There are over 713 search and rescue careers waiting for you to apply!

The following careers support the agency in many different capacities: Information Technology Specialist -keep the Forest Service operating in the advanced digital age. This is your chance to to join that team, and help save lives. 1,136 Search Rescue jobs available on Davis well remembers his first mission in 1982. New search and rescue careers in California are added daily on They also sell products like maps, permits and recreation passes. I use snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and 4×4 vehicles at work. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired.

If you are interested, or know of someone interested in joining the Board, please forward a resume to the Board Secretary at or to 6040 East Sooke Road, Sooke BC V9Z 0Z7 before 4 p.m. May 31, 2020. For more information on the Pathways Programs, you can read the FAQs, check out the Forest Service Pathways Programs brochure, or search for current Pathways jobs with the Forest Service on

Rangeland Managment Specialists manage range vegetation on National Forest lands for a variety of uses, including grazing by livestock and forage for wildlife. . To ensure the Board is fully capable of providing the governance and leadership expertise necessary to oversee an organization as multi-faceted as RCMSAR, it is expected there will be representation from skilled and experienced board members to cover the following key business areas: Our volunteer board holds the legal corporate authority and responsibility for RCMSAR and sets and monitors the strategic direction for the future. Foresters work outdoors and are experts in managing growth of different types of trees and other vegetation. Insurance agents, welders, librarians, new dads and local police officers are the ones who fill the ranks of most SAR teams. From cyber security to managing wireless internet connection, they provide support through technology that allows all employees to do their jobs in an office and out in the field. Resource Assistant - help manage natural resources by tracking and accounting for the financial aspects of timber activities. Our network of volunteer stations and the RCMSAR training centre are managed by a small team of paid staff. Seasonal jobs help the Forest Service achieve our mission by contributing to forest health, resource protection and fire prevention and suppression. Positions range from archeology technician to visitor information assistant. When an SAR call goes out, we rely on each other to step up and be ready to respond. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. That day had to be one of the best days of my entire life and still is. The Forest Service offers exciting opportunities such as: Wildland Firefighters are involved with wildland fire suppression/ management/control working on an engine, helitack module, or hand crew with responsibility for the operation and maintenance of specialized tools or equipment. Use the Forest Service Outreach Database to search current opportunities and to find pre-announcements of possible upcoming job openings. Jobs in SAR are almost exclusively on-call positions; members are expected to be available at a moment's notice to conduct search and rescue missions as determined by their associated organization. Careers at the IRC are as wide-ranging and far-reaching as our work in more than 40 countries and over 20 U.S. cities. Apply to Community Service Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Delivery Driver and more! Lindsay DeFrates is a freelance writer, mother of three, whitewater raft guide, as well as a former English teacher and Outward Bound instructor. They are skilled in planting, removing or caring for trees, while considering how a forest may develop over long time frames. $3,708 - $4,567 a month . These positions are critical in accomplishing the mission of the Forest Service. Additional information can be found on the. I am well trained in map, compass and GPS use. “I have worked on the White River National Forest since 1993 and spent almost every summer in the woods in Garfield County and the surrounding area. Careers at RCMSAR. Once I realized it was NOT a requirement to have EMT credentials to be a member of Search and Rescue, I wanted to join. “I joined immediately,” he says. We never want people to think that their situation is not big enough to warrant a rescue. Access to relationships that will enhance the goals and objectives of the organization, Business skills including finance, accounting, legal, marketing. I called out the standard question, and received silence from the four other people who stood ready to lift a patient from the snowy ground onto a backboard. Agriculture, Forest Service Pathways Programs brochure, OPM Hiring Information - Students and Recent Graduates, Strategic Planning, Budget And Accountability, Recreation, Heritage And Volunteer Resources, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air And Rare Plants.

Search and rescue: All staff must know about the formulation of a preplan (Mountain Emergency Plan), ... State of Colorado Job Opportunities 3.4. Currently loving her sleep-deprived existence in Glenwood Springs, CO, she and the family often pack an absurd amount of stuff and their one-eyed dog, Ahab, into a mini van and get a little lost in the mountains or on the rivers of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. The low-stress way to find your next search and rescue job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Put your skills to work toward a career that matters! . Search and Rescue (SAR) units work in cities, national parks, military operations, police forces and firefighter squads to help save lives. Search and Rescue (SAR) units work in cities, national parks, military operations, police forces and firefighter squads to help save lives. If you need an accommodation to apply through our online system, to interview, or for any other part of the application or selection process, please either leave a message at 619-541-8665 or send an email to: to obtain a Request for Accommodations form. Access the database to explore opportunities with the Forest Service and begin your journey. Encouraging staff development through promotion, transfer and rehire, the IRC nurtures long-term career paths and helps employees grow within the organization. 88 search and rescue jobs available in California. 713 search and rescue jobs available. Colorado +1 location. Search and Rescue is arguably the most important outdoor profession across the country. Without their brave and generous support, every aspect of the outdoor recreation industry would have to seriously reconsider its business model. The Pathways Internship Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore Federal careers while they’re still in school. Other wildland fire related duties may involve fire prevention, patrol, detection, or prescribed burning. More research is good, but hiking with someone who has experience is better. After completing basic training, he was ready for action.

