The situation was even worse among their rehabilitated counterparts who are unable to collect food from the forest and medicinal plants to use in their unique healthcare system.

A yearly round of rituals connected with the agricultural cycle, along with life-cycle rituals for birth, marriage and burial at death, involve petitions to the spirits and offerings that include the sacrifice of animals, usually birds. Most of the children of Santhal and Oraon people are suffering from first degree of malnutrition. These 12 clans are divided into two ranks: 7 senior and 5 junior. In many cases, all the people of a gusti live in their ancestral village, but some members may have migrated to neighbouring villages. It seems likely that the nearby Santals of Singhbhum borrowed the word. Based on thesis, University of Chicago., Wayne State University Press, 1965. About 46% of indigenous people live in Rangamati, 28.9% in Kagrachari and 18% in Bandarban district at Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) 12. [10][11][12] Afterwards the British satisfied all their demands due to their importance as a tax-paying group. Inadequate dietary intake and disease are the immediate causes of malnutrition and they underpin one another synergistically 5. ", Table 1.

The Santal Parganas was made a separate division of the state. urban culture).

Junaid Hossen, Shahin Mahmud. Most of the parents of tribal group are related to day labor activity. Mishra S., Kusuma Y.S. The study showed that children of Bengali group are healthier and well-nourished than other two ethnic groups. Where 10% of Bengali parents were employed in different government job but 0% of Santhal and only 2% of Oraon were employed. and Sweta Jain., “Biology of the Tribal Groups of Rajasthan, India: 3. Anthropometric data were collected following standard guidelines. Table 5 focused the weight of male and female of the study groups.

The major objective of this study was to assess their lifestyle pattern, demographic information, health and nutritional status. 238 0 obj <>stream "The Santal; a Tribe in Search of a Great Tradition."

Santals are the largest tribe in the Jharkhand state of India in terms of population and are also found in the states of Assam, Tripura, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and West Bengal.They are the largest ethnic minority in northern Bangladesh's Rajshahi Division and Rangpur Division.

Parental attitudes and behavior may contribute to a child’s problems and need to be examined. Children of phul brothers consider themselves as brothers, and they attend each other's main lifecycle events, such as weddings or funerals, as pera. Relationship between parent ethnic group and children BMI.

Most of the respondents were housewife and farmer. Although many still live in their traditional homelands, they now consider the Santal Parganas as their cultural heartland. To obtain a broader representation, more studies among these three tribal groups from other districts of our country should be undertaken.

The highest rate of under-nutrition in the world is seen in Asia 3. Delayed growth due to nutritional factors can be resolved by educating the parents to provide the well-balanced diet. The junior clans are Baskey (stale rice), Besra (falcon), Caure (lizard), Pauria (pigeon) and Donker.

Only 10%, 4% and 2% child of Bengali, Santhal and Oraon were completed their SSC (Secondary School Certificate) level. However, the avoidance or delay in seeking medical care in some cases needs an approach that considers their perception about health and illness. The selected data sets were first checked, sorted, cleaned, filtered and entered into the computer in the numerical codes of form. [6], The Santals have another social organisation important for rituals, called khunti, or gusti in south Chota Nagpura. For practical purposes, to know about the nutritional status of children anthropometry is the most useful parameter for assessing the nutritional status of children 1. Those with this relationship can marry, and attend major festivals as guests. Age of the subjects under study was determined by interrogation and confirmed through probing if the birth certificate or the health card were unavailable. The bonga are intermediaries between noa puri (visible world) and hana puri (the invisible reality), the abode of a Creator. Only 44% of Santhal and 36% of Oraon intake adequate food as needed for them where 92% of Bengali child took adequate food.

They also give help in times of hardship. This standing is evaluated by relation: for example, is someone is greeting their father's elder brother's son, they would be the junior irrespective of age. Social, habitation, cultural exchange with the nontribal or Bengali people brought some changes in their concepts and views. [6], Those who do not have brotherhood are referred to as pera, or guests. (4)Nutrition and Bone Health Research Group, MRC Human Nutrition Research, Elsie Widdowson Laboratory , Cambridge , UK.

929-941. She could not reach the human spirit, and took the bird spirit instead. Similarly, when someone greets their elder brother's wife, the wife would be marang. In Bangladesh, most of the tribal people have their own isolated life style and are considered as underprivileged.

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