Because of this process, it comes out with a gorgeous wavy pattern on the blade that stands out for miles. Ease of use is extremely important: it doesn’t matter how finely a knife can slice if it’s a pain to open it up or unsafe to close. The Compression Lock is a fantastic addition because it allows you to open your knife without putting your fingers in the blade’s path. A tanto blade is perfect for stabbing and piercing incredibly hard materials such as wood or metal. Overall, it’s a cheap best tactical knives with a high level of versatility and functionality. This knife has a nice weightiness to it that feels good in the palm of the hand. Spyderco tactical knives are defined by their signature leaf-shaped blades and Spyder thumb holes. There is no doubt you are going to want it to be in your collection.

This is a fixed blade, so using it is as simple as removing the sheath. For some of the heavier duty knives, we even chopped wood with them to see how well they held up. I bought it primarily for personal defense. This blade is coated with a classy flat black to give it that tactical look. Without an automatic deployment, there’s no concern about the mechanism jamming with time and wear. It’s lightweight and maneuverable thanks to the improved ergonomic that the handle brings. You can’t go wrong with a fixed blade. In this section, we’ll look in-depth at each of our 7 favorite picks for the best tactical knife.

The automatically deploying knives also feature a sliding safety lock to protect the carrier against accidental deployment, especially during pocket carry. This is a fantastic knife for those of you who are getting out there and going on adventures. A reversible titanium clip will keep the blade secure in your pocket, and a lanyard hole also gives you the option for a neck carry. With solid options from Benchmade, Kershaw, DoubleStar, SOG, Spyderco and others, 2018 has been a great year for fans of tactical knives.

The edges of the grip are smooth and rounded for a comfortable hold. Also Read: Best Backpacking Knife Reviews And Buying Guide. The handle has a very strong, reliable frame lock, which prevents the blade from sliding open unintentionally.

One of the most aggressive looking tactical knives featured, the MX-8055 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife measures 11-inches long, with a six-inch, 5mm wide blade with one role in mind; fighting. Overall, you’re getting one of the best tactical knives and the iconic look and performance of the Gerber Reflex series, Also Read: Best Gerber Knife Reviews to Buy. The basic black model is 7.6″ long, with a blade of 3.25″ (however, the cutting edge is only 2.87″). Pros: Retains exceptional sharpness Cons: Price point, but with this quality, who cares. The style of this knife definitely falls more into the “tactical tough” category, with several designs featuring skulls on the grip, and the classic finger grip for a more secure and safe hold. The blade style is a drop point blade, meaning that the blade slopes on the spine, going from the handle to the tip. At a higher price point, this knife is well worth the cost.

You might be tempted to overlook these tools, but if you’re anything like me, the thought of being trapped in a car that’s sinking or burning isn’t fun. This gorgeous knife catches the eye instantly with its steel-colored aesthetic. Q: What’s Better Between a Fixed Tactical Blade and a Folding One? While this knife leans more towards being a neck knife than the other knives we’ll look at, it’s still an excellent choice. With combinations as simple as a flat black with a black-coated blade, or as showy as a red skull handle with a skull inlay and a Damascus blade, or a rose gold blade with a flat black handle, there is Pro-Tech blade for anyone who wants one (and is willing to dish out the cash). Let’s get into the guide! I usually slap in on my belt when I go out and might need the best tactical knives. Pros: Super sharp edge Cons: Stiff opening mechanisms. Since 1974 they’ve been perfecting their craft of EDC knives and this USA made model, the Black Blur Glassbreaker is built to withstand any abuse you can throw at it. In this section, we’ll look in-depth at each of our 7 favorite picks for the best tactical knife. The blade style is a reverse tanto, which means the knife angles sharply down to the blade, as opposed to having a straight spine. Machinability is a rating of how easily you can cut metal. Pros: Easy opening, well balanced Cons: Deep handle insets build up dirt quickly.

Made from high-quality 44 black stainless steel, the MX-8054 weighs 13-ounces which is a little heavy but will certainly help to inflict maximum damage thanks to the aggressive tanto end. Save for a few of the pricier, more “fashionable” models, this knife is generally affordable. It’s not overly fancy or ostentatious. It’s not legal everywhere, so you need to check the laws of your state or country to make sure 3” blades are acceptable. Small and lightweight, the GDC Tech Skin is just 3.4-inches when closed and will easily fit your pocket along with the rest of your gear. Embodying the tradition of a tool that works in the field, and isn’t just finished with a fancy paint job.

It has a finger guard to protect against slippage during rigorous use. G-10 is made by taking fiberglass and soaking it in epoxy resin. Read on to find out our picks for these best tactical knives so you can find the best one for you! Pros: Accomplished EDC budget knife Cons: Large and heavy. Each knife has a narrow rectangular grip that sits nicely in your hand’s groove, between your palm and fingers. If you want a subtle work knife, you got it. Made from CPM-M4 steel, the blade is rated 62-64HRC and won’t chip, dull, or nick, and holds an ultra-sharp edge even after cutting through bone, wires or hides. This isn’t going to be a knife you’ll carry as your primary EDC or tactical use, but it’s great as a smaller horizontal knife that handles smaller tasks so you don’t scuff your more expensive tactical knives.

This handle will last a long time and endure any sort of beating. We feel these are the most important criteria when scoring the utility of a knife. The Pro-Tech is a great option for anyone who wants a functional yet classic-looking knife. All that’s left now is for you to make up your mind and order the knife that meets your needs the best. With 130 different color combinations and materials, you’re sure to find a knife that suits you. There’s less that can go wrong with a fixed blade and you don’t have to put up with “iffy” locking mechanisms. You’ll find all the important information about each knife, what’s unique about it, and how it handles in the real world. Tactical knives aren’t usually considered as a multi-tool. That’s why we’re sharing our picks for the best tactical knives on the market. As we’ve mentioned before, this steel is tougher, more resistant to edge chipping and breaking, and more resistant to corrosion. While style is never the sole reason to purchase a knife, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a good-looking accessory, especially if it comes at a pretty penny. That’s why some of the knives we have featured here have automatic push-button deployments or single-hand flipper deployment. Pros: Lightweight, easy to carry, and boasts more than just a sharp edge Cons: Small blade. In a world full of brands mocking the term “tactical knives,” we’ve searched high and low for the experts who honor and stick to the code. Made of CPM-S30V steel, the flat-ground spear-point blade pays tribute to Spyderco’s Caly3 and Native models in shape and function and the solid titanium scaled handle offers maximum grip during use. Made from 440C stainless steel the 4.4-inch ComboEdge Tanto blade is split with a sharp and serrated edge that will cut through rope and wood while the tanto tip boasts a saber grind; great as a self-defense weapon. This can result in storing knives with the tip poking out, or deploying accidentally in your pocket. The Recon 1 features a Tri-Ad lock for extra security and a reversible pocket clip for left-handers. This blade is slightly on the thicker side at .13″, but the sharpness of the CPMS35VN steel keeps this knife fine and precise. Of the 15 knives in this ranking, the first 10 knives have good tactical capabilities and excellent quality. Top 7 Best Tactical Knives Review in 2020. We’ll also cover what we did and didn’t like about each model, to give a more holistic and rounded view of the knife.

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