In Eliza Hittman’s Beach Rats, the naturalistic setting isn’t a rugged Wyoming mountainside or English pasture, but the beaches of Coney Island. Directed by Sebastián Lelio, A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantástica) is a fantastic Chilean film that follows a transgender woman, Marina (Daniela Vega), in the wake of her partner's death. All Rights Reserved. Not all of them necessarily have more to offer than “Moonlight,” but their success in the festival circuit is a valuable litmus test for things to come. sinon le reste de ces films sont et ont l'air d'être intéressants!! Its array of emotions, personalities and politics is tragic and euphoric. Le film offre une leçon d'histoire à voir absolument dans la Résistance, qui prend une importance renouvelée dans le monde d'aujourd'hui . Morgan (Jungermann) and Jean (Ann Carr) are ex-girlfriends who host the titular podcast together, for which they interview famous murderesses and pontificate about which female serial killer was the hottest. One HIV-positive radical, Sean (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart), falls into a relationship with the HIV-negative Nathan (Arnaud Valois), a handsomely rugged newcomer to activism and through whose eyes we see most of the film.

—Jason Barker. For Pierre and Jaqueline, however, this reunion is not a happy occasion, as the only life and only mother they have ever known has been taken from them. Joyeuses fêtes à tous. Cyd is given the space to figure these things out with the help of the women around her she’s beginning to love. The Ornithologist is Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ exploration of gay spirituality as erotically embodied by Paul Hamy, a scientist on a surreal journey through metaphorical wilderness to religious revelation. But there’s also a warm kind of intimacy woven through the formal, highly stylized scenes and dramatic wide shots. Like A Fantastic Woman, BPM is specific in its portrayal of queer struggle and both individual and institutional queerphobia, but not at the expense of queer humanity.

#sorties cinéma, #cinéma gay, #dvd gay, #sorties dvd. Véritable succès au Festival du film de Sundance 2017, où il a remporté le prix directeur du cinéma mondial pour une première réalisation de Francis Lee. He eventually learns that Oliver reciprocates his affections, but it’s the lead up that makes their coupling so deeply, soul-affirmingly satisfying, even more so than their actual brief relationship — not least because, as has been thoroughly dissected elsewhere, Guadagnino decided not to include more explicit sex scenes to “create this powerful universality” (which sounds suspiciously like making the film more palatable to straight people). Tom of Finland is Dome Karukoski’s instant-classic bio-pic about the icon of gay erotica (played by Pekka Strang) who made graphic reality of his sexual desire and permanently imprinted the imagination of gay men everywhere. Pierce recorded the confrontation, which he later uploaded to YouTube.

Here are the 20 best LGBT films of the 21st century.. Related 'Dykes, Camera, Action!' Both movies felt like victories. Hegemann defended herself, saying that she is part of a generation of artists who sample each other’s work freely to make a new product.

Marina may look the part of the femme fatale, but she is anything but, and the scrutiny she comes under forces her to reexamine her own identity in the process. Directed by Robin Campillo, a former member of the direct action advocacy group, the film shows the AIDS epidemic in 1990s Paris through the eyes of these activists, who stage die-ins, throw fake blood at pharmaceutical representatives, and debate among themselves the best ways to compel those with power into action.

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