46 47 54 HEX/HTML. 19-4013 TCX Dark Navy.

Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 100% cyan, 100% magenta, 0% yellow and 49.8% black.

Color Names Supported by All Browsers.

Color values: RGB. ... Find another color PANTONE 19-4013 TCX Dark Navy. All modern browsers support the following 140 color names (click on a color name, or a hex value, to view the color as the background-color along with different text colors): For a full overview of CSS colors, visit our colors tutorial. The color darkblue / Dark blue with hexadecimal color code #00008b is a medium dark shade of blue-magenta. Copied to clipboard! Click the labels to copy the value onto the clipboard. Type your color in the box in the left, it doesn't matter the format and how you space the values.You can also try with a keyword. But using it in harsh environment with salted water and bright sun, it always faded a bit, so several navies started to use black (believe it or not, it is available in numerous shades, too) which is significantly more resistant to weather conditions. You can link to this same page with the following url formats: https://rgb.to/6682/dark-navy-blueAn also with... https://rgb.to/64,44,105 https://rgb.to/hex/402c69 https://rgb.to/402c69 Read the about section for other useful url shortcuts. In the RGB (red, green, blue) system, the navy blue color percentage is comprised of navy blue in the RGB system is (32,42,68). Each system has a different value, or percentage of colors, that make up every color in the graphic design spectrum, and the same can be said for navy blue.

CMYK values not available. RAL colour closest to this. Use code SHIP99 at checkout > *See Special Offers page for details and exclusions. In the RGB color model #00008b is comprised of 0% red, 0% green and 54.51% blue. In a RGB color space, hex #000080 (also known as Navy blue) is composed of 0% red, 0% green and 50.2% blue. Convert colour Dark Navy Blue to RGB, Hex, Pantone, RAL or CMYK. The hexadecimal color #00022e is a color blue whose writing is rgb(0, 2, 46) either 0% of red, 1% of green, 18% of blue; the HSL value is hsl(168, 255%, 23%) either a shade of 168°, a saturation of 255% and a brightness of 23%; the CMYK value is cmyk(100, 96, 0, 82) either 100% of cyan, 96% of magenta, 0% of yellow and 82% of black.. It has a hue angle of 240 degrees, a saturation of 100% and a lightness of 25.1%.

2E2F36 CMYK. In the HSL color space #00008b has a hue of 240° (degrees), 100% saturation and 27% lightness. tip! This color was named with the keyword Dark Navy Blue by the users. British navy blue, originally called marine blue, was slowly accepted as official color for majority of navies all over the world. Copied to clipboard!

Blue Color Codes: HTML colors shown are shades of blue (or similar) provided in both HEX and RGB code formats.

The RGB Values and Percentages for Navy Blue. Now convert this color / search this keyword pressing the buttons below the search box!.

This color has an approximate wavelength of 464.2 nm.

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