If you’re someone who sleeps hot, Big Fig has also added a range of cooling technologies to keep you from overheating while nestled between the foam comfort top, and 80 ILD foam around the perimeter should provide excellent edge support.

The Titan by Brooklyn Bedding is specifically designed for sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds.

You’ll notice we say “probably” – firmness preferences are subjective.

The wrong pillow, on the other hand, can lead to added discomfort along the neck and shoulders, and may also contribute to spinal misalignment. Heavier folks need to be wary, though, that their weight does not bottom out in the softer materials, and a firmer bed may be better suited for their body, even when they are lying on their side.

Because who does not wake up bad-tempered the morning after a bad night? The coils also promote steady airflow to help keep the mattress cool. From the cover to the coils, this bed comes with several environmental certifications. Heavier folks in particular need to be mindful of stomach sleeping as beds that are not firm enough can leave their hips uncomfortably dipped inside the mattress, which makes it difficult for the spine to remain in a neutral position. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, a medium firm or firm mattress that conforms less and provides strong support will probably be the most comfortable option. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Depending on who you're speaking to, 200+ pounds could still be considered a larger sized body, and we discuss our favorite mattresses to suit these frames. Sleepfoundation.org is reader-supported. Helix’s expansive line of mattresses was designed to cater to nearly every sleeper’s taste and needs. A heavy person might prefer an ultra-soft pillow-top mattress, extra-firm tatami mat, or another bed with a different feel instead. is a company exclusively to Big and Tall sleepers, delivering a hybrid’s classic mix of comfort and support designed for long-term durability and cloud-like comfort. Saatva’s affordable luxury has branched out to include plus-size sleepers with the HD model of their flagship Saatva hybrid bed. You can choose the same feel for both sides, allowing you to periodically rotate the mattress and extend its overall lifespan, or select a different firmness level for each side if you’d rather switch between two different feels. We also love the optional EuroTop to change up the feel a touch if you’re feeling like something softer. They are also less durable than mattresses, making them a somewhat temporary solution.

It is a bit more of a challenge however, when your bed isn't made to last more than a few months of you sleeping on it. We have found that individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds will have similar needs for a mattress in terms of firmness, thickness, and other factors with small individual variations. This attention to zoning helps to ensure that your body is cradled evenly in a neutral sleep posture that can help minimize back strain. The Plank is a high-value mattress thanks to its low price-point and strong performance. Pillows often take a backseat to mattresses when we talk about comfort and support, but they’re a crucial component of your bedding setup. Slat dimensions are crucial for platform beds because heavier mattresses will sag between the cracks if the slats are too widely spaced, resulting in loss of support and less durability.

SleepFoundation.org does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment options.

These selections are based on ratings and reviews from verified mattress owners, as well as our own product research. This ensures even contouring and weight distribution without excessive sagging.

This means better support and less sink over time, especially if you weigh more than 230 pounds. The mattress comes with a lengthy 365-night sleep trial after a 30-day break-in period, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Both firmness options provide great support, but the medium firm feel is better suited to sleepers who want a bit of body-contouring as well. For this reason, the best pillow loft for a given sleeper primarily depends on their sleep position, as shown in the table below. The mattress is built with a high-density polyfoam comfort layer and a transitional layer of responsive latex. That depends on a lot of factors. Comfort layers of latex-like Helix Dynamic Response Foam and memory foam create a balance of body-conforming and responsiveness. Big Fig comes through at a 7.5 on our scale, giving it a versatile medium-firmness. Some resist sinking and feel fairly stable, while others conform closely for more of a cradling sensation. If you frequently sit on the edge, this can play a significant role. Owners can add or release air from the chambers to change the firmness of the mattress.

Why did it make the list? For example, the thickness (or profile) can affect how a mattress feels for sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds.

What’s special about it? What’s its best feature?

