2014;6(9):1230-8. doi:10.3978%2Fj.issn.2072-1439.2014.07.23. Now he is using 2 pillows.

He coughs so hard he gasps for air. When looking at the illustration note that the right lung ha… The Lung Pillow™ features your facility’s logo on one side and an anatomical bronchi diagram on the other. I glad the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and especially the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System (Denver VA) is using them here! My husband tried the wedge pillow and didn't like it. It works a heck of a lot better for me; the wife hates it. Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. In all honesty, I am wondering if he had two different types of primary tumors. has anyone gone through thoracic surgery and used a pillow after for coughing etc and for arm support where incision was. The only down side to it, other than the other person not liking it, is that things, including you, want to slip off the foot end. If you find something that works please post - we're game to try most anything. I am new to this and probably sound like an idiot! According to other research, when tumors measured greater than 1 cm, the survival rates for patients were better for those who had lobectomy or segmentectomy versus a wedge resection..

Buy top selling products like Therapedic® Comfort Supreme Wedge Support Pillow and Brookstone® 4-in-1 Bed Wedge Support Pillow. Your doctor may recommend a wedge resection instead of one of these other options for several reasons: Depending on how advanced your tumors are, the success rate for a wedge resection should be comparable to that of a lobectomy or segmentectomy.. Dziedzic D, Orlowski T. The Role of VATS in Lung Cancer Surgery: Current Status and Prospects for Development. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. It terrifies me. Sit up very straight, lean forward, and rest your elbows on the arms of the chair or your knees. “I have one of your pillows, here at the Denver VA Hospital / ICU, following major stomach surgery this morning. Your surgeon will want to make sure you are able to tolerate the procedure—both from a general health standpoint and with regard to lung function.

Based on the TNM classification of lung cancer, these tumors would be T1N0M0.. ), (can't drink alcohol here so I'll toast you with milk, instead). Along with surgery, internal radiation—known as brachytherapy—may be administrated. What Is Stage 1 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy? But I think it keeps the night coughing down, together with keeping the head elevated.

I find the wedge wonderful and could not go back to ordinary pillows now. In these instances, the wedge resection may be performed in order to remove isolated metastases that spread to the lungs. They currently have him on Flexeril (muscle relaxers) which have changed the cough but only because he is so relaxed he barely has the strength to cough. Wedge resection can be very effective for early-stage lung cancer, but once tumors exceed 4 cm or if they are located in a section of the lung that cannot easily be removed, this type of surgery is not practical. Cancer cells in the lungs may not be due to primary lung cancer, but might instead be metastases that have spread from other parts of the body, as in the case of breast cancer, melanoma, or colon cancer metastatic to the lungs. Thank you for making these. Lung Cancer. In contrast, surgeries that do remove an entire piece of the anatomy are called anatomic procedures. When you are discharged, your surgeon will give you specific instructions for follow-up and provide you with a prescription for medications to ease any pain you have when you return home. Rick. I am taking cold meds so my thoughts are all over the place tonight I hope you were able to follow all that. In an open thoracotomy, a long incision is made in the chest and the ribs are spread apart to get access to the lungs. The operation will take between three and six hours, depending upon what type of wedge resection your doctor performs. The prognosis of a wedge resection will vary depending on your particular tumor, your general health, and other treatments you receive. ... and unfortunately, the other person in the bed may not like it, is raising the entire head of the bed, using wooden spacers under the feet, by two to four inches. A wedge resection can be done either through a thoracotomy (open chest surgery) or via video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). [divider /] At the Lung Health Institute, we understand the difficultly of not just COPD itself, but the troubles of sleeping that come with it. How Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Is Treated, pulmonary rehabilitation after lung cancer surgery, Thoracoscopic wedge resection and segmentectomy for small-sized pulmonary nodules, Surgery for lung tumors in the elderly: A retrospective cohort study on the influence of advanced age (over 80 years) on the development of complications by using a multivariate risk model, Survival Rates After Lobectomy, Segmentectomy, and Wedge Resection for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Risk factors for postoperative complications after lung resection for non-small cell lung cancer in elderly patients at a single institution in China, The Role of VATS in Lung Cancer Surgery: Current Status and Prospects for Development, Could less be more?-A systematic review and meta-analysis of sublobar resections versus lobectomy for non-small cell lung cancer according to patient selection, Wedge resection and radiofrequency ablation for stage I nonsmall cell lung cancer. For a small wedge pillow made of foam or a small to medium pillow that contains polyester fill, you’ll usually pay between $25 and $40. Sometimes a wedge resection is done to diagnose tissue that appears suspicious on a scan. A wedge resection surgically cuts cancerous cells away from healthy lung tissue. It was thought for a long time that survival among those who could tolerate lung cancer surgery was higher in people who underwent a lobectomy versus a wedge resection. A wedge resection is considered a nonanatomic procedure. However, a review of 54 studies looking at close to 39,000 patients has changed that thought. Ann Thorac Surg. If your doctor has recommended a wedge resection to treat your lung cancer, you should clearly understand how the operation works and whether it's the best option for helping eliminate your cancer and preventing it from recurring. We looked at adjustable beds but my husband is 6'4" and was sliding out the bottom once the head was raised. The surgeon removed both tumors and all of my thymus tissue left. My husband has been coughing for more than two years now.

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