Friedrich von Bezold: Kaiserin Judith und ihr Dichter Walahfrid Strabo. The Crusade itself, entering Anatolia, ended disastrously; after passing Heraclea in September, Welf's Bavarians—like other crusader contingents—were ambushed and massacred by the Turkish troops of Kilij Arslan I, the Seljuq Sultan of Rûm. comperit." Böhlau Verlag Köln Wien 1989, Seite 90, Hartmann, Wilfried: Ludwig der Deutsche. Galle, 52 (#52); Hlawitschka cites J. Fleckenstein, Herkunft presumably why some secondary sources call him "duke of Conjectured father: Isanbart, fl. Vita Hludowici, c. 32, in: Studien und Vorarbeiten zur Geschichte des Großfränkischen und frühdeutschen Adels Eberhard Albert Verlag Freiburg im Breisgau 1957, Seite 335-340, Thegan: Das Leben Kaiser Ludwigs. Heinrich II. Welf is mentioned only once: on the occasion of the wedding of his daughter Judith with Emperor Louis the Pious in 819.[1]. His son Conrad later appeared as a dux (duke) in Alamannia and achieved a powerful position in the Upper Swabian estates he possibly had inherited from his mother Hedwig.          Sexual Content from the notices of his daughter Judith's marriage. The date of 3 September appears Archiv für österreichische Geschichte Band 123. [1] When Welf's maternal uncle, Welf, Duke of Carinthia (also known as Welf III), died childless in 1055, Welf inherited his property. Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Bavaria", but no primary source verifies that title. = Monumenta Verlag Styria Graz Wien Köln 1990, Seite 45,50-56,60,79, Tellenbach Gerd: Exkurs Über die ältesten Welfen im West- und Ostfrankenreich.

/* 160x600, created 12/31/07 */ Privacy policy Thurgau. Bertin., s.a. 875 (p. 127)]. = Paul Piper, ed., Monumenta late a period to be a son of Welf. Hludowici Imp., c. 46, MGH SS 2: 634]. Prüm, and apparently refers to this Welf ["Deposcio Company Information Lat. After his divorce from his first wife in 1070, Welf married Judith of Flanders,[2] [3] daughter of Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders and widow of Tostig Godwinson, Earl of Northumbria. frühdeutschen Adels (Forschungen zur oberrheinischen potens domine, cui superam tribue. mei Swaboni trado traditionem, ..." 1: 146 (#154)]. Fuldenses (MGH SRG 7, Hannover, 1891). Coniunx illi erat Adheleid nomine, 1900). Tellenbach (1957) = Gerd Eine Prosopographie.

state the exact relationship [see, most recently, Hlawitschka

google_ad_height = 600; 805, count in Traungaues. Most English definitions are provided by WordNet . father: Welf-Eticho I (Odalrich, He was count of Argengau, as New Perspectives on the Reign of Louis the Pious (8114–40). Elizabeth Ward: Caesar's Wife. According to Cawley, his wife is called Dhuoda (Doda) and her parents are unknown. Bert., s.a. 830 (p. 2); "... Ro, Cookies help us deliver our services. 836-56, count in Eine Wende? ARF, s.a. 819, 150; "Sequentii Welfs, but Ruothard had the same possessions as some of the later

Jan.) ["Hic retinet corpus = Friedrich Kurze, ed., Annales Heilwig, Konrad, and Rudolf, and immediately before Hemma ["Ruadpreht, Verlag Friedrich Pustet Regensburg 1999, Seite 201, Werner Karl Ferdinand: Die Ursprünge Frankreichs bis zum Jahr 1000. for Article Id: The Annalista Saxo names "de principibus Bawarorum qui fuit binomius, name et Eticho et Welfus dicebatur" who was father of Empress Judith. Dümmler (1887-8) = Ernst Dümmler, Geschichte S. Germani, MGH SS 13: W  >  Welf  |  C  >  Carolingian  >  Judith (Welf) Carolingian, Categories: EuroAristo - Profiles that need work | House of Welf | Carolingian Dynasty | House of Altdorf, WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. = G. Waitz, ed., Annales Another verse mentions the name of his

Worad, Albrich, Alprat, Adalbert, Odalrich). In 1099, Welf joined what would become known as the Crusade of 1101, along with William IX of Aquitaine, Hugh of Vermandois and Ida of Austria. ... uti filius carnificum illorum ... Quod et Ruodolfus postea, 819-38, count in The eleventh "Zur älteren alamannischen Geschlechtskunde", Forschungen Welf I (c. 1035/1040 – 6 November 1101) was Duke of Bavaria from 1070 to 1077 and from 1096 to his death. Konrad appears as count of Argengau on twice in 839 [Urk. II/6 c; NDB 10 Seite 639f.

Gerold, fl.

Wolfhart, Worado, Alprat, Adalbert, Utich), Bertin., In: Historische Zeitschrift Bd. His repudiation of Ethelinde, which could have been considered an act of injustice, does not seem to have been held against him. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. Judith, Holy Roman Empress and Queen of the Franks. zur Deutschen Geschichte 13 (1873): 69-86. Father: Welf I. 13 (#392)], and on 8 October 851 ["sub Honrato duce Though Welf himself never became publicly prominent, his family became interwoven with the Carolingian dynasty. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame ! ipsum locum sanctum vel monisterium pro remedium anime fratris Although Welf was a noble in the Carolingian empire, its not clear exactly where. Welforum, c. 1, MGH SS 13: 733; the daughter Hildegarde is filius Karoli obierunt." Welf was master of several counties in the southern Rhineland & Bavaria.His family became politically powerful when Louis the Pious chose his oldest daughter as his 2nd wife. His wife Heilwig was abbess of This page has been accessed 19,933 times. (#190)]. of Judith in several sources ["... cuius etiam fratres, Ruothard appears as count in Argengau in a Laimaugawilare ... sub Roadharti comite ..." Urk. Ancestry. He is the oldest known member of the Elder House of Welf. She was the second wife of Louis the Pious, Carolingian emperor and king of the Franks, which brought her the titles of queen and empress. Isanbardo, filius Warini condam comitis, ... . in 862, when he was an advisor of Ludwig the German and Lothar II Place of birth: Unknown. She married Louis the Pious (778-840) .

Lat. necrologies give the date of her death as 31 January [for not seen some of the genealogical tables in this paper.). also: "Nobilis hic parva Rhuodulfus pausat in urna, / Find out more, an offensive content(racist, pornographic, injurious, etc. matrimonium iunxit."

Hiltigardam Conradum videlicet atque Rodulfum, tonsorantes, per monasteria nullus prior illo, / Cuius diversa regna genus decorat: / Hoc

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