If they are attached the back pillow cushions are done the same way. - hadn't thought of that either - and that also worked, but not as well, and the scent is a bit overwhelming, so I'll stick with my All. Unzip the existing cushion covers and pull them off the foam cushions. What you have to do is sew the cushions with the front band as one big unit. Study your couch.

Believe it or not, most furniture is designed to be re-upholstered, just as cars are designed to be worked on. For Vintage & Antique Machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNmCb96uF1g, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVKlObA1QGY, "Diamond Tulip" & "Grr, Grr" toddler quilts. This helps straighten folded seam edges and remove wrinkles that could warp your measurements. If the cover is slightly taller than the cushion, cut a layer of foam to fit the cushion and slide it inside the cover on top of the existing cushions. Flip the sofa over and attach the dust cover (the fabric looks like weed fabric for the garden) on and you are done. Next sew some pulls onto the sides and back. By logging into your account, you agree to our. So four years ago I bought a microfiber couch, not realizing it had attached seat cushions or that microfiber is pretty much not cleanable. Turn them inside out and use a seam ripper to pull out the existing seams, removing the zipper and setting it aside. well my idea just went out the window. I used the carpet cleaning soap and warm water and my microfiber couch came clean. Push the new cover over the foam sofa cushion. Push them under the sewing machine's presser foot and sew a straight seam along the edge. Recover the inside back, arms, then the sides and finally the back. For crafty homeowners, upholstering sofa cushions is a task for a relaxing afternoon. Foam tends to compress over time, but you can add layers as necessary to fill out the cover. as the seat You can change the look of your entire room by adding new colors, textures and patterns to the cushions on your couch. Turn the fabric right side out, then place the zipper from the old cushion inside the open seam, facing up. Lay your new fabric face down on a flat surface. For larger cushions, the best surface may be the floor. Zip up the back side of the cushion and place it on your sofa. I HAD a micro couch ---After looking at ulpholstering fabric to redo it then comparing prices on a new couch it came out that fabric was $50 cheaper -so I checked to see what a shop would cost to redo it- With my fabric labor would run $200 to $250- I bought a new couch. And I've tried everything, believe me. Lay your new fabric face down on a flat surface. The very first thing you will need to do is to plan your project. The first step in any reupholstery project is to get to know the piece of furniture … I made several pairs of arm protectors from some rubber backed curtains for extra protection and they are long enough to tuck into the area where the TV remote always hides this extra length keeps them in place. I also bought some "scotch guard" like stuff from Home Depot and sprayed it not the couch. Place your old cover on top of the new fabric and trace the outline with fabric chalk. I didn't keep the link, but there was a vid of a man cleaning a light colored sofa...not hard, just time consuming and you have to use a light touch. Repeat with the opposite side. I woke up this morning thinking that the only thing I didn't try was laundry soap, so using an old washcloth with warm water, I poured laundry soap on the washcloth and rubbed it into the loveseat. Made sure it had detachable seat cushions-always wash these inside out on gentle with Dawn in cold water and the water level is set for a large load to give them lots of room to swish and this helps to retain their shape and I never throw them in the dryer.

Begin with the cushions and tuck the fabric in tightly all around the cushion and into the crack between cushion and back. Just follow directions. The whole idea of a slipcover is so that the each cover fits over the sofa neatly, while leaving you the option of being able to change the covers easily when you need a new look or to be occasionally laundered for a fresher feeling.

On the other loveseat I sprayed Shout! attached to the sides of the sofa, not on the bottom.

There are riches to be found here. If the old zipper is broken, measure the opening and buy a new zipper to fit.

I've had vomit, juice, milk, wine, peanut butter you name it on the couch and it comes clean luckily. A very important aspect of making customized sofa slipcovers is ensuring that all cushions are removable, i.e.

i was going to say cover each seat and have elastic around the edges to go over the seat areas. not attached. Use a fabric strong enough to withstand the wear and tear a sofa normally receives; thin, flimsy fabrics that rip and tear easily are better used on throw pillows than on sofa cushions.

I have a Bissell carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Make sure the seam edges are laid out flat. [1] X Research source When the grandkids grow up I'll have to retrain the pets and hubby and then get a new couch. I have used Capture cleaner, available at Sears on almost everything in the house; it is cheap and it works. Seriously! © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. We have microfiber couches and they are cleanable. She earned a BA in communications from Jacksonville State University. Measure Fabric for Upholstering. Fold over the edges of the back seam about 1/4 inch and sew them down, leaving an open space between the sides. The easiest way I have found to do it is to use just a few drops of Dawn dishwashing soap in water and a drill. To … The 4" or 5" white drill brush from this website works great, assuming you have a drill at home it will fit: You might also check out You Tubes on how to clean suede. Just because the fabric on an old couch has seen better days doesn't mean the couch needs to be consigned to the junk heap.

Place two seam edges together based on the diagram of the old cushion cover. Iron the old cushion covers and the new fabric.

Based outside Atlanta, Ga., Shala Munroe has been writing and copy editing since 1995. Get rid of it and buy leather...and threaten those messy people with pain if they don't behave and forbid animals on furniture....maybe a new lifestyle, but better in a long run.......worked for me...going on 8 yrs now with leather......no food near furniture, and pets on their own beds on floor! Find the right couch. Many couch cushions are a large, solid piece of fabric that folds over in the front, and the only seams are on the sides and the back. If your template has a seam in the front as well, sew it together after sewing the first side.

Stuff the cushions and get them how you want them to look. For larger cushions, the best surface may be the … I also have fur kids, grandkids, and a husband that all like to use the couch as a lounger, dining room table and play mat. Beginning her career at newspapers such as the "Marietta Daily Journal" and the "Atlanta Business Chronicle," she most recently worked in communications and management for several nonprofit organizations before purchasing a flower shop in 2006. Sew the zipper in place on each side of the seam from the outside of the fabric. Does the sofa have attached back pillows or separate throw pillows? It is now almost dried and I can see that for the most part, it worked! If your cushions are made from more than one piece of fabric, draw a diagram as you release the seams so you know how to put them back together.

Recover the inside back, arms, then the sides and finally the back.

How to Make a Tailored Slipcover for a T-Cushion Chair, How to Recover a Cushion That Has Springs, How to Replace the Fabric on Tufted Cushions, How to Replace Couch Cushions With Memory Foam.

Attach the whole thing to the deck and frame of the sofa. Flip the sofa over and attach the dust cover (the fabric looks like weed fabric for the garden) on and you are done. Can you attach a photo? I think it has some silicone type stuff in it to make it less likely to absorb moisture. Reupholster Couch with Attached Cushions Cut out the required amount of fabric and drape it over the couch.

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