Rettig, M. B., Heber, D., An, J., Seeram, N. P., Rao, J. Y., Liu, H., Klatte, T., Belldegrun, A., Moro, A., Henning, S. M., Mo, D., Aronson, W. J., and Pantuck, A. Pomegranate extract inhibits androgen-independent prostate cancer growth through a nuclear factor-kappaB-dependent mechanism. BEST SELLERS: Handful of our Suggested Products, KBC 2020:Ranchi's Nazia Nasim won one crore rupees and become first crorepati of the season 12 - snews world, Mahindra XUV500 Interior, Exterior, Price, Specs - AUTO_TECH, Realme 6i SPECIFICATIONS AND IT'S PRICE - TECHKNOWHOLIC, 5 art podcasts you should listen as an artists to stay motivated - ARTBLOGGY. Combine rice flour and walnut in a chopper. George, J., Singh, M., Srivastava, A. K., Bhui, K., and Shukla, Y. Synergistic growth inhibition of mouse skin tumors by pomegranate fruit extract and diallyl sulfide: evidence for inhibition of activated MAPKs/NF-kappaB and reduced cell proliferation. View abstract. Some symptoms of hypotension include lightheadedness, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, blurry vision, depression, etc.

Schwartz, E., Tzulker, R., Glazer, I., Bar-Ya'akov, I., Wiesman, Z., Tripler, E., Bar-Ilan, I., Fromm, H., Borochov-Neori, H., Holland, D., and Amir, R. Environmental conditions affect the color, taste, and antioxidant capacity of 11 pomegranate accessions' fruits. Click here for additional information .

Hassanpour, Fard M., Ghule, A. E., Bodhankar, S. L., and Dikshit, M. Cardioprotective effect of whole fruit extract of pomegranate on doxorubicin-induced toxicity in rat. Drinking the pomegranate juice reduces the break down of the drug, increasing the bleeding risk consequently. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 2011;5(6):1004-1011.

Navarro, V., Villarreal, M. L., Rojas, G., and Lozoya, X. Antimicrobial evaluation of some plants used in Mexican traditional medicine for the treatment of infectious diseases.

J.Food Sci.

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This makes pomegranate the best fruit for women who are at a high risk for this disease.

Panichayupakarananta, P., Issuriya, A., Sirikatitham, A., and Wang, W. Antioxidant assay-guided purification and LC determination of ellagic acid in pomegranate peel. 2010;70(4):1065-1068. Alimentos e Nutrição 2010;21(4):509-517.

Kumar-Roine, S., Matsui, M., Reybier, K., Darius, H. T., Chinain, M., Pauillac, S., and Laurent, D. Ability of certain plant extracts traditionally used to treat ciguatera fish poisoning to inhibit nitric oxide production in RAW 264.7 macrophages.

To prepare this recipe, you’ll need: Since this is a salad recipe, the proportions of the above-listed ingredients will be left to you.

Food Funct. View abstract. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 2009;8(8):1251-1257.

J.Agric.Food Chem.

2011;77(9):3061-3067. Foodborne.Pathog.Dis.

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Gonzalez-Sarrias, A., Larrosa, M., Tomas-Barberan, F. A., Dolara, P., and Espin, J. C. NF-kappaB-dependent anti-inflammatory activity of urolithins, gut microbiota ellagic acid-derived metabolites, in human colonic fibroblasts. 3-30-2011;146(2):111-117. El, Kar C., Ferchichi, A., Attia, F., and Bouajila, J. Pomegranate (Punica granatum) juices: chemical composition, micronutrient cations, and antioxidant capacity. 1995;20(9):556-8, 576, inside. Misaka S, Nakamura R, Uchida S, et al. View abstract. Kelebek, H. and Canbas A. Organic acid, sugar and phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of Hicaz pomegranate juice. Arno Kroner, DAOM, LAc, is a board-certified acupuncturist, as well as an herbalist and integrative medicine doctor. View abstract. and antihypertensive drugs (Diovan, Cozaar, Cardizem, Lasix, etc.). If one or all of these pomegranate side effects show up, be sure to talk to your health provider about it.

Pomegranate juice supplementation to atherosclerotic mice reduces macrophage lipid peroxidation, cellular cholesterol accumulation and development of atherosclerosis. Sunburn. Pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract do not impair oral clearance of flurbiprofen in human volunteers: divergence from in vitro results. A., van den Berg, S., Westbroek, I., Keizer, H., Gambelli, L., Hontecillas, R., Bassaganya-Riera, J., Zondag, G. C., Romijn, J.

Apply a skin lotion or ointment. cv.) The health benefits of pomegranate are best obtained when the fruit or its juice is added to one’s daily meals.

