The Mass Effect trilogy tells the story of an elite soldier, Commander Shepard. But it’s very, very close! Story wise, you'll be investigating a highly shady, and stratified society filled with lots of twists and turns as one would expect. Tales of Vesperia is one of, if not the very best, entry in the Tales series. The year is SD 10. Each story is emotionally powerful, and represents some of the best storytelling ever seen in a video game. And the music is without a doubt top notch. ... open-world RPG’s of all time. It's a story about a group of people who cannot die, but do lose their memory.

Because we at care about our audience, we'd like to offer... more, Reviewed on: 10 November 2011   Platforms: Xbox 360, A beautifully-presented and surprisingly deep RPG that is deserving of everyone’s attention. When The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was finally released earlier this year,... more, Reviewed on: 10 December 2006   Platforms: Xbox 360, While it's a shame that this expansion is the first and last, Oblivion's swansong was well worth the wait and fans of The Elder Scrolls will not be disappointed. As soon as the prologue wrapped up... more, Reviewed on: 10 November 2014   Platforms: Xbox 360, The Knights of the Nine is well worth the 800 Microsoft points or bargain price on the PC, and is one of the best examples of downloadable content to date. Boards ; RPGs - Role Playing Games; XBOX 360 Exclusives Rpgs; User Info: timeywimey. Your party always has colorful characters, the abilities you gain along the way are amazing, and boss battles are usually nothing short of epic—well, usually. 22 Skyrim Mods That Will Make You Seriously Crack Up20 Hidden Easter Eggs in Skyrim, Developer: 4J Studios, Bethesda Game Studios, Superscape, #205 of 429 The Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time#247 of 256 The Best Computer Role-playing Games of All Time, Fallout 3 Soundtrack: What Are The Best Songs?#16 of 617 Sony PlayStation 3 Games: List of PS3 Console Games, Mass Effect Squad Members, Ranked Best to Worst#102 of 382 List of Games With Girls in the Lead & Female Protagonists, #1082 of 1,377 The 100+ Best Video Games of All Time, Ranked by Fans#180 of 271 The Most Compelling Video Game Storylines Ever, Developer: Edge of Reality, BioWare, Demiurge Studios, Developer: Gearbox Software, Iron Galaxy Studios, List of All Borderlands 2 Characters, Ranked#16 of 177 The Best Video Games Of The 2010s, Ranked, #33 of 45 The Best Sword Fighting Games Of All Time#5 of 14 The 14 Best Anime Games For Nintendo Switch, The Hardest Dark Souls Bosses to DefeatThe Best Dark Souls Characters, #46 of 119 The Best Video Game Sequels#202 of 466 The Most Addictive Video Games of All Time.

2012 has not been kind to Mass Effect, and it feels as if the Internet... more, Reviewed on: 03 September 2012   Platforms: Xbox 360, This mesmerising harmony of pastel colours and peerless audio is without doubt one of the 360's most significant RPGs, and it is essential for fans of the genre. Whether you liked the soul-crushingly difficult, the eye-meltingly beautiful or the heart-wrenching narratives, there was something to be played. With so many great options to choose from, there was never a shortage of games to play for fans of the genre. The PS3/Xbox 360 era was a great time for role playing games. If you’re a Fallout fan with 800 points to spare, there’s really no reason not to pick this up. Back in 2006 baseball's Curt Schilling did the impossible and managed to... more, Reviewed on: 07 February 2012   Platforms: Xbox 360, A great console version of a great game. Yuri is joined by one of the best ensemble casts that Tales has ever seen, with a diverse set of characters that all have their own fleshed out story arcs.

Great hub. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is without doubt one of the finest games to... more, Reviewed on: 04 January 2008   Platforms: Xbox 360, Fable II hasn't perfected the RPG, but it's a massive step in the right direction and a beautiful game to boot. Set in a very atmospheric medieval world, the game reeks atmosphere and draws you into one of the best plots of any RPG series.

As Mass Effect 3's first post-release chunk of single-player downloadable content, Leviathan leaves a bittersweet taste.

Metascore: 56.

One of the few exclusive JRPGs that the Xbox 360 ever had, Blue Dragon is the first effort from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi for the Xbox 360 through a partnership between his company Mistwalker, and Microsoft. While the plots are not the most complex, the games give enough variety and choices to make the games re-playable several times. Neither its combat or story are the best, but it has some decent ideas that shine in both of those categories. They are a great introduction to RPG gaming, and most gamers can complete each entry without too much trouble. Dragon Age Inquisition by Electronic Arts is perhaps one of the most well-rounded RPG games of all time. This topic is locked from further discussion. A lot of the character’s past lives are told through short stories that are able to be read by the player throughout the game. Yuri isn’t your typical JRPG protagonist, as he’s willing to do things the “good guy” normally wouldn’t, and has a no-nonsense personality. I've broken into countless... more, Reviewed on: 28 October 2008   Platforms: Xbox 360, The Pitt just about makes up for the snore-fest that was Operation Anchorage, and will have Fallout 3 fans dribbling with anticipation for the level-cap raising third add-on Broken Steel. With so many great RPGs to choose from, how did we narrow down our list and choose the favourites?

Today, you are able to enjoy the depth and beauty of RPGs by yourself or with hundreds of other users online. The idea was that you created a character and role-played as this character in worlds full of danger, monsters, treasure, and adventure. It features a hybrid type of gameplay that is part turn-based, part-action, and has some elements that might be familiar to Valkyria Chronicles fans. Here are the best Xbox 360 JRPGs of all time.

Eventually though, as the games became more sophisticated and the industry began to produce true 3D games like Doom, the genre took off. Please note that both of the Witcher games feature nudity. One of the rare Xbox 360 exclusive JRPGs, Infinite Undsicovery was also tri-Ace's first attempt at a JRPG during that console generation. Terms & Conditions. With amazing titles like the Mass Effect series, The Elder Scrolls series, and Dark Souls series, the Xbox 360 is surely have a great collection of RPGs.. Resonance of Fate is a faster-paced JRPG published by SEGA and developed by tri-Ace (Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile). It’s a story about a group of people who cannot die, but do lose their memory. We already published the list of best Xbox 360 games of all time, now it’s time to discover the best Xbox 360 RPGs of all time. Vote up all your favorite video games below. You play the role of Yuri Lowell, a former soldier who forms the guild Brave Vesperia, in order to help a young girl he meets named Estelle.

The Xbox 360 wasn’t a hub for JRPGs, but it certainly had a few hits. The past 10 days have been very busy for me. Each story is emotionally powerful, and represents some of the best storytelling ever seen in a video game. While NieR: Automata on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One elevated the series to the highest tier of JRPG acclaim, the original game, NieR, that started things off wasn't too shabby either. Reviews: 2. They would go on to make quite a … Scribbling Geek from Singapore on June 05, 2016: So many great titles that I missed out. I loved Skyrim but I just can't get into its cousins like The Witcher or Dragon Age, don't really know why! It has an excellent soundtrack, just like in the sequel, but the story and gameplay isn't as universally loved like in Automata. Definitely give it a shot though and see if it's for you. Overall, this is one of the most compelling and satisfying series of all, and with over 75 hours of gameplay, it will keep you very happy. Wiki Points. There's also The Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, and Magna Carta 2. Lost Odyssey is a modern-traditional style JRPG from Mistwalker, and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

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