Shaka did not really expect that, in the next second, the backup head of the sarissa would graze his chest. Shaka would've admired it if it wasn't going to be the weapon to finish him off. You can sign in to vote the answer. Then he heard Alexander shout out. The warrior king immediately rested one end of the weapon on his stomach and positioned the other end on his opponent's head. Shaka brought down his Zulu axe on the other head of the sarissa as he jumped toward Alexander, who threw the splintered remains of his spear at Shaka. Wine making - probably Allie. Even worse, he invented new weapons when facing new enemies and based on the threats that they posed to him, his army and his nation. No Rules. Alex was then forced to duck as Shaka attempted to take his head off with the axe, but only managed to cut some of the plumage from his helmet. The two warriors stood facing one another, summing up their opponent.

"Zulu!" No Safety. Dr Dorian: Both these weapons are deadly, the Gastraphetes goes farther, but takes forever to load, the Iwisa is easier to handle, but doesn't go as far. @Boring-Your mentally deranged if you think that someone's military ability is decided by their skin tone. Dr. Dorian: This weapon is certainly deadly, however it's a weapon meant to be used on hose back, not ground warfare, so it can be somewhat cumbersome.

Alexander the great is overrated. And, in one quick move, Alexander flicked the trigger. Add Image William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu is the 8th episode of the 1st season of the TV Show Deadliest Warrior. On the other hand the Iklwa is easy to use, and can somewhat pierce Alexander's armor, but lacks the reach of the Xyston. Playing the bagpipes - maybe Alexander since the Greeks and Macedonians had a kind of bagpipe and still do. Shaka obviously, Alexander was like 5'6 and he liked to kiss, boys in his spare time whilst Shaka was 6'3 of pure muscle. If you want to flame me, for any reason (you're unhappy about the results, etc.) Get your answers by asking now.

The bolt flies through the air, and hits one of the tummies in the face. Please answer this less than an hour, thanx you so much! (We see Shaka leading his fellow Zulus into battle). Alexander sees the African warlord, oxhide shield in hand, barrel toward him. Unarmed 1-on-1 combat/ wrestling - don't know.... Complex field battle tactics - probably Allie. But Shaka wasn't far behind. A dummy is set up. To make sure that victory isn't snatched by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated 1000 times.

Shaka Zulu is on the hunt. Idk it would most likely be a tie because they would end killing each other. Big buff black dude ,or semi buff White dude, Idk probably Alexander because he has more training, Although Shaka was known for being an incredibly Agile and swift fighter. Shaka was black, so he would lose. Dr. Dorian: Now this is impressive because I didn't think it would be able to get through Alexander's armor. The gastraphetes glinted in the sun, being adorned with jewels set into its sides and strips of gold running across the bronze bow (it belongs to Alexander, so, of coarse, it has to be royal). That was when they brought out the Ballista. Narrator: Next the two teams will test out their respective warriors deadly long range weapons: The Iwisa and Gastraphetes. Narrator: Here in the Fight Club, we take four weapons used by African Warlord Shaka Zulu: Narrator: and compare them to the weapons used by the warrior king Alexander The Great: Narrator: First the two teams will test their mid range weaponry: Shaka Zulu's Iklwa spear, against Alexander's Xyston spear. Who will win in this battle of legendary leaders? The heat of the wound, though not fatal, enraged him. Team Alexander steps up to a hanging pig carcass, Kopis blade in hand, and began hacking away at it. Max hits the button on the computer, and suddenly the screen goes "Matrix" on us. Square dancing - neither. Standing quickly Alex ran to the spot where his horse had first thrown him. "Zul - !...". Shaka sees the charge, and rolls to avoid. "Zulu!" Rolling over, he faced his screaming adversary: "Zulu!" ", as his adrenaline level rose. ZULU! On the other hand, when the Iwisa is thrown at a skull wearing Alexander's helmet, it just bounces off.

After the argues process of loading the weapon, the teammate finally fires the weapon. Sounds like you failed history class pale face. Boxing - maybe Shaka. They say that while a spit-take was fine for the "Three Stooges", it wasn't worth much in battle. Dr. Dorian: Well, despite its long load time, it's clear that the Gastraphetes is much more lethal. This was the point where the team went out to the firing range to test the siege weapon. Sadly for Alex, the unorthodox tackle had taken him by surprise, and when he hit the ground, he'd ended up dropping his sword, which fell out of reach. Shaka Zulu; the fierce African Warlord who built a Zulu army that killed 2 million enemies, and transformed a continent. legal changes to protect human rights. Do you believe in dating interracially?

Running and track & field - probably Shaka. 1)military strategies to defeat opponents.

I hope you enjoyed it too. Disclaimer: I don't own Deadliest Warrior; but I wish I did. Weapons Simulation Overall Winner: Alexander the Great Fight Shaka Zulu is on the hunt. In the end, Wallace won the most battles, earning him the win. Shaka did not understand it until a huge rusty spear skewered his stomach.