The antiplaque efficacy of pomegranate mouthrinse. Mol.Nutr.Food Res. Banerjee, K., Dasgupta, S., Jadhav, M. R., Naik, D. G., Ligon, A. P., Oulkar, D. P., Savant, R. H., and Adsule, P. G. A fast, inexpensive, and safe method for residue analysis of meptyldinocap in different fruits by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. Pomegranate flower extract diminishes cardiac fibrosis in Zucker diabetic fatty rats: modulation of cardiac endothelin-1 and nuclear factor-kappaB pathways. Kahya, V., Meric, A., Yazici, M., Yuksel, M., Midi, A., and Gedikli, O. Antioxidant effect of pomegranate extract in reducing acute inflammation due to myringotomy. Emerg Med J 2010;27:74-5. 2011;17(2):113-115. In addition, the, contains fewer calories; hence, its consumption would never increase your weight. View abstract.

Inhibitory effects of fruit juices on CYP3A activity. View abstract.

Pomegranate juice may be able to lower blood pressure and improve other risk factors for blood pressure, says a research review published in Advanced Biomedical Research.

View abstract. 1987;352-5. Arterioscler.Thromb.Vasc.Biol 3-1-2003;23(3):468-474. While regular consumption of the fruit is quite advantageous for the overall health, there are certain pomegranate juice side effects that you should consider. Jurenka, J. S. Therapeutic applications of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.): a review. Longtin R. The pomegranate: nature's power fruit? View abstract. Tooth plaque.

Early research in trained men shows that drinking pomegranate juice twice daily for 15 days reduces muscle soreness after exercising in the elbow but not the knee. Heart disease. View abstract.

Isr Med Assoc J 2011;13(8):474-9. Wongwattanasathien, O., Kangsadalampai, K., and Tongyonk, L. Antimutagenicity of some flowers grown in Thailand. View abstract.

J.Med.Food 2008;11(2):390-394. Gould, S. W., Fielder, M. D., Kelly, A. F., and Naughton, D. P. Anti-microbial activities of pomegranate rind extracts: enhancement by cupric sulphate against clinical isolates of S. aureus, MRSA and PVL positive CA-MSSA. Mycoses 3-1-2010;53(2):117-122. Food Chemistry 2011;127(4):1444-1449. View abstract. Aviram, M., Dornfeld, L., Kaplan, M., Coleman, R., Gaitini, D., Nitecki, S., Hofman, A., Rosenblat, M., Volkova, N., Presser, D., Attias, J., Hayek, T., and Fuhrman, B. Pomegranate juice flavonoids inhibit low-density lipoprotein oxidation and cardiovascular diseases: studies in atherosclerotic mice and in humans. Life Extension 2008;14(5):18. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Journal of Food Science and Technology 2008;45(2):190-192. View abstract. But people generally don't consume a whole pomegranate as much of it is described as bitter. It also helps maintain radiant skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Am J Cardiol 2005;96:810-4. McCarrell, E. M., Gould, S. W., Fielder, M. D., Kelly, A. F., El, Sankary W., and Naughton, D. P. Antimicrobial activities of pomegranate rind extracts: enhancement by addition of metal salts and vitamin C. BMC.Complement Altern.Med. Cancer Lett.

Possible Side Effects . 2001;78(1):85-87.

2010;35(1):1-16. Until more is known, talk to your healthcare provider if you are taking any medications that are changed by the liver. Pomegranate for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer: An Update, Rhabdomyolysis associated with pomegranate juice consumption, Immunosuppressants: Cyclosporine (Sandimmune, Neoral), tacrolimus (Prograf), Protease inhibitors: Saquinavir (Fortovase).

View abstract.

Are They Good For You?

Gaig, P., Botey, J., Gutierrez, V., Pena, M., Eseverri, J. L., and Marin, A. Clin Pharmacol Ther 2012;92(5):651-7.


Sorokin AV, Duncan B, Panetta R, Thompson PD. 2-24-2010;58(4):2180-2187. J.Food Sci. But despite the wonderful health benefits of pomegranate, there are a few side effects that daily users should watch out for. View abstract. Voravuthikunchai SP, Kitpipit L. Activity of medicinal plant extracts against hospital isolates of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. He considers himself a sculptor born to chip away at content and reveal its dormant splendor.

Ignarro, L. J., Byrns, R. E., Sumi, D., de Nigris, F., and Napoli, C. Pomegranate juice protects nitric oxide against oxidative destruction and enhances the biological actions of nitric oxide. Exp.Dermatol. Adv Biomed Res.

View abstract.

But drinking pomegranate juice doesn't seem to prevent narrowing of blood vessels in the heart (stenosis).

Title 21. Home Remedies for Various Diseases & Conditions.

View abstract. Br.J.Nutr. GIDA - Journal of Food 2010;35(6):439-444. Indian J.Biochem.Biophys. Safety and antioxidant activity of pomegranate ellagitannin-enriched polyphenol dietary supplement in overweight individuals with increased waist size.

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