[4][5], "Recent developments and trends in thermal blanching – A comprehensive review", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Blanching_(cooking)&oldid=951067964, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 April 2020, at 09:19. These vegetables lose their nutritional value far more rapidly than apples, garlic or onions that have low respiration rates.

It is healthier to use whole foods, than it is to use foods processed by freezing or canning. There are of course some vegetables that are used for their flavor such as hot peppers, green onions and some herbs which do not need to be blanched at all. The longer an item is left in the freezer, the more likely the item is to become freezer burned. Before freezing, drying, and canning, blanching is often called for so the produce is a pleasant texture and color when used later on. Freezer containers are cheaper than canning jars and lids. It is scientifically acknowledged that blanching helps to retain the beneficial vitamins and minerals within the plants. Home Preservation Methods: The Advantages and Disadvantages. Reported to have evolved from a combination of roasting and stewing, braising is a cooking method that is beneficial to learn as it is a part of almost any type of cuisine. The truth is, there is no best method for every situation. There are several reasons for which one would want to blanching their vegetables. [4] Over-blanching can lead to an excessive loss of nutrients and aromatic compounds, as well as softening of the food. In this article, we will explore the practices of eating fresh out of the garden, root-cellaring, and freezing what we've grown. [4][5] Other benefits of blanching include removing pesticide residues and decreasing microbial load. Below is a sample of the process used to blanch your vegetables before freeing or dehydrating. • • The two systems pass water through the same HE • Heats the pre-heat water & simultaneously cools the cooling water. [6] In both methods, the food is heated for a short period of time and then introduced into either cold water or cold air to quickly stop the heating process. This method of cooling prevents the leaching of water-soluble nutrients; however, the air causes evaporation and lowers the mass of the vegetable—a monetary disadvantage for industry. [5] Also, the intercellular gases removed results in better color retention. At the industrial level, foods move on a continuous conveyor belt through preheating, holding, and cooling.

In order to do a proper job of this there are certain rules that must be followed. Cygnet Brown (author) from Springfield, Missouri on May 27, 2013: Thanks for the comment, Peg! Fresh meat including beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and seafood are available year-round.

Blanching is the scalding of vegetables in boiling water or steam. Informative and useful. Great hub and it was well written. [5] Drawbacks to the blanching process can include leaching of water-soluble and heat sensitive nutrients and the production of effluent. After fruits and vegetables are picked, they continue to breathe, a process also known as respiration. Foods frozen in containers that are not designed for freezer us can be exposed to air.

This reduced heat exposure preserves color, flavor, and overall quality of the food; however, evaporation may occur leading to lower masses and product yields. The Disadvantages of Canning Food. In addition, this method uses the earth to temper the temperatures to which the food is exposed. If you would like to learn about the practices of canning, pickling, drying, and smoking and the advantages and disadvantages of each, consider reading my complementary article. very healthy information u shared with us. It also preserves vitamins better than canning does as well. Many use a large-capacity freezer to preserve large amounts of food. Peg Cole from Northeast of Dallas, Texas on May 27, 2013: Interesting methods for storing food and preserving it. • A re-circulated water-steam mixture to blanch food, & final cooling is by cold air. When electricity goes out for extended periods, you could lose hundreds of dollars of food. Fortunately, I was able to save much of it before any of it went bad. Apples emit ethylene gas, which promotes ripening and maturation of other vegetables and, at some concentrations, can promote sprouting in potatoes. Thanks to you. For example, blanching in the home is often done in combination with freezing; blanching in industry is also utilized before canning, dehydration, or heat sterilization.[4][9]. I've always wondered how this was done in the old times before refrigeration and before ice boxes became household necessities.

Fruits and vegetables grown from locally produced heirloom seeds or native or naturalized plants are especially resistant to local diseases. [4], Emerging technologies include ohmic, infrared, microwave, and radio frequency blanching. Frozen foods that are not properly packaged can pick up the smells of other items around it in the freezer. Disadvantages in Blanching / Home / Questions / Categories / Food & Drink. You can blanch a large amount of vegetables in just a few minutes. Blanching times are listed below for the most common vegetables. [2] The most common blanching methods for vegetables/fruits are hot water and steam, while cooling is either done using cold water or cool air. Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on April 27, 2014: This is a Great Read. Eating freezer-burned foods is safe, but it is unappetizing. A talent like yours soon meets success. [3] This method greatly reduces the leaching of water-soluble compounds from the product and is the preferred technique for smaller foods and those with cut surfaces. • After blanching, 2 nd recirculation system cools the food. This appliance did not begin to come into popular use until after World War II. [3] The most common enzyme responsible for off-flavors is lipoxygenase (LOX), found in several vegetables. Times and temperatures are based on the type of food, size, shape, and other factors. I think I can use it in my practical life. The Pros of Microwave Cooking.

This is ideal for preparing and consuming leftovers and ready-to-eat food items.

Freezer containers are cheaper than canning jars and lids. What are disadvantages in Blanching? Cygnet Brown (author) from Springfield, Missouri on February 26, 2015: Though I agree that freezing is most accessible to most people, I have personally had a freezer that quit on me and I have known a lot of people who have lost $$$ because their freezers quit. To me, this is not a great enough advantage to make it worthwhile, as I can salt the vegetables afterward (or before). As spring weather conditions approaches, your best alternatives include either eating what you have stored or find another mode of storage. Other forms of food storage preservation include canning, pickling, drying, and smoking. I do not have a root cellar for instance.

The Nutrition in Blanched Vegetables.

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