After twenty seconds, he stepped back and allowed the doctor to examine the results. The bolt flew through the air and hit a dummy square in the chest, marking an instant-kill.

Pulling back, the shield is yanked from the warrior king's hand.

How to stop it?

"Zulu!" The bolt flew true, and pierced the African warlord right through his heart. @Boring-Your mentally deranged if you think that … Shaka embedded his axe in Alexander's shield and pulled his weapon off, along with the Basileus of Macedon's shield, disarming both of them. Alexander's teammate takes the Xyston in two hands and drives the spear forward and manages to completely pierce the dummy, with part of the spear sticking out the back. 2)constitutions to define political powers.

? Still have questions?

(We see Shaka leading his fellow Zulus into battle). So a new dummy is brought out, this one wearing a replica of Alexander's Bronze Cuirass. He watched as Shaka attempted to distract him with some strange jumping and shouting. Two Warriors Enter, One Will Leave. Narrator: Now the two teams go toe-to-toe to test their respective sides close range weaponry: The Kopis and the Zulu Axe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alexander then reentered the tent, putting the iklwa of zulu alongside his own kopis. @ both of you- Nope, Alexander would win. Armed combat - probably Allie with his weapons and armor. Later that day, under the sunset, the sillhouete of Alexander and his army marched toward a vast patch of land, preparing to end the reign of the Zulus... Deadliest Warrior Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

No safety. Alexander sees the African warlord, oxhide shield in hand, barrel toward him. He takes a mouthful of the herbal poison and then spits it in the dummies face, making sure to get it in the dummies eyes. Sensing victory might be close at hand he began the chant: "Zulu!" Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 1: Shaka Zulu vs. Alexander The Great. The fact is that while Shaka's iklwa was an impressive weapon, Alexander weapons have the ability to do large amounts of damage and kill at almost any range. Narrator: Shaka Zulu; the fierce African Warlord who built a Zulu army that killed 2 million enemies, and transformed a continent.

I was wondering the same question myself yesterday. Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person', Britney Spears will not perform again due to legal setback, Student debt cancellation in focus amid Biden transition, How Va. gym managed to avoid coronavirus outbreak, AP drops CMA Awards coverage over dispute, Le Batard rehires laid-off ESPN producer after 'hurtful' cuts, ‘Borat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene, There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country, Virus isn't the only thing keeping people from theaters, Pastor's message to those who contest election results. Also, none of the bones are broken, and the cuts just go along the ribs as opposed to cutting them. The iwisa flew through the air and broke the glass and shattered the two balls, causing blood to splash everywhere. Next Team Zulu steps up to a fresh pig carcass, and swings their fearsome Zulu Axe down on the flesh. When does racist chinese music come from? "Zulu!" Alex paused for a second, to make sure he was dead, then stood, and screamed out to the heavens in victory. "Zulu!" Grunting in frustration, Alex mounts his horse, positions his xyston, and charges the oncoming Zulu. If there are any other Deadliest Warrior match-ups you'd like to see please send in a review.

But the distraction failed, and Alex was ready for the attack as Shaka attempted to impale him with his iklwa. I really enjoyed getting to write that. Alexander The Great, the warrior king, and ruler of one of the largest empires of all time? Once more the Gastraphetes is aimed, but this time at an enemy gel torso placed behind a Ishlangu shield.

While the poison does have some element of stealth to it, it really doesn't compare. The blade bites deep into the animal, and the sound of bones breaking can be heard. No rules. It's time to find out which warrior is truly the deadliest. Alexander immediately got his sarissa and thrusted it in Shaka's path.

It also caused the dummy to fall over into its fellow, making them fall as well. Shaka returns by burying the blade of his axe deep into Alexander's shield. Close Range Edge: Shaka's Zulu Axe, Mid Range Edge: Even between the Iklwa and the Xyston, Long Range Edge: Alexander's Gastraphetes, Special Weapon Edge: Alexander's Ballista. The dying barbarian got shocked as Alexander accepted the huge crossbow from Parmenion. In the end, both these weapons have their pros and cons, and are pretty much dead even. Golf - neither. I am actually South African born in Kwa-Zulu Natal but I wont let that cloud my judgemnet...I'd say Shaka Zulu given that Alex was not wearing any armor, although Alexander's army would probably annihilate the Zulu's on an ordinary plain field, but in the Kwa Zulu Natal mountain regions, Shaka and the boys would slaughter them...haha what a crazy q. So your eyes are burning, big deal, this other guy is dead. Using his superior martial - arts training, Alex sidestepped and grabbed the arm holding the offending weapon. Then when he'd gotten it out of his system, went to go find his horse, so that he might get back to his men. please don't bother. Narrator: As a final test of these weapons, the two teams place them against the opposing teams defenses.

If you have any constructive criticism you'd like to put forth, please review.

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