I have an older sister who is also an actress: Poppy Kennard-Barden playing age of 11-15. Unsuccessful at feeling remotely good about Tina staying tonight in Los Angeles while I fly eight hundred miles over a mountain range the dossiers of the four Mafia Captains begin to take over my thoughts, and the menacing pictures of them float across my mind. I open the Tech Today magazine and see a note, “Hacker.

But we have some questions, first,” I say as I look over at Tina who regards me with a curious look. “Of course you do.” I lift it up for Kate, and we watch as it sparkles in the California sun. I went there. I look toward Tina busy in the kitchen. “You’re a mess. “My keys. But her bi-sexual awakenings and Tina’s counterpoint descent back into them were about power and status, and maneuvering and manipulation, and adding my own worst to their pile of sins – madness and blood thirst. Her hair is braided, and snow white, and she wears a blue denim shirt with a cherry red kerchief around her neck. To catch the thread of this four part series again you may want to read the very amusing story preceding this one, Alice Surmises found here: http://bit.ly/AliceAmuses. “Helena is anyone – I don’t know – maybe like the Feds looking for you? Her dark eyes just beyond the planes of diamonds are streaked with gold this afternoon as she lifts my ring to her lips and waits for me. June 3, 2014 by Blackbird Writes 9 Comments, “Tina, I need a goddamn name.” I pace back and forth behind my desk and shout into my cell phone. I like the way your thighs begin to shake when you can’t stop waiting anymore.” I bury my head in her neck as we make love. Sexually very neutral but attached. “Maddening! While Tina was picking it from her hand, Bette kissed her. I put my head in my hands and think about rebound sex and how the inevitable happened: I remembered love and knew it was somewhere else entirely. I stop at the coffee stand between the buildings for a late afternoon latte as a group of students with brass instruments pour out of the Music Department. This paradox between us . I find Kit pacing near where Bette’s mother is busy on a computer. “As I said, Bette, you amuse the hell of me this afternoon. Her romantic entanglements remain complicated, however. I laugh to myself and sip my martini. “Babe, I’m closing my eyes, okay. I blame it all on Shane’s dying mother, who’s looking more and more slightly green around the gills, as the one who ignited my heroic sense of carpe diem – Texas style.

The fourth man neither the Devil nor Joyce or I ever could get a good run down on.

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