says. (any sort of wide heavy object instead of pot will also work). : Yeah, you just ladle in cottage cheese from the tub (say 3-4 ladles) and fry it. Lower the flame when milk comes to a boil. ( Log Out /  I am frequently forgetful and always lazy. I am getting addicted to this stuff.

Of course, you can decrease the time even more with store-bought paneer. You can use the cheese raw or cook in curries or simply store it in an airtight container in the refigerator to be used later. And HOW is making paneer so difficult? Proceed to cut the paneer into little cubes. Now gather the edges of the cheesecloth and tightly squeeze to get rid of excess water. Paneer is full of calcium, so it can’t be all bad, right?

This is a waste of time and effort. For chilli powder, I add the Kashmiri chilli powder, not too spicy and nice orange color. ( Log Out /  I can try pressing the cottage cheese and see if it hardens, or I can refrigerate it and hope it hardens, but again, I suspect these methods will take too much time.

Also add a pinch of kasuri methi. Simmer the cottage cheese – if you turn up the heat too much, the cottage cheese will all dissolve. La vida Loca: Did you try the paneer then ? Sudhanshu: Yes, I know, I did try dry roasting the cottage cheese without butter, but it doesn’t clump unless you add the butter.

Now fry the onion-tomato puree (or the ginger garlic paste and tomato puree) in the same pan until the oil separates out. India, on the other hand, would have changed a lot in the meantime.

Szerlem: It tasted as good as it looked (if that helps ;)). ( Log Out / 

You can’t extract the Paneer pieces for delicacies like And I do add onion.. Shefaly: I can imagine how that would be – stuck in the 60s, I mean. This beats the oven baked paneer from cottage cheese method that I read about-I will definitely give it a try this evening.

Or you can use ginger-garlic paste and tomato puree. 2. This solves the problem, as cottage cheese is available in any grocery store, and you can get all the organic and other good stuff too. They suggest to eat with mashed potatoes..I think, plain yogurt is better combination with mashed potatoes rather than cottage cheese. There are three ways to get paneer cubes if you are in the US – (i) buy it at the local Indian grocery store, (ii) make it at home, and (iii) Lekhni’s way. Hiya, I bought some creamy cottage cheese and thought I would be able to turn that into a paneer style block. Let it simmer for a couple of minutes and stir gently so it continues to curdle, then turn off heat and let stand for about 5 minutes.

7. Especially when you consider that I can never boil milk without having it pour all over my cooktop.

Additionally, I already tried searching and didn’t come up with a method. Press J to jump to the feed. As soon as you see greenish white whey immediately switch off the flame. Mix cornflour in 1/2 to 3/4 cup water to make a thick solution. It doesn’t matter ho much ghee/ butter you use. Wait….so you just put the whole pot of cottage cheese and fry it? It’s low-fat paneer, I tell myself.

8. Cottage cheese is more on the liquid and greasy side. Soak 1 tbsp cashew pieces in warm water for 15-20 minutes.

I want my paneer to be in nice little cubes, not any of the boondi stuff. 1 Curdling milk for paneer. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds.

Personally, I put the heat on medium-low, let the full-fat milk boil, then bring to a simmer and add the lemon juice (I usually need about a lemon-and-a-half of juice to make the milk separate as much as possible).

Add the paneer to the masala just before serving. I have made paneer makhani three times in the last four weeks.

Add lemon juice/ vinegar slowly while stirring the milk. Cottage cheese looks like boondis or little balls in whey.

Then strain, add the curd, and let hang overnight (I just leave it tied to the tap in the sink).

The milk will soon start to curdle. Srivalli: Thanks for that tip. Hiya, I bought some creamy cottage cheese and thought I would be able to turn that into a paneer style block. 5. You will find some great recipes out there and I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, just showing you how the easy way works. Pingback: Weekly chat March 13-20 - Page 6 - 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community Weight Watchers. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Line a colander or wire mesh strainer with several layers of cheesecloth, or a square cut from a well-washed sheet or pillowcase.

Although, if it is frozen rock-solid, you may want to soak the store bought paneer in warm water, or microwave it before adding it to the masala mix.

6. So I usually forget all about paneer when I visit the Indian grocery store.

But on a low flame, the cottage cheese will clump together into one solid mass within a couple of minutes. I will try making paneer from scratch sometime, and also use your plain curd tip.

Srivalli: You press the paneer to remove the excess whey/butter mix, as ??!

Pour the contents of the pan into a bowl. Dip each cutlet in cornflour solution and then roll it with bread crumbs.

Take a cheesecloth and fold it into 3 layers or you can simply use a muslin cloth to strain the cheese.

Bring 2 litres of milk to a boil on medium high flame. You should have been more specific with the directions. Curdling the milk at night and straining it overnight to make paneer is a great idea too!

Cut the cheese into cubes or into desired shape. good good. The pressing is to remove any excess liquid, and to give the paneer some shape. The only issue – cottage cheese is not cubed, it comes in tiny globules that look like white boondis in whey.

