Subscribe for updates on trips to Africa, blog posts, and news from the continent. A re-enactment of the capture of Afrikan Stepping through Ghana's 'Door of No Return' The remote beauty of the Kidepo Valley National Park. According to the World Bank, seven of the top 10 fastest growing economies are in Africa. carried our Ancestors away from the warmth and security of their homes and loved This itinerary is all about relaxation. This sojourn to Africa must not be viewed as a tour – a mere routine excursion or a leisure trip to the Motherland.

Ghana’s Year of Return in 2019 marked 400 years since the first enslaved Africans reached America. This trip is “easy-going” sightseeing – just some light walking around town, casual morning yoga, beachside fun. Our It was through this door — and others like it all along the coast of West Africa — that Africans were loaded onto vessels that then took them across the Atlantic with little hope of ever returning to their homeland. Help make your West African experience memorable, an add this excursion as an option during Chale Wote in Ghana 2020. For years, there have been reports and rumours about migrants and refugees being kidnapped and sold along the infamous smuggling route through the desert, and in recent months, aid workers and rights groups have tried to get the attention of authorities […], Many of my articles here at Hope for the Sold focus on injustice and exploitation. But along the way it became a warehouse for Africans as they were rounded up and shipped to the New World and into lives of servitude. There used to be about a dozen slave houses on the island, which acted collectively as a warehouse where slaves would be kept and sorted before getting shipped across the Atlantic. A special COMMEMORATIVE CEREMONY for The price is not much more than a taxi, and they come directly with the option of credit card or cash payment. Our tour to Benin & Togo includes enjoying diverse cultural expeditions throughout the country based on single/double occupancy ensuite for all lodging.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a great night out in Accra, your best bet is East Legon, Osu or Commercial Road. for Returning Afrikan African tribal kings would kidnap fellow Africans from other tribes and sell them to the Europeans in exchange for their goods. Today’s post is […], Online porn is affecting us, and it’s affecting our kids. "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN" How long will you and your group be joining us for? ceremony answers the yearning of Afrikan Descendants in search of their roots Group at the Cape Coast Castle/Dungeons  Then-President Barack Obama brought his family in July 2009. re-connect and form an effective link with "Mother" Afrika and our past; a time to give thanks to The Creator for returning us safely The journey has been so significant for some that they’ve taken citizenship and set up shop in the West African country, trading Western comforts for a new way of life. Here, the streets are lined with bars, clubs and restaurants celebrating the best of African nightlife, music and dance. IMAHKÜS & Nana Okofo conducting the  Hoping to see you burn

Dungeons of the Cape Coast Castle/Dungeons. "Mother" Afrika. Although language is not a barrier for giving directions, with so few street names, it’s wise to memorise nearby landmarks as they are the easiest way to communicate with the driver. Flagging a taxi is simple – just wave your hand and contribute two cedis (about £0.30) to the pool. on Lovely Lamu…Extended Vacay or Lockdown?

The most haunting thing about this place is the “door of no return.” The tour guide, an elderly Senegalese man with a French beret, told me that a male slave had to have a minimum weight of 63kg (138 lbs) to be eligible for being sold abroad. This sojourn to Africa must not be viewed as a tour – a mere routine excursion or a leisure trip to the Motherland. Essence Full Circle is a travel group founded by actor Boris Kodjoe and family, aiming to show the world the true face of Africa.

Ghana’s Year of Return borrows its name from this tradition, encouraging those who were historically wronged to find comfort. To resume the tour just press the space bar again. Never The hour-long tours are guided by Ghanaian historians who share in great detail the torture their people endured. "It's very emotional," she said. This was a testament to the four European nations that controlled the island at various points in history. They end by offering visitors affected by slavery a chance to walk back through The Door of No Return – a step that has taken centuries to arrive. I am thrilled to introduce […], On November 14, CNN released a video of their investigation into Libya’s slave markets.

Round Trip Transportation from Accra to Lomé. The tour guide, an elderly Senegalese man with a French beret, told me that a male slave had to have a minimum weight of 63kg (138 lbs) to be eligible for being sold abroad.

We are going back through the door of our return. You can read the full […], How to Talk To Your 3-6 Year-Old About Pornography – Interview with Kristen A. Jenson, This is What a Modern Day Slave Auction Looks Like, It’s Time for Men to Step Up (and maybe grow a beard), 5 Things You Should Know About the Health Minister’s Response to Pornography. The last of these buildings was built by the Dutch in 1776, and is known today as the House of Slaves. It helps us get to know you better. Combine with our Chale Wote in Ghana that starts in August 2021. Think philosophy, passions, allergies & dietary restrictions. As we visit places like Goree Island, let us not only remember the past, but be moved to action in the present. In December 2019, there were sightings of rappers Rick Ross and Ludacris out and about in the city.

Think you’ve experienced enough during your journey throughout Togo & Benin. International Round Trip Flight Add-On is available for each departure. Spend the remaining of the evening at Cotonou Royal Palace, legend has it that it was built from the blood & bones of captives. Essel-Blankson showed the first lady an old cannonball and then escorted her to the “male slave dungeon.” They spent about 10 minutes inside the mostly dark, cramped holding area before the first lady walked down a pathway that led to the Door of No Return. While the TransAtlantic slave trade is no longer legal, we must remember that slavery still thrives today. The Cape Coast is home to several slave ports and castles including Elmina and Cape Coast Castle, where thousands of Africans were forced to leave via The Door of No Return, before being shipped off in disease-infested slave ships. This will avoid any chance of surprise fair hikes upon reaching your destination. In any case, today the door has become a symbol for the Diaspora, a place that urges us all to pause and remember the suffering that millions of slaves endured during the TransAtlantic slave trade.

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