Unfortunately, this forced me to write a lot of boilerplate container components that effectively did nothing.

Fetching data in my container components. These can be used to handle errors and display relevant information for different states of the mutation. Our React UI Library (with server-side data extensions) can now load and shape remote data at blistering speeds. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Why do I need to worry about normalizing the data from my server on my client?

March 05, 2020. Here's the basic idea: the client runs 'actions' that are defined on the server-side. Tip: Share your reusable components between projects using Bit (Github).

To connect these, front-end and back-end developers usually write a lot of code such as HTTP requests, controllers, and routes. Learn more. It also provides some hook or events for mutation and queries to handle errors and other states of side effects which removes the need for useState and useEffect hooks and replace them with a few lines of React Query logic. Large applications can often grow in complexity, due to multiple pieces of state scattered across many components and the interactions between them.

MobX may not be the solution for you.

I’d like to simply make an API call in an action and update my Redux store without learning and using Thunk or Saga. Fetching data in MobX actions. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. You can even request local and server data within the same query!

The presentational vs container component distinction assumes that you want to re-use presentational components, but not container components.

Don’t just put all your application state into whatever state management library you choose. We just need to tell the library where do you need to fetch the data, and it will handle caching, background updates, and refresh data without any extra code or configuration. We can also set a cacheTime and a retryTime which defines the time that the browser should keep the cache and the number of attempts that it should fetch data on fails. Keep learning different libraries until you find one that fits your requirements. Fetching data in my container components. So in my view, state management is the core problem when developing a UI. ... Before jumping off to the code and seeing some examples I’d like to introduce how React Query models the server state. We will start with useQuery which takes a unique key and a function which is responsible for fetching data, The above code will render a view as below. Bit makes it simple to share, document, and organize independent components from any project. This really helps to reduce the time in debugging the app. You don’t need to use a third party library: you can use Context. View Demo. Redux is probably good enough for your application, but I didn’t like using it.

Think about the most complex frontends you’ve used, sites that made you wonder: “How did they create this”? What are the different kinds of state and where to store them. ... UI state, worked great with plain old React state. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Other examples of global UI state include whether the user is logged in, the logged in individual’s username, and the value of the global search box.

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