However, you can always upgrade to the pro version ($4.99 per month or $9.99 per year) to avoid these drawbacks.

And on those days when you want to go full-on authentic retro, you can lock Classic mode, which disables editing and saves only Hipstamatic filtered images – thereby casting pristine originals into oblivion. You can use this intuitive and simple photo editing app to make professional-level edits to your portraits.

At its core, it’s a photo filters app. Alternatively, if you just want to find out whether the app is a good fit for you, check out the, We’ve mentioned Photoshop a couple of times already, but Adobe made the decision to not (yet) produce a full-fat version of its hugely popular image editor for mobile (even if there is one, Get Adobe Photoshop Fix for Android (free), Best Photo Editing Apps 2020: 23 apps to step up your snaps. : Best for unleashing your editing creativity. Our second Adobe app is to some extent included because many photographers are wedded to Lightroom on the desktop. If you want to present a unique brand on social media and other online properties, this is the app for you. combines a camera, editing tools, and an online community. To some extent – and especially when using the more automated tools – you shouldn’t expect perfection. And the sharpening feature does the job without making the image look grainy. Beyond that, there’s a decent stab at a repair tool, a load of impressive filters, and a sidebar for manually tweaking settings.

The fastest way to remove unwanted objects….

Removing unwanted objects from your photos. It works best with uniform lighting and crisp, steady shots – you won’t be able to fix lighting in a photo that’s beyond help. The app can effectively ape old kit.

Facetune is best used in moderation – if you get carried away, your selfie can quickly end up looking like a wax doll.

There are also more creative options such as double exposure, frames, text and grunge overlays. Fortunately, Retrica’s camera bits remain a lot more interesting.

This is a feature-packed, layer-based photo editing app. You must take care when creating a ‘plotagraph’, because it’s easy to make a mess. is a photo editing app that lets you do just that. You may be familiar with cinemagraphs – photographic stills with isolated areas of animated content that play in a loop. Whichever app you use to edit your photos, you’re going to want to upload them to Instagram. For free, there are limits – an enforced watermark, and restricted access to stickers and backgrounds. Using a photo editor app can help you get one step closer to success by using photo filters and touching up images. This is a photo editor app with a twist.

Using the built-in camera, you can overlay live effects, slap on stickers and text, and scribble all over the end result. Using the masks, layers, and blending modes in Superimpose X, you can create stunning double-exposure images that add a new dimension to your branding.

Given that this is a desktop-quality pro-level application, Affinity might take some getting used to for some.

For playfulness and an immediacy that echoes working with paper, sok-edit is a must-have download. Load a photo into the app and at first it might seem like any other one-click filter tool. There are so many amazing photo editing apps out there that, at times, it can become overwhelming. The tools are wonderfully tactile, with up and down sliders to select properties and left and right sliders to adjust the intensity of any effect.

One of its most popular features is the ability to blend photos together to create dramatic effects. When you do sell something, EyeEm splits the proceeds with you 50/50; and in the meantime, you can delve into ‘missions’ that encourage you to shoot specific themes, awarding prizes to the best entries. dubs itself the “all-in-one, feature-packed” photo editing app – which is a fair summary.

Plus, it even works with RAW files – a high-quality image format popular among photographers.
When you’ve finished editing your photo, save it directly to your device or share it to other marketing and social media apps. Best for: Removing unwanted objects from your photos. : Best for quick and professional layer editing. Fortunately, Mextures allows you to experiment. It allows you to quickly make professional photo editing adjustments to your images. Snapseed has precision masking, which allows you to edit the depth of field – photographers often do this to make the background blurry and bring the foreground even more into focus. : Best for professionals and those wanting to make quick pro adjustments. If you want precision and geometry, Pic Collage exists for that. On launching the app for the first time, it immediately shows you your on-device photos.
The interface feels a bit cluttered and messy, but otherwise this is first-rate fare, whether you want to convert a favourite snap to something that will scale indefinitely, or just fancy transforming your photos in a manner that’s a bit different from everything else on the market.

Mextures is a layer-based photo editing app that makes advanced photo editing simple. is not just for photos. Short of you being wedded to specific filters, there’s nothing here to threaten Snapseed. They’re popular for showing running water or a flickering blade of grass in an otherwise static scene. If you’re in a hurry, load a photo and prod the ML Enhance button. These soft and subtle filters add a touch of class to your photos compared to many heavily filtered Instagram presets. There are so many amazing photo editing apps out there that, at times, it can become overwhelming.

When it comes to editing, there’s a similar level of efficiency, elegance and usability.

There are loads, so fortunately the selection list can be managed; if you’re not sure what to pick – or fancy a surprise – there’s a button to select a random filter before you shoot.

But even if you’re not currently paying for any Adobe products, Lightroom is worth a look. Also, you might consider sok-edit a bit rough and ready, but then that’s the point. : Best for advanced photo editing on a mobile device. best photo editing tools and squeezes them into a mobile app.

Offer discounts in exchange for reviews and encourage happy customers to buy again with discount offers. For free, you get a handful of systems to play with; a one-off IAP unlocks the rest. It has all the tools you’d expect – cropping, red-eye correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, borders, etc. Whether you’re searching for a simple free snap editor or a desktop class Photoshop surrogate, this is a round up of the best of the best of all the editing apps we’ve tested.

: Best for turning your photos into artistic “paintings” and “drawings.”. And that’s even more the case on iPad, where Darkroom brilliantly makes use of the extra screen space with flanking sidebars for a photo strip and tools as you go about your edits. Level up your store with strong social proof Whether you’ve just launched your first store or are an established brand, Loox will help your business grow.

And don’t forget to check out our buying guide if you’re on the hunt for a top notch camera phone to pair your perfect programme with. Additional charges may apply. These tests range from importing snaps and moving through the app’s full range of tools to exporting the pics to examine their performance.

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