I had some ugly boys but you're forgettin' the others Epic Rap Battles Of History Lyrics "Steve jobs vs bill gates" − / 5. I need ta bring up some basic shit I make the product that the artist chooses Beating you is Apple II easy Voici les paroles de Jobs rapportées par.

Combine all your little toys and I still crush that Plus you've got so much experience down on your knees Loiret : un couple de rapaces filmé en direct depuis leur nid, FDJ : Tentez votre chance au Super Loto de ce vendredi 13, Dyson : préparez-vous pour les futures offres du Black Friday, Bon plan Lego : La boîte de briques Classic en promotion sur Amazon, Bose : le casque QuietComfort 35 II à seulement 189€99 sur Cdiscount, Des offres privilèges avec le Club Le Parisien. Steve Jobs est viré du conseil d’administration en 1985 et part fonder la société Next. Fine, you wanna be like that? Now excuse me while I turn Heaven a profit [Cleopatra] / CLEOPATRA! Les deux hommes se vouaient le plus grand respect. Fortune 500 before you kissed a girl Marilyn Monroe's is, Overthrow pharaohs who oppose me like Moses, You could never kick my ass, so kiss my clitoris, This ugly hag and KassemG got matching noses, Plus you've got so much experience down on your knees, Married a writer, but I don't even think you can read, You'll sleep with any ugly dude who says he likes it hot, Even Joe DiMaggio took a swing in your batter's box, I'm a descendant of the Gods, don't anger me trick, You'll lose this battle like your bout with barbiturates, I had some ugly boys but you're forgettin' the others, You think you're so chic up in your fancy palace, Gettin' Lo on Mark Antony, tossing Caesar's salad, You wear too much eyeliner for anyone to adore you, You might as well be working the door at Sephora, Somebody wrap this bitch back up in a carpet, You still got no children after your third marriage, You've got an hourglass figure, but that's about it, A candle in the wind that can't act for shit, My best friends are diamonds!

Ceux-ci viennent concurrencer directement les machines d’Apple. / ALBERT EINSTEIN / Vs / STEPHEN HAWKIIIIING... / BEGIN! Lyrics to 'Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates' by Epic Rap Battles of History. / Whose rap flow's the dopest? You know I bet they made this beat on an apple Nothing you can do can stop it You had an asp and got bit, on the tit Comme le montre. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Own Xbox! [Outro] Or il se trouve que Microsoft travaille avec IBM et Apple. Beat you in seventeen lines of code

BEGIN! Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2. I'm an innovator baby, Change the world I got the power of a mind you could never be. I'm sorry Bill, I'm afraid I can't let you do that Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. And the GUI that Melinda uses

The whole world loved you but you were my friend Tous les fans d’Apple connaissent l’histoire. Le PC, et donc les logiciels vendus par Microsoft, permettent au monde entier d’accéder simplement et à bas prix à l’informatique, souligne la pub : La «guéguerre» entre les deux marques reste bon enfant.

Hasta la vista, like the Terminator told ya. Steve Jobs (à g.) et Bill Gates (à d.) lors d'une interview conjointe en 2007. Not… How you gonna shoot me down when I guide the rocket? Hippie, you got given up at birth Marilyn Monroe's is

Do you like this song? A man uses the machines I built to listen to the Beatles while he relaxes En échange, la firme de Cupertino abandonne les poursuites. VS MARILYN MONROE! I’m on a C plus plus saying “hello world,”. I built a legacy son, you could never stop it Microsoft, elle, se concentre sur la programmation de logiciels.

Translate this into hieroglyphs You could never kick my ass, so kiss my clitoris

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