New search and rescue careers are added daily on Wildlife Biologists evaluate and monitor forest projects, such as road work and trail enhancements, to develop recommendations that protect and conserve wildlife and their habitat. Then when an opening becomes available, you will already have the skills to make you a strong candidate for employment.

They hold recruitment days during the year, which involve going out with team members who assess your suitability for training. When they do call, they should be able to rest assured that a qualified team will be in route to help them. I have knowledge and skills that can be put to use and allow me to be a contributing member of Search and Rescue while being able to spend time outside with others who enjoy the outdoors. Passion One: Search and Rescue Davis was in Colorado just a short time when he heard about a local search and rescue team. Many people today get the idea for adventures from their favorite Instagram or Pinterest posts, with stunning views and stories of personal challenge and success. Are you ready to make a difference?

The Pathways Recent Graduate Program is available to individuals who have completed their qualifying degree or certificate programs within the previous two years. They are the ones who answer the call when you are having a really bad day. Our patient safely transported, vitals monitored and an evacuation plan drafted, we released the healthy volunteer from her insulated, immobilizing cocoon and returned to the instructor for a debrief. Yet this profession is one comprised almost entirely of volunteers. Visitor Information Assistant - greet everyone who enters a Forest Service office or visitor center and provide information about National Forests., United

These women and men are the safety net for every hiker, climber, paddler and explorer who may fall through the cracks. It’s better to make the call and get help than wait and make the situation even worse.” – Casey DeFrates, Snowmass Ski Patrol, 7 years. The Forest Service Research and Development unit is a leader in the scientific study of natural resources, keeping the Forest Service ahead on pressing issues such as climate change. It was January 2008 on the CSU Campus in Fort Collins, and I was completing my first Wilderness First Responder course. Recreation Technicians perform a variety of outdoor assignments, which allow the public to safely access and enjoy special places, such as trails, campgrounds, rivers and lakes. Opportunities will be posted on this page. During that time, one of our helicopters was shot down, killing the entire crew. Classes like Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness EMT are the beginning, for many, of a lifelong love of search and rescue. The extensive technical and medical expertise of the Jenny Lake Rangers enabled smooth rescue operations, and prevented further tragedy.” – Excerpt from Jenny Lake Rangers homepage, “You have to develop kind of compartmentalized way of dealing with rescues, otherwise you go insane. We are seeking candidates who will bring valuable business skills or strong governance experience to our Board of Governors, and who can help lead RCMSAR through continued strategic growth and development. A career with the Forest Service is a chance to get inside the great outdoors and leave a lasting impact. A career as a search and rescue dog trainer may be possible with a high school diploma and on-the-job training, although some opt to pursue a bachelor's degree in animal science, biology, or … Put your skills to work toward a career that matters! Tom Ice, Director of Garfield County Search and Rescue, sums it up like this: Somebody needs help. While many search and rescue groups do not have the time to respond to multiple media inquiries, due to the high level of interest in their dramatic profession and, again, their lack of full-time personnel, I’ve compiled the perspectives of a few professionals on what it is really like to work in search and rescue. They should be able to count on us to handle the back country incidents.” – Tom Ice, Director of Garfield County Search and Rescue, 16 years, “People can call for help, any time.

The reality is that many of these places are remote and wild, and social media doesn’t tell you about the preparation that went into that excursion before the photo was taken. The call came in just after noon. One way that Mountain Rescue Aspen seeks to address this knowledge/experience gap is by offering workshops and clinics with mountain skills, from basic to advanced. That gave me hope that any one of our searches after that could end happily. They complete hours of rigorous training every year and live their life on-call to help others. Our Pathways Programs provide paid employment opportunities with the Federal government for high school students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and recent graduates. Opportunities for growth and career advancement are limitless within the U.S. Forest Service. The Forest Service offers exciting opportunities such as: Wildland Firefighters. With every search or downed aircraft after that, there was a renewed hope that it could end well for everyone.” – Bob Smith, Member of Garfield County Search and Rescue for 25 years, “July 21, 2010.

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