family leave, an increase from 17% five years ago.

Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. Besides, It won't hurt to have a father in the child's life for Christ's sake. Should men get paternity leave from work? Please share with you, Researchers at Stanford studied the effects of this law, significant postpartum benefits for mothers, several other strong arguments for taking paternity leave, more likely to be more involved in their lives for many years to come, Unpaid Maternity Leave As A Registered Nurse:  How To Make It Work, 10 Simple Ways To Help Your Toddler Prepare For A New Baby, Essential Mental Health Strategies for Nurses, Diversity In Healthcare And The Nursing Profession, Prayers For The Sick & For Nurses Amid COVID-19. In order to fix this problem, Men should take paternity leave in order for the women to adapt to their normal life and regain nutrition lost when giving birth.

The women are the ones gaining weight, and putting more pressure on their back when they fetus starts to grow bigger inside them. Yes, My partner has had the burden of a pregnancy but it is something we both wanted and accepted and can I also say that things are intensive during those 9 months for both of us. Men who took less than two weeks were no more likely to help with chores than men who had taken no leave at all. Suicide is not a crime, sufferers need help and... UAE reports 1,136 Covid cases, 773 recoveries, 3... First term exams to be held from Nov 22: UAE... Bollywood actor Asif Basra allegedly commits... UAE-India airfares may drop 20% after Diwali.

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