Tiramisu Martini The Cookin' Chicks amaretto, vanilla vodka, cocoa powder, half and half, kahlua Tony Roma's Copycat Chocolate Martini The Kitchen is My Playground Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate syrup, kahlua, amaretto, maraschino cherries and 1 more Delectably authentic, Kahlúa French Vanilla Liqueur features luscious bitter vanilla bean and coffee bean core flavors. Eat something; avoid drinking on an empty stomach. A float of chocolate syrup (or more Kahlúa) gives the drink its namesake mudslide effect.

Kahlua, pronounced kah-loo-ah, is a semi-sweet, coffee-flavored rum-based liqueur produced in Mexico. The classic elements of a White Russian get blended into this thick classic dessert cocktail, made from vanilla ice cream, Kahlúa, vodka and Baileys Irish Cream. With the addition of sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla beans, the liqueur gets its amazing flavor. If you’re not salivating, please see a doctor because your tastebuds might be dead. The velvety taste of vanilla complements the savory intensity of coffee and cane in this deep coffee brown liqueur. Know your personal limits.

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