Thank you. The amount of time deducted from your total active duty creditable service or retirement point credit will be equal to the time you served on active duty for training during midshipman cruise periods. The only rule for Reserve officer retirements is that you’ve served satisfactorily in the billet for at least six months. Finally, you’d add another six months of max pay for that rank in the 2009 pay table: $4521.00 * 6. SECNAV has asked that the recoupment be waived for amounts under $10K. I cover these issues in more detail in the post. Excellent article… much appreciated. Link for computing time between two dates:

You’re a Final Pay retiree because your Date of Initial Entry into Military Service was before 8 September 1980. The “problem” is that most officers are given an active duty service date (the date that they actually started active duty as an officer) of the day they’re commissioned. (It’d be an additional $126.67/day or 9.75 months per day for whatever you lost from your November birth date). It requires DFAS to check the pay table increases against retiree COLAs for the years after you made E-9. If you’re already close to age 60 (or starting your pension early) then you might be able to calculate your High Three average from the current pay tables and assume a 2% pay raise for next year. Is a remarried ex-spouse entitled to any of my USNR retired pay. Duty must be 8 hours in duration to receive two points per day. Some services allow selectees to pin on their higher rank before they actually get paid for the rank, so that sentence clarified that it depends on the date of the pay and not the selection or pinning. The active time (an active-duty obligation or a Reserve mobilization) only reduces the retirement age if it occurred after 28 January 2008 in a combat zone. Paragraph 030501 entitles you to the most favorable pay formula.

Although, I believe there is a section that seems to indicate that if a Sailor is on active orders and reaches sanctuary, they can remain on active orders? After a phone conversation, I was told that AR 135-180 applied (which I believe it does) and it says ” If the Soldier was transferred to the Retired Reserve or discharged on or after 25 February 1975, retired grade will be that grade which a commissioned officer or enlisted Soldier held while on active duty or in an active reserve status for at least 185 days or 6 calendar months. The Army has retired at least one other servicemember as an enlisted, despite their service at a commissioned rank, and you want to verify that your retirement references the appropriate sections of federal law. If you have a combination of active duty and Reserve/Guard duty, then your active-duty service time counts toward the 20 good years. I’d assume that your pension (if you started it today) will keep pace with inflation until age 60. If I could bother you for an analysis of my situation I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Or, there might be six 15-day mobilizations. Regardless of the age that you’re eligible to retire or when you choose to start your pension, your Tricare benefits start at age 60. Excellent website, thanks! You’d want to make sure you have the latest edition: For example, section 22A2.1-2.E on page 8 of that document goes into the detail you seek, and it essentially says that only the active-duty time of your Reserve career counts… but not every period of active duty. You’re wise to consider this question before you apply for retirement. By the way, if you join AUSN you’ll have access to all their website tools for Reserve planning, including the latest on when you’ll hear from your service and the pay center. The following section covers earning retirement points in the Guard and Reserves. I left active duty, had one bad year in the reserve, and have since had all good years. I believe on active duty you have to have two years time in grade? Third, the early-pension accounting is finicky.

However, for purposes of this post, we’re going to assume that your retirement eligibility is based on the main requirement of 20 good years. I am closing in on my 60th birthday in December 2020 and should have 50 points for the Apr 2020 – Apr 2021 retirement year by my birthday. Thanks for the update, Dave. With three years’ time in grade *after* you start receiving O-5 pay, then you’ll retire as an O-5. The Reservist was allowed to continue to do drills and ATs, and one 29-day ADT per fiscal year. My calculations indicate $3727.45 a month based upon the 2017 chart. You’ll want to run three estimates, perhaps updated for your actual point counts: 1. Here are two posts with more info:

Pay raises are typically 1.5%-2% per year, so a conservative High Three average of the three years of pay tables in effect when you turn age 60 would be about 96% of the latest base pay.

If you get an answer first, please let us know! Do you get paid for 30 days per month or does the retirement pay vary according to the number of days per month? Soldiers who’ve demonstrated substandard performance are an exception, for instance. Military Retirement. If I start my pay Jan 1, 2018 would I receive a higher amount? If you did not meet those time-in-grade requirements (or at least get a waiver to two years) then you’d be retired as an O-4. 1. Whatever max pay you find for that rank, multiply it by the service percent multiplier and round it down to the nearest dollar. What do I need to do to not have to pay the money back? I feel that the most important factor in either pension is its COLA, and your TERA pension may grow at an annual rate of 1%-2%. However it looks like the Retirement Services section misread Table 4-2 on page 10 of AR 135-180. Update:  this niche benefit has been revoked– see the September 2017 comment and its link at the end of this post.

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