Following the performance, the star began selling a line of sweatshirts, T-shirts and tank tops with the slogan via Teespring. Marina: "Enjoy Your Life" Western Stars shows Springsteen pulling back the curtain on his craft in much the same way Springsteen on Broadway did.

In the studio, he has to invent it himself: a sea of faces where he can find his own reflection. Sign up for our newsletter. Frankly, its sheen is off-putting at first. Western Stars (out June 14th) is the latest visit: a lushly orchestrated set of throwback, country-tinged folk pop that, despite some resemblance to previous works like Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad, sounds like little else in his catalog. Hey, just FYI, as of late September 2020, Barnes & Noble is still selling this record for $29.99. Then, the character had not finished devouring Springsteen, that magnificent musician and composer spoiled once more. A darkening mindset and feelings of isolation in his early 30s inspired him to summon the hellbound outsiders and dark highways of Nebraska; navigating his first marriage resulted in the doubt-plagued domestic portraits on 1987’s Tunnel of Love. Jun19. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. He's talk-singing his way through some story about partying in his youth. The title of Western Stars is a phrase that also appears in “Ulysses,” a 19th-century Tennyson poem that Springsteen has drawn from before. Clear vocal with crisp sound. During his exhaustive live shows, he is known to venture into the crowd to be swarmed by the community that’s united by his work.

“Somewhere North of Nashville,” about a failed songwriter, goes a little geographically astray, as the title indicates. David Sancious, an early collaborator who played the virtuosic piano solo in 1973’s “New York City Serenade,” returns here to guide “The Wayfarer” to its tragic-triumphant conclusion. A couple of songs marked for further listening. Jay-Z, who helped curate the collection, cut this deal with the estate as part of their peacemaking last year. It's an album Springsteen has been talking about for years, influenced by the classic California rock sound of the '70s. “I wake up in the morning, just glad my boots are on / Instead of empty in the whispering grasses down the 5 at Forest Lawn,” this character actor sings in what might count as one of the more cheerful verses on “Western Stars.”. The one number that aims to be an outright jubilee is “Sleepy Joe’s Cafe.” (Since Springsteen recorded this album long before Trump applied that sobriquet to a political rival, it is our duty to try not to imagine a diner run by Joe Biden in a chef’s apron.) “Western Stars” finds Springsteen in character study mode with finely detailed storytelling about broken (sometimes literally) men on a quest to find meaning, renewal, or maybe just a bit of love.

. The vocals here are often revelatory, more Neil Diamond than Otis Redding or Woody Guthrie. It is not, nor has it ever claimed to be, an audiophile recording, nor can it compare with a good original sixties or seventies analogue production.

Taken individually, they can also seem thin. Magic was really great , working as a Dream , High Hope, Wrecking Ball was really great too ! There’s a father, a trucker headed toward a big open highway, and a solitary racer in a vintage model from 1972, which also happens to be the year that Springsteen scored his record deal with Columbia. In this song, Springsteen reframes his wanderlust in a series of confessions. Draped in strings and pedal steel moan, it evokes existential late-Sixties/early-Seventies radio balladry like Glen Campbell’s version of Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” and Harry Nilsson’s cover of Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin’.” The sound dates back to Springsteen’s youth, and he channels it masterfully, with some of his most polished singing.

Both begin with a wink toward his self-described fraudulence—an “absurdly successful” entertainer who made his fortune by telling stories of blue-collar workers—and end with solemn prayers and reflections on mortality. Originals is a collection of 15 demo recordings of songs made famous by other artists — like "Manic Monday" (the Bangles), "The Glamorous Life" (Sheila E), and "Jungle Love" (the Time). The instrument is well captured but the environment it is performing in is absent. Want more Rolling Stone? She's a talented dancer, filmmaker, and visual artist. Here's "Eagle Birds." A concept album about loners in the dusty West isn't the NJ native's most lived-in-feeling record. We can only hope. The orchestral parts suffer from a lack of ambience. The voices in Western Stars are old and restless, lost and wandering.

Bruce Springsteen's dusty "Western Stars" may not be his most lived-in-feeling album, but its orchestrated '60s folk-pop is irresistible. On the title track, Bruce Springsteen sings from the perspective of an actor who once worked with John Wayne but now mostly does commercials—credit cards, Viagra.

Great press.

