school for my birthday. I had the privilege of performing his funeral on Monday, October 2nd in Portageville, Missouri.

As grandchildren, we’ve been able to witness first-hand their relationship and marriage over a number of years and I think I can speak for Jason and Emily when I say that their marriage brought stability and confidence to our marriages. Papa also left to us AN INHERITANCE OF SERVING OTHERS. Papa also left to us AN INHERITANCE OF LEARNING. He served her. It’s been long since I saw you, but I am grateful that the memories of you that I hold are those of your presence. I miss your love, hugs and being happy, and even though I know that the sun will still rise tomorrow, it won't shine as bright as before without. As each sister came into the room, Mr. Melvin stood up and recognized their presence.

ingrained in my memory as some of the best times with my grandpa, even if they He’d get up pretty early, get the coffee going, and then he’d sit in his blue recliner in his living room and he’d read two things—a daily devotional from My Daily Bread and he’d read a passage from the Bible that was printed on his Scripture-of-the-day calendar. In addition to my stories, I thought I might add a Our hope that Papa is in heaven today rests not on all the accolades I shared—not on his kindness or compassion or integrity or humility—as important as these things were and are. Growing up, I have heard so many that I could probably recite them all verbatim I know that my words Papa’s nephew John honored Papa’s faith in a book that we compiled for him last year when he turned 90: “A telegrapher, a railroad man, and most importantly, a man of faith and integrity from a generation that understood what these words truly mean. Being a gentleman can be tiring, but he did not seem to mind.”. After Papa’s morning routine at home was done, he’d often be seen making his way down MacArthur picking up newspapers or limbs or trash or mail or anything else that needed to be done just to lend a helping hand.

The point is this and I believe that I can speak for Jason and Emily when I say just how profoundly thankful the three of us are that Papa was our grandfather. My grandpa was upset

Due to their many years, they are the only source of sound advice. marriage. It’s easy to help someone who can help you in return but Papa often sought to help people who would not be able to repay. Genevieve on February 8, 1947 when Papa was 19 and Nanney was 18. Why was Papa the way he was? Although my grandfather did numerous things in his life, one of the things that he has been proud of is raising such a beautiful and lovely family. They are always there to play with us, laugh with us and console us when need be. A grandfather is the only man who has the ability to take up all her granddaughter’s problems and crumble them down just with one touch. reflected through his close relationship with the Danahey family. the happiest when he was surrounded by his family. A successful tribute always comes from the heart. We would eat macaroni and cheese, double Summarizing your grandfather’s life in a short speech will seem impossible. I had the privilege of performing his funeral on Monday, October 2nd in Portageville, Missouri. Papa also left to us AN INHERITANCE OF ROBUST FAITH. It didn’t matter to him if you were the mayor or the yardman, if you had money or didn’t, Papa would treat you the same. Nicknames, routines, and inside jokes are I will miss you because you mean the world to me. A heart that is made of pure gold has stopped beating, one of the most hardworking hands have been put to rest as one way of God, showing us that he is interested in only the best.

Qualities of a Good Tribute. 22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Papa’s faith and love for God and his church permeated every aspect of Papa’s life. two is something unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I am not his equal in these regards.

Knowing how much my grandpa loved to fish I want to speak to you this morning about the inheritance that Papa left to his three grandchildren. He became a deacon in his early 30s and was even given the title Deacon Emeritus in 2012. showing him classrooms, my favorite locations, and just taking in the He would often fight back tears as he would speak about his love for his church and this instilled in me confidence that serving as a pastor was a worthwhile calling and that devoting my life in service to God and the local church was a good and noble vocation. Papa was a man about the town and another part of his daily routine was stopping at the bank and of course, stopping at the New Madrid County Library. Strong marriage, robust faith, humility and integrity, serving others, learning—all of these things point to the core of who Papa was and these are the things that we all found so compelling about this man.

As many of you know, Papa was a railroad man, working for Frisco which later became Burlington Northern and Papa was always concerned about how his actions would reflect on his family and his faith. Anyone who sat down and talked with him for 10 minutes would probably Cheeseburger in Paradise which he really enjoyed. few words or phrases that many of you may be able to recognize involving my Papa left to us AN INHERITANCE OF STRONG MARRIAGE. all loved my grandpa (and continue to love him) very much to this day.

of our favorite shows like “I Love Lucy,” “Laverne and Shirley,” and “Happy Papa’s commitment to God and his faith did not begin in recent years. when talking about it he would call “Joe’s Hamburger Shack,” “That burger someone meant that you would cry when they passed away. Throughout my life, I will treasure two memories that are so dear to me, your company and your infectious smile.

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