I also add a little salt and cumin along with the curd – it’s not authentic, but it does make the paneer just a touch more interesting. I say Paneer makhani is a calorie/fat minefield. A bit like Berkeley where someone forgot to tell them the time.. Will have to try your recipe some time in the summer, when I hope to have more time. You might require little less or little more lemon juice depending on the quality of the milk.

Now your paneer will be in one large ball. So here is what I do – I buy organic, low-fat cottage cheese.

??! In order to convert it into Indian Panner, I experimented first day directly onto gravy and it just melted.

3. normally to avoid excess butter into paneer, I normally use 1/2 tsp of it in a non-stick pan and simmer it, while I am making a puree of the onions and tomatoes in my recipe!..guess I am not too overly keen in removing the butter..heheh.. You are very inspired, Lekhni or as Rada says, Makhni! .

Hey, you are trying to avoid fat, at the same time frying it in oil/butter. You should be easily able to cut into into cubes. Isn’t that how everyone makes it? Ahh, the mystery is explained. Post anything related to cooking here, within reason.

I tried it and the cottage cheese just melted.

Not a problem. Last weekend, I made paneer makhani again.

One of the comments mentioned they used an oven to get the texture right.

It somehow helps it ‘set’ better. Until last month. What you can do if you want to decrease the butter content is to throw away the liquid (the whey and melted butter mix) that remains after the cottage cheese clumps. It looks like you can just strain the cottage cheese and wrap it in cheesecloth to form it. I am too lazy to make paneer at home – curdling milk and tying it up and waiting for a whole day…the whole process seems rather too time-consuming and messy. Cottage cheese that you get in most US stores is NOT directly equal to Indian Paneer. and leave the liquid bit aside?

This recipe serves 2-3.

While the milk is boiling, prepare your colander to strain the cheese. I added ghee but the cottage cheese melted and became runny. Its better to keep the cheese plate and pot against the wall on the kitchen counter so that it does not fall off. STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS WITH IMAGES : Bring 2 litres of milk to a boil on medium high flame.

In which case, if you’re doing it for the first time, be warned that there are several minor variations to making paneer. Melt butter in a frying pan and add the cottage cheese.

I would also like to make sure I use organic, low-fat paneer, which is not a choice I have in the Indian store. (On the other hand, if you want a thicker gravy with some paneer in the gravy, first heat up the pan and dissolve some cottage cheese in it, then simmer and add more cottage cheese). : I wouldn’t know, as I said, I never made paneer dishes before, and I wouldn’t have thought to plan ahead. Paneer makhani, or paneer butter masala as it’s sometimes called, is really quick to make, makes you feel like a super chef and quite tasty too.

/r/Cooking is a place for the cooks of reddit and those who want to learn how to cook. 1.

Fill a big pot with water or use the same pot in which you curdled the milk.

Pingback: Quick Indian Cooking » A question of balance, Pingback: Indian Paneer -geneva - English Forum Switzerland. (The longer you keep the curdled milk the tougher the cheese becomes hence remove from stove and strain as quickly as possible).

place it in the kitchen sink. If the cottage cheese melted it means the heat was too much. How to turn cottage cheese into paneer? You might need to level the cheesecloth on top before placing the pot so that the pot can stay flat and be steady.

Use homemade cottage cheese/ paneer within 5 – 7 days. Doesn’t work! Fry a little until it clumps together and turns … I tried following this guide but I think I used too high a heat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pour the curdled milk through the cheesecloth lined colander. Leave the strained cheese to cool down a bit for 10 to 15 mins. Here is how I make Paneer Butter Masala/ Paneer Makhani.

Scoop the cottage cheese into the prepared strainer. Else one will have to see on a trip to your side of the pond .

After 45 mins remove the pot and carefully unwrap the cheese.

If you are really pressed for time, use two pans – one for the paneer and another for the puree. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Now I am out of all whole spices, I have to go one of these days, as I make my own spices for Indian and Thai cooking. I tried following this guide but I think I used too high a heat. Sujatha: Oh, I had never come across that oven baked recipe. This does not work. Melt butter in a frying pan and add the cottage cheese.

Add all the spices you like to the puree – garam masala, dhania powder, asafoetida, turmeric powder. Every paneer recipe calls for frying the paneer cubes in ghee or butter before you add it to the masala. This recipe yields 275 grams or little less than 2 cups of paneer.

The nearest place for me to get desi paneer is a train ride away. Make round balls and roll it into oval or other desired shapes. I know I can do that.

Shallow fry in oil until they are golden brown As soon as the cumin seeds start spluttering, add onions …

The paneer should be a nice solid mass now. Take a cheesecloth and fold it into 3 layers or you can simply use a muslin cloth to strain the cheese. .

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The advantage with my method that the prep time reduces considerably. Thanks for the timesaving tip, Lekhni!


Next day, I tried to do as you had suggested and to my surprise, the ‘small bundhis’ really sticks together..There is amazing chemical bonding between them. And tastes very yummy too when you put them into gravy later.

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