The Titan also isolates motion fairly well compared to other hybrids, making it a good option for co-sleepers who experience movement-related disruptions, and the mattress offers great responsiveness for sex. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. What mattress you pick out depends on more than just your body size and shape. Foam offers great pain relief, which is something heavy people deal with while sleeping. You can expect the Helix Plus to perform for at least seven years, which is a longer-than-average lifespan for a hybrid model. The WinkBed Plus has an affordable price-point compared to other hybrid models. According to research, excess weight can definitely put one at risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea because softer tissues in your mouth and throat can obstruct your breathing, which affects your oxygen levels and sleep. Folks with heavier weight considerations should evaluate brands carefully for manufacturer recommended weight limits and features that can offer them the additional support they might require. Platform beds feature a wooden or metal frame with evenly spaced slats to support the mattress, rather than a flush surface, along with legs and center support bars. For those looking for a bed designed to accommodate heavier weights, we've found a few important factors to consider. The firm side is constructed with fiber padding, along with 2 inches of latex-like TitanFlex foam that contours to the body while remaining noticeably responsive. The memory foam absorbs movement to significantly reduce transfer across the surface, and the mattress is virtually silent when bearing weight. A thick, high-density polyfoam base also provides decent perimeter reinforcement.

Thanks to an adaptive foam comfort layer and sturdy coil layer, the T&N Hybrid offers more contouring and pressure relief without sacrificing support. The latex is also zoned to cradle your head, neck, and legs while reinforcing the shoulders, back, and hips. The material is naturally responsive. The support core presses into a final layer of foam to absorb some impact and contribute further to the bed’s stability.

This makes the Plank best suited to sleepers over 230 pounds who tend to find all-foam mattresses too soft and prone to excessive sinkage. The WinkBed Plus is optimal for heavy sleepers thanks to its zoned latex and coil layers, which offer enhanced support for the shoulders, back, and hips. Considering how widespread this issue is even for light sleepers, manufacturers created specialized “cooling” beds to improve airflow properties and heat distribution. If you do decide to purchase an innerspring, make sure to go with a high-quality option. Sleepers over 230 pounds remain on an even plane. Brooklyn Bedding ships the Titan for free to all 50 states, and backs the mattress with a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. This is critical in most cases.

You’ll also find an overview of basic mattress types, along with a look at pillows, toppers, and other bedding accessories for people who weigh more than 230 pounds. Most toppers are designed to make mattresses feel softer, but some feel fairly firm and can be used on soft beds. Gone are the days of buying an extra firm bed and hoping that it lasts. These pillows are a bit more stable than their natural counterparts but still tend to sink a bit. Introduced in 2019, the Saatva HD is one of the newest mattress models designed primarily for heavy people. Robust foams, responsive latex, and thick hourglass coils ensure the Saatva HD delivers exceptional comfort and support for people over 230 pounds. The coils have a low gauge of 12.5, meaning that they are fairly thick, and they are encased in high-density foam for added support along the perimeter. Some back sleepers like a firmer bed that puts a greater emphasis on support, but a firmer bed may not be as comfortable for some, especially those with pain points to consider.

We also encourage you to read about how we may research and/or test Products here.
The WinkBed Plus’s pocketed coils are also zoned, with thicker low-gauge coils reinforcing the perimeter while thinner high-gauge coils offer more comfortable support for sleepers. Boxed brands with zoned support systems, foam and coil hybrids, firmer materials, or extra height might be a better match.

Shredded foam does not feel as firm or dense, but owners can usually add or remove foam to adjust the loft and improve support as needed. Many of these models can be adjusted for soft or firm feels, along with a lot of different levels in between. The Idle Hybrid stands out from competitors due largely to its reversible design. What Type of Mattress Is Best for Heavy Sleepers? Reinforced Beds supply very strong beds and mattresses for overweight and obese people throughout the UK.

What Mattress Firmness Is Best for Heavy Sleepers? The coils also promote consistent air circulation to help the T&N Hybrid maintain a comfortable temperature. We might recommend it for exclusive side sleepers with broad shoulders or pronounced hips. This is a tall memory bed with additional support added within the lumbar area, and the breathable memory materials up top covered by a tight organic cotton cover should comfortably accommodate sleepers who are heavier than average. Check out our full Titan mattress review. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. What stands out?

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