Nothin' left to say. ", The album cover features an image of a running horse, and the 20-plus musicians on the album include keyboardist David Sancious, a member of the vintage E Street Band lineup in the '70s. (Jade), Audio sampled in podcast Elsewhere, we meet a stuntman whose body has been destroyed by the job, a lonely widower idling in his old parking spot, and a failed country songwriter wondering if any of the sacrifices he made in his youth were worth it. Entediante. Although Marina's full album Love + Fear is finally out on Friday, it's actually split into two halves, and the first half — Love — was released as an EP earlier this month. referencing Western Stars, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle, 190759572511 Hey, just FYI, as of late September 2020, Barnes & Noble is still selling this record for $29.99. Occasionally, he sounds like he’s checking in with characters from his songbook, furthering them along or bidding them farewell. Nota zero! Is Lil Nas X on there somewhere? (Jay), There are certain artists who evoke emotion from a fluttery breath.

Guided By Voices: "Angelic Weirdness" One of Bruce's best works. (Jade).

On Western Stars, a few songs — “Tucson Train,” “Sundown,” “Stones” — sound like the E Street Band could be swapped in for the orchestra. referencing Western Stars, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle, 190759572511 Hey, just FYI, as of late September 2020, Barnes & Noble is still selling this record for $29.99. There, in that record with a blurry picture on the cover and in which the American West was portrayed by the losers, there was a real atmosphere. It’s not the only track where Springsteen is just going for generalized myth-making, though. Sung in a defeated growl, this latter track is among the shortest, starkest things that Springsteen has ever recorded: an acknowledgment of how quickly a song—and life—can pass by. Warp and Woof has 24 songs, and yet it clocks in at 37 minutes.

It’s easy to see why Springsteen finds resonance in these particular texts: defining works by a grief-stricken poet wondering if our brief, complicated lives are worth the legacy we leave behind. He named a song for the state after his parents moved there in 1971, and he’d return to it, in life and writing, repeatedly, chasing his dreams like Steinbeck’s Tom Joad. The 90-second single "Angelic Weirdness" finds a laconic but unsettling vibe, with lyrics that are completely incomprehensible. Jade

© Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. After all his promises of escape—these two lanes that could take us anywhere—there’s the hardened narrator of “Hello Sunshine,” cautioning that “miles to go is miles away.”. He’s a tourist in this landscape, in all kinds of ways — but who was the sage who said, “I know I need a small vacation”? It has its charm, more alike Nebraska. But the second half is a profound pleasure. Bruce Springsteen has announced his 19th studio album, his first since 2014's High Hopes. And while nearly every one of Springsteen’s road songs is sung from the driver's seat, this record opens with “Hitch Hikin’,” a folk song propelled by a gentle windmill of strings, sung by a drifter with nowhere to go.

Western Stars is a masterpiece ! “Go west, 69-year-old man” always feels like good musical self-advice on this album, and Springsteen and the spirit of Elmer Bernstein make for a good match. For those wild spirits who worked 9 to 5 and somehow survived till the night, there’s “Sundown,” a tour through a bittersweet twilight where you long for companionship. Her empathetic voice quivers on her new single, "Cellophane," a vulnerable song about not being enough for someone you care for. On the title track, Bruce Springsteen sings from the perspective of an actor who once worked with John Wayne but … Summary: The first new solo studio release in five years for the rock artist features contributions from Ron Aniello (who also produced), Jon Brion, Charlie Giordano, David Sancious, Patti Scialfa, and Soozie Tyrell. There have been times throughout Bruce Springsteen’s career when California has called. You don’t go to a song like that for verisimilitude about California’s Inland Empire, but the addition of an accordion, some Tex-Mex flavor and a jaunty key change certainly does make that’s less likely than any of the others on the album to be brought up on charges of sleepiness. To celebrate the release, Springsteen has also shared a music video for the album’s title track, directed by Grammy and Emmy Award-winner Thom Zimny. You can also sign up for a daily Music News e-mail and join our Facebook group. A closing reminiscent of the spirit of The Ghost of Tom Joad, an album that is conscientiously sober and crude, but never sufficiently valued. Celesta, Drums, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Coordinator, Engineer, Loops, Programmed By, Electric Upright Bass, Piano, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vibraphone, Bass, Synth, Celesta, Loops, Synth, Backing Vocals, Engineer, Producer, Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Engineer, Producer, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Glockenspiel, Synth, Strings, Banjo, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Organ, Twelve-String Guitar, Mellotron, Western Stars, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle, 190759572511, Western Stars, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Dar, 19075937511, Western Stars, 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Blu, 19075960331, Best Albums, EPs, Soundtracks & Compilations in 2019.

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