The other side of the bridge includes a similar rounded, rectangular channel cut into the side with 6 string holes drilled through it. I'm no expert but I would have thought that the straight line transit from the ball end and over the saddle, should be superior to the various relative angles at which pins sit (solid or slotted), as well as whether the bridge is slotted or not. Pros love it for the same reason! I filled the holes with maple dowels (thin Rosewood dowels aren't something you can easily find and this is structural, nobody will see it) and cut another piece of Indian Rosewood to fit in that channel and filled using the same methods as above. Call me crazy but that's my intuitive feeling about it. I think on nylon string guitars the lower tension makes the pinless bridge fine or perhaps preferable. Turn the tuning peg of the low E string until the string is loose.

I am upvoting your answer now that it covers BOTH scenarios. I think on nylon string guitars the lower tension makes the pinless bridge … Lowdens seem to sustain for ever & most have pinless bridges...funny old world. Breedlove received Music Inc Magazine’s 2019 Suppliers Excellence Award. What about a guitar with a pinless system. This award was voted and awarded by music retail dealers throughout the USA. Instruments. The maple cap helps protect the bridge plate from the ball ends of the strings hitting it and causing it to chip which compromises the integrity of it and leads to warped tops and lifting bridges.

Join our mailing list for updates, news and chances to win free gear! To change guitar strings, start by loosening the old strings and removing the bridge pins.

Call me crazy but that's my intuitive feeling about it. I don't believe that pin/pinless means a thing except when it comes to the overall mass and impedance of the bridge. I had a Breedlove with pinless bridge. Now the bridge should age and color uniformly which will help disguise my patch work. I do remember walking into my living room one morning and wondering what looked so different about my guitar. You can see the grooves that the strings left in the bridge which were filled with rosewood dust and thin CA. It just seems that the strings are coupled better that way to transfer the string vibrations to the top and there might be a little less leverage in regard to top rotation as well. Pinless guitar bridges are the designed so that the strings loop through the bridge and then over the saddle eliminating the need for plastic pins and holes drilled into the guitar top. Torrefied European Spruce - African Mahogany, There are no results for your selected options, try a few less or hit "Reset". An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings. ... Beginners love the fact that string changes are much easier without having to wrestle a traditional pin bridge. > If you want your bridge to stay on, keep the guitar away from heat. Disclaimer Section: IMHO, YMMV, IMHE, Don't Try This At Home, Take With Grain Of Salt, etc, etc. No real effect except that, if the pins are too far away, it is a good idea to notch the saddle.

I read a lot of opinions about which bridge pins are best for which guitar. Breedlove’s pinless Delta bridge is a distinctive element, alright, with a sleek, modern contour that adds an extra bit of unexpected beauty to every instrument, from Discovery to Legacy. I don't have laboratory data to support my opinion but for steel string guitars I like how the pin bridge has the strings kind of hooking into the top. It just seems that the strings are coupled better that way to transfer the string vibrations to the top and there might be a little less leverage in regard to top rotation as well. Pros love it for the same reason! No more looking for lost pins during a fast backstage string swap.

Is this the sort of job that could be entrusted to somebody at "set-up" level? I like the concept for steel string guitars. There are great bridge designs both ways. ©2015 – 2020 Breedlove Guitars – All Rights Reserved.

On a related topic, I was thinking of having the bridge of my 18 slotted. Then I hand sanded the bridge from 220 to 2000 grit to expose fresh wood which slightly alters the color of the wood because of the removal of the oxidized layer. Hey I was going to do a separate answer to explain how to change strings on a pinless bridge but it was easier to edit your answer than type a new one. Still if it was that much better, I suppose Martin would be doing it already. Bend, Oregon 97702

The bridge area was properly prepped and the bridge is glued using fish collagen glue. The TRUTH is that nothing makes a difference in anything. Kay started using them more in the early 1960s on their flat top guitars. Image Credit:  Reverb - Hippie Holidaze Pinless guitar bridges are the designed so that the strings loop through the bridge and then ove... Learning the art of guitar repair and restoration, Please include a form of contact or reach out to me directly ( otherwise you likely won't see my response, I'm a college student who is fascinated with guitars and collecting and repairing them. This guitar did have a spruce bridge plate so I drilled my holes, capped it with a piece of maple, and drilled through again.

If differen Pull the string tight, turn the tuning key, and wind the string several times around the peg. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, For the Great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad, from The Ballad of the White Horse by G.K. Chesterton, TaylorMartinGuild.theunofficialmartinguitarforum. "Most of the pinless bridges I've seen already have a bridge plate, too- it's just not drilled.". This is the front part of the bridge showing the other side that was filled, its barely noticeable but you can see the darker rosewood if you look close enough.

877.800.4848. Breedlove Guitars has always been known for their willingness to deviate from acoustic-design convention. Beginners love the fact that string changes are much easier without having to wrestle a traditional pin bridge. Are we talking endpins or bridgepins here? I actually ask a luthier about replacing the bridge and he said to wait and do it only if the bridge lifts. Next, insert the knob end of the new string into the peg hole, stretch it up to the appropriate tuning peg, and thread the end through the hole in the peg. Harmony Guitar Brands and Aliases Headstocks, 20th Century Guitar Brand Names and Aliases. All the straight line, angle, contact points etc. All guitars sound the same and the tone is in the fingers.

Different things. Some players believe that removing all the strings at once will relieve the neck of strings tension and may harm the neck in some way. And its low profile makes for perfect right hand damping. I live in a largely luthier-free area. After reading all the posts about pins and how they effect the tone of a guitar, I have to ask.

Pinless Guitar Bridge - Breedlove's acoustic guitars come with a pinless guitar bridge that helps maintain the integrity of the top of the acoustic guitar. But it also adds welcome functionality while anchoring great sound. <
. Cataloging my experiences and encounters repairing and restoring guitars. For the Pursuit Concertina. – Rockin Cowboy Feb 26 '16 at 15:34 sustain is increased when more of the vibration stays in the string -- denser bridges. The Lowden I have is coming up to ten years old, which I suppose is'nt long in the lifespan of guitars,but it spends a lot of time going between low Csus2 tuning & regular tuning, the pinless bridge so far is as solid as the day it was built...lovely "Dolphin" bracing aswell.Most Lowden owners I know say the same thing, of course there are probably exceptions. I used LMII's bridge drilling jig to place 6 perfectly spaced holes through the bridge for the strings about where the old strings came through. “An amazing new acoustic… the Signature Concerto”, “In guitar circles, the name Breedlove is synonymous with forward-thinking designs”, 61573 American Loop

For convenience, this guide will change the strings one at a time starting with the thickest (low E